“What Do You Think About Opposite Sex Marriage?” The Question About How Heterophobic You Are

“What Do You Think About Opposite Sex Marriage?” The Question About How Heterophobic You Are

Last week, twitter user @cynnerr posted a tweet of the wedding picture of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with the caption “Opposite sex marriage in the United States. What do you think?”

And the comments section was a flood of Nigerians who hilariously turned the tables and parroted the homophobic sentiments people usually spout when faced with the issue of gay marriage.

If you haven’t already witnessed this thread, here’s your chance. It is hilarious af!

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  1. Trystham
    August 27, 07:58 Reply

    Wait!!! He’s not heterophobic but his uncle is Asian? Correlation pls?

    • Bee
      August 27, 08:35 Reply

      I thought it was a callback to straight people saying, “I’m not homophobic; heck, my aunt is pedophilic.”

      What got me was, “who’s the guy, and who’s the other guy?” ?

  2. Richiemichie
    August 27, 10:15 Reply

    “I’m not heterophobic but I just don’t think straight people should be allowed to express their love like this”

    Ask this one why she’s contradiction herself.
    Same line heteros use when they are forcing themselves to believe they aren’t homophobic ______”I’m not homophobic but I don’t think gays should be allowed to express their love like this ”

    Nonsense and stupid.

  3. Higwe
    August 27, 19:22 Reply

    I hope they were just being sarcastic ….because if this is OK and homophobia is not ,then I can’t help but feel we are a bunch of hypocritical bigots .

  4. Black Coffee
    August 27, 22:45 Reply

    Jeeeeez, don’t I just love the sarcasm???

    Simply epic!!!

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