“I’m A Queer Man Of Color, And Some Things Are Going To Piss Me Off.” – Wentworth Miller

“I’m A Queer Man Of Color, And Some Things Are Going To Piss Me Off.” – Wentworth Miller

Prison Break star, Wentworth Miller is not only openly gay, but is also very open about his struggles with mental issues. In a recent Facebook post, he talks about the effects anger has had in his life.

The 44-year-old actor, who was back on our screens these past two years thanks to CW’s The Flash (and then Legends of Tomorrow), is set to appear in the Prison Break reboot, debuting in early 2017.

On his Facebook page, Wentworth often writes about mental issues and struggles – and this week, he wrote about Anger, and the important function it has in our lives. Check on it below:

Anger gets a bad rap.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “I’m angry” and immediately been shushed and hushed. “Don’t be angry.” “Calm down.” “Anger serves no purpose.”

None of these responses were helpful. I judge the last to be a lie.

I’m human. Humans get angry. I’m a 44-year-old queer man of color with a history of mental health issues making his imperfect way through an imperfect world and some things are going to piss me right the f-ck off.

For good reason.

And that’s okay.

I believe anger can be justified. I believe anger can be channeled in healthy and even constructive ways. I believe anger can be expressed appropriately, cutting clean and hot, without wounding myself or those around me.

But it takes awareness. Intention. And a lot of practice.

As an adult who experiences this emotion on a regular basis (also joy, guilt, shame, fear, and sadness), I consider it my responsibility to build safe and structured containers in which to put my anger.

I once spent long hours working on a job that triggered me deeply. Daily. When I recognized that anger was building up inside me, threatening to come out sideways (i.e., inappropriately), I had a boxing dummy set up in a corner of the sound stage. I bought an aluminum bat from the thrift store for 5 bucks and, whenever necessary, would excuse myself to that corner and beat the sh-t out of that dummy.

Felt great.

The ritual was cathartic. Transformative. It never failed to leave me feeling calm and grounded. Expressed. Ready to get back to work.

A few co-workers giggled when I first brought that dummy in. But in the end it was put to excellent use. And not just by me. – W.M.

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  1. Mandy
    September 23, 07:33 Reply

    In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves. — Buddha

    This is true for KDians.

    • esv.jay
      September 23, 08:00 Reply

      madam abeg no vex oh, but do you live here? like you compete with yourself to be first to comment. #justsaying

      • Drone
        September 23, 08:08 Reply

        “We have a new challenger” ?

      • Mandy
        September 23, 08:32 Reply

        Yes, by all means, ignore the post and come after me over an irrelevant issue.

        • posh666
          September 23, 08:37 Reply

          Lool these ones don chop belle full this early mor mor?

  2. Delle
    September 23, 08:25 Reply

    Here I was ogling a man, all through the run of Prison Break not knowing the things running through his mind. This guy has really battled his way through mind-boggling issues.

    Anger is an abstract feeling that’s synonymous to the LGBT community.

  3. posh666
    September 23, 08:27 Reply

    This life sef the way I use to crush on this guy on prison break right frm the 1st night I watched one of the episodes ehn!

    Just cos of Scofield I will leave my books back in uni and go pay 20naira every night at the school’s viewing center to drool all over him.Myself and a lot of others girls and gay guys watched prison break cos of him…

    He was almost perfect in my eyes,he had the world in his hands and I assumed he had everything he wanted in life and life was good! Guess no one is perfect and we’ve all got our private demons.

  4. posh666
    September 23, 08:36 Reply

    Chai those viewing center guys made a lot of money out of us sha! Aswer the place was always sold out everynite imagine campus students struggling to get into a place that kind of crowd.

  5. Rapum
    September 23, 10:04 Reply

    “But it takes awareness. Intention. And a
    lot of practice.” Spot on!

    “Anger has a long history of bringing about (positive) change-” Chimamanda Adichie.

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