Was Scar from ‘The Lion King’ Gay?

Was Scar from ‘The Lion King’ Gay?

The Lion King is a Disney classic, one that has continued to stay with us, shape some of our conversations and dominate the pop culture. I mean, Beyoncé had a whole era based off of the remake, a remake that grossed over one billion dollars worldwide 25 years after the original. The characters are beloved, with fans identifying with the different members of Pride Rock, from Mufasa and Simba to Scar and even Sarabi and Nala. Scar is an especially polarizing figure and has been the hub of many conversations over the years as to whether he deserved the replace Mufasa as the head of the Pride, instead of Simba.

But a couple of days ago (December 26) on Twitter, it wasn’t his right to the throne that was being contested: it was his paternity and sexuality.

Twitter user @ozzyetomi wondered out loud why Scar never had any cub. “I wonder why Scar never had a cub,” she asked. “Were none of the lionesses giving him some?”

And the responses to the tweet lit up with varying takes on why Mufasa’s vengeful brother never produced an heir – the most dominant sentiment being that he was gay. When some people brought up the detail about Scar’s offspring, Kovu, in The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, others shot that down by clarifying that Kovu was in fact his successor and not necessarily his son.

Check out the responses below.

Let us also take a moment to take in this hilarious take: that Sarabi was probably racist, and didn’t want to sleep with Scar because he was black. LOL!

What do y’all think? Does the absence of any offspring by Scar say anything about his sexuality? Was Scar gay?

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  1. Francis
    December 28, 11:05 Reply

    So there was part 2 sef. Wonderful

  2. Dunder
    December 28, 14:38 Reply

    I think Scar was too cold and scheming for anyone, male or female…. With his strong Kronos vibe, he probably would have eaten his own children and washed them down by lovingly sucking his wife’s blood. The guy was murderous and psychopathic asf. A heart too easily inclined to do evil. Reminds me of the villain in Aladdin. Na demon dey worry am, no be gay.

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