Dear KD: I Desperately Need Help To Get Rid Of These Hemorrhoids

Dear KD: I Desperately Need Help To Get Rid Of These Hemorrhoids

Hello, guys.

So I have had hemorrhoids since April. When I noticed this, I went to pharmacy to complain and the staff prescribed Daflon and Anusol suppositories, which I used dedicatedly.

But my affliction didn’t go.

So, I went to a queer clinic and I underwent a chryotherapy treatment for it. And for awhile after this, I thought I was healed. I wasn’t. I felt the hemorrhoids again shortly after. I went back to clinic and the staff who attended to me recommended me to a hospital. When I got to the hospital and saw a doctor, he prescribed some drugs (See below). And he said that if they don’t work, I’d have to come for surgery next year, which I can’t afford.

I honestly do not want my parents to know about this as we are undergoing a really tough time at home. The prospect of paying for a surgery will be too much for them. I started using local herbs to treat it about three weeks ago, all to no avail. I am truly fed up.

To be clear, the hemorrhoid isn’t bleeding nor is it painful. It comes out when I’m done going to the toilet. I can actually push it out and feel it, and it is very uncomfortable. It’s affecting me because I have receptive sex.

I really need help or suggestions as to what I can do to get rid of it without surgery. Thank you.

Submitted by Pablo

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    • Pablo
      December 28, 21:19 Reply

      Thank you so much. I’d check it out

    • Pablo
      December 28, 22:52 Reply

      Thank you. I just ordered for it now. I hope it works 🙏🏾😭

      • Leon
        December 30, 10:17 Reply

        Welcome hun you did be alright🙏 just try not to over think it…

  1. Heartbeat
    December 28, 09:18 Reply

    For how long did you use the Daflon and anusol suppositories. Also with all the medications he has used and if he used them religiously and it still didn’t go, he might have to do a surgery as advised by the doctor.

    • Pablo
      December 28, 22:54 Reply

      Used it for a month. I can’t afford surgery that’s why I’m looking for other ways to get rid of it.

  2. Average Joe
    December 28, 09:23 Reply

    I am sorry to hear this but the option of surgery shouldn’t be taken lightly as the healing process can be quite painful and uncomfortable.

    Why don’t you give the cryotherapy another chance or ask for a non excision surgery, if they can offer that?

    Whatever be the case, should you accept surgery, I will be willing to offer you some financial assistance me know here

    • Pablo
      December 28, 22:56 Reply

      Thank you Joe. I’d honestly appreciate that if that would be final solution. But I’m still hoping I can get rid of it without surgery. Whichever it may be, I’d update KD. Thank you

  3. 666
    December 28, 09:24 Reply

    That’s a skin tag man

  4. Carlos
    December 28, 09:30 Reply

    You need to be thoroughly evaluated my dear.
    I would suggest you visit a tertiary institution- preferably a general surgery clinic.
    From what you described it’s just a grade 2 hemorrhoid which does not need surgery.
    In addition to those drugs, did you try sitz bath, dietary modifications, and did you avoid sex ?

    • Pablo
      December 28, 22:58 Reply

      I’d start sitz baths tomorrow, thank you. Which hospital? can you recommend any around yaba or Lagos Mainland pls.

  5. Dr Yk
    December 28, 09:59 Reply

    1. sitz bath, you get a big bowl(not a bucket but a baff), big enough that you can put water in and sit down such that the water will be touching your anus. The water must reach you anus for it to be effective. Then you will now get a lukewarm water. Hot enough for it to be effective but not too hot that you can sit in it. You will pour this water in the big bowl/baff, to teach the level that each your anus when you sit in it. Then you will get salt and pour in this water till it the salt is no more diluting. Then you will sit in the water for 30mins. Morning and night for 2 weeks. Don’t use too much water, so that you won’t waste your salt. Just enough to reach your buttocks.
    2. Use the anusol suppositories concurrently both morning and night for that same 2 weeks
    3. Drink a lot of water, and take a lot of fruits and vegetables to avoid constipation. Do not strain while defecating. It can worsen it
    4. Avoid anal sex for now
    5. Some people are generally predisposed to hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid is not a gay man’s thing. It’s something I see among patients generally, if my suggestions do not work. Consider visiting a proper tertiary hospital. It’s nothing to be ashamed off. It’s not a gay thing
    It doesn’t mean it can’t re occur though, if you are predispose to it. It’s normal for it to reoccur once in awhile.

    • Pablo
      December 28, 23:00 Reply

      Thank you so much Dr. I would definitely do this. Thank you

  6. Francis
    December 28, 11:15 Reply

    If you can’t afford surgery, it’s in your best interest to quit having anal sex. As long as you’re subjecting your anus to trauma, that pile will persist and unfortunately progress to one that DEFINITELY needs surgery.

    I hope you’re diet is rich in fibre sha and you don’t strain to pass stool. That would contribute to worsening it.

    One week Daflon might not be enough as this seems to be a chronic issue. You would probably need to be on it for 3 months (maintenance dose)

    Get well soon.

  7. Share is Back
    December 30, 04:07 Reply

    1. Give yourself a break from anal sex.

    2. Follow the instructions above

    3. Read 1 and 2 again.

  8. jake
    August 15, 02:07 Reply

    stop the anal sex for a year. I had this same issue December of last year. I had to visit our family doctor. He healed me using a mixture of local herb and English medicine. Stop taking drug. I still have some of the prescription. will be willing to give it for free.

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