There is another technique that the Lagos police have employed in their targeting of gay guys.

They catch someone who’s gay and then they use him to lure his friends and/or acquaintances who are gay. So you could be on your own and get a call from your friend or someone you trust in the community to meet someplace. You get there. And then when he comes to meet you, he is accompanied by the police. Or the call you would get will be from a friend wanting to know your location so he can come and meet you. And you wait to see him, only for him to come over in the company of the police.

There have been arrests of about seven guys in Ikeja over the past week, all of them getting released after bail settlement.

“The Ikeja policemen have raked in over 200 thousand from a single bail so far, not telling how much more they would get and importantly who would be the next victim,” reported a KDian who alerted me to this.

This was distressing for me to hear. It is also evident that these arrests are targeted at making money off gay men, considering that reports so far have all the arrested people paying “bail” to get out. And THIS IS WRONG! Based on no law breaking at all! And the scheme is simply allowed to prosper because we are preyed on for our lack of information and our fear.

Here is a picture of one of the corrupt policemen (also pictured above) that has been identified as being involved in this unlawful entrapment. His name is Iheanachor Ifeanyi, going on Facebook with that name.

Iheanachor Ifeanyi

I have also heard reports of this kind of “use a community member to get the others” witch hunt happening in Calabar.

This is just wrong! In addition to putting up this kito alert and sending out the warning for this community to continue to stay alert, not only with our online hookups but apparently also in our dealings with those we know in the community whose loyalties to us may not be that strong – in addition to all this, I had to seek for some information as to what the chances are for any person caught in this entrapment, and the responses from learned individuals haven’t been encouraging.

“If a policeman arrests you because your friend was induced to identify you as a homosexual, that is not an offence,” said a lawyer friend. “In fact, you can approach the court and sue the policemen and the commissioner of police for the enforcement of your fundamental rights. And I’m 90% sure that you will win.”

When asked if there is a way one can resist such an unlawful arrest when he is caught in an entrapment, he said, “You cannot prevent an arrest when you don’t have prior notice of it. What I will advise is simple: Don’t resist arrest. But DO NOT CONFESS TO ANYTHING EITHER WHEN YOU’VE BEEN ARRESTED! If they demand bail, pay up. Then fight them squarely in court. This is how to discourage these bastards from continuing with such illegal acts.”

Another lawyer had this to say: “You should not resist arrest. My candid advice is that you don’t give any confessional statements that will implicate you any further than the hearsay of what the friend who led to your entrapment. Try as quick as possible to make bail, and thereafter, you can enforce your fundamental rights in court. I tell you, most times, the police lose their cases in court, especially in cases like this where they are on this simply to make money and not to prosecute anybody.”

Another added, “In a nutshell, when they use their soft target to get you arrested, don’t write any incriminating statements against yourself. The statement of the co-accused person cannot be used against you in any court. Make bail and then return the fight in court.”

So there it is:





This is all so depressing, considering most of us who are victims of this kind of arrest are young and closeted and may not even know any lawyers or have any interest to pursue any court case beyond making bail.

But if this is our option, then it has to be done. If – God forbid – you get arrested, do not simply make bail and call it a day. Get in touch with any NGO so you can be connected to a lawyer and make a case regarding your unlawful arrest. Any otherwise means the police get to keep perpetuating this crime unchecked and scot-free.

Please let us continue being safe out there. If anyone has any suggestions or comments that might help the rest of us, kindly drop them in the comments section. Thank you and be safe, guys.

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  1. Gaia
    August 24, 08:10 Reply

    Bail of about 200 thousand naira… most people can’t even afford that unless with the help of their families. Which also means they’d be outed automatically to their family in a way… i just tire for this Nigeria aswear…

  2. ....
    August 24, 08:23 Reply

    this Ifeanyi guy is a deputy Police PRO!

    he put his number up one time to call incase of police harrasment. so he’s one too? smh

    this is his digits.+2348036994334

  3. .....
    August 24, 08:23 Reply

    this Ifeanyi guy is a deputy Police PRO!

    he put his number up one time to call incase of police harrasment. so he’s one too? smh

    this is his digits.+2348036994334

  4. Xavier Thicc
    August 24, 08:44 Reply

    Good one mr Pinky..
    I have always had the mind to take up this kinda cases, even though it seems I am the only lawyer who does that around here where i work.. I have recieved indignating remarks from my colleagues why I do such cases, in my mind I say, they wont understand..

    I remembered an event that happened like four weeks ago.. A friend of mine was arrested by the men of the Police force around 11pm in a school field in my friend’s car when they were doing their usual patrol.
    When my friend was taken to the police, i was not called, he sought out his bail and that of his friend who was busy crying that he cant sleep over in the police cell.
    They took my friend’s phone did the transfer themselves and asked him to delete the transaction(if only they had known better).. So the next day, my friend came to my office complaining bitterly that he wants a refund back and he wants to deal with police men.
    As expected, i asked him what happened, he said he was in his car with his guy gisting in the school field around 11pm and the police on patrol just stopped in front of them asked them what they were doing, he told them that they were just gisting, the police asked them to follow them to the station which they did and the above mentioned event happened..
    We went to his Bank and applied for Bank statement and by that we were able to get the identity of the Police man who the money entered his account.
    Quickly, we drove to the station, my friend was like shaky, i told him if you know you are scared, i will just go back to my office. As we got to the station, i asked the reception that i am looking for so so police officer, i saw him, he saw the Bank statement in my hand, recognised my friend and i asked him if he was the one I am looking for. He said yes, i told him what brought me,.
    I further told him that if he does not refund the money back that i will just go straight and file the necessary process from court and that he would loose his job. Immediately, he was scared, kneeling and begging me not to do that.. On a second thought, i asked him what really happened.. He said they were on their usual patrol at night and they sighted my friend’s car shaking while they saw two vague images inside, on closer look, when they opened the door of the car, my friend was untop of his friend and they just took them to the police station and demanded for bail and let them go.. I asked my friend is what he said was true, he could not speak. I asked again, he couldn’t.. I just got angry and told the police to refund his money back. Later in the evening, the police men traced me to my office with their hilux and gave me the money, i called my friend to come get his money. He came, i gave him his money and decided to lecture him on what he did.. He got angry and told me that i supported the police men. I told him to stop his car let me come down and that was how our friendship got soured..

    Sometimes, there is always a danger of a single story that makes a wrong story becomes the only story. Some of us don’t help matters at all. We make these people exploit us.. We have the power to make a change and demand retributive Justice.. I am not saying that there are no people like the police man in the post, but sometimes, we need to find out how these people were able to get to our vulnerable state to use it against us..

    Like my follow lawyers have highlighted, i can not say more about that because they have said the basics..

    Most or our colleagues who are family are not helping at all, why do you study a course in school and you cannot use it to advance the common good of man? Yes, you may not take up gay related cases like some us, but all we ask of you is to at least encourage us, not use your words to discourage us.. Where i work, i am practically the only lawyer to my knowledege who does this kinda cases..

    I cant begin to say the number of cases I have handed, some of which are genuine, while some, it’s us ourselves that cause it..
    It’s one thing to be kitoed, bullied and molested and your rights infringed upon, that one I will fight to my last,(which i have) another is for you to be at fault and expect me to dispense the same energy I use in getting Justice for Mr A for you. I can only try within the armbit of the law that can avail you but don’t expect the Five loaves of bread and two fishes miracle from me..

    We will fight… We will win someday..

    My hand aches already, lol.

    • Kaego
      August 24, 12:02 Reply

      You’ve spoken very well. And you’ve sighted very important issues.
      We all need to very careful.
      That way, our chances of being helped are reduced significantly.
      Its bad enough that being ourselves is illegal here, but for now, we need to tread with care.

    • Francis
      August 24, 12:16 Reply

      Nna you try biko. May God continue to bless and protect you. ?? That your friend is just a goat. If na me. I would probably have walked out and allowed the police man chop the money clean mouth. Mscheeew.

    • mafiaso
      August 24, 13:19 Reply

      Thanks for standing up to your friend,when he comes back to his senses ,he will realise ,what you did for him .It is your type of people ,that I’d like to meet ,those who don’t chicken out ,when the need arise .Pinky please I don’t mind Xavier Thicc contact .

    • Pink Panther
      August 24, 13:58 Reply

      Xavier, may I send you a mail with this email address you used for your comment? There’s a lawyer friend who wants to communicate with you. If I can’t reach you with this email address, kindly email me at

      • Xavier Thicc
        August 26, 14:37 Reply

        I am sorry, i am just seeing this now.. I will reach out to you and do the needful.. Thanks..

    • Cocent
      August 24, 20:22 Reply

      You are doing a wonderful job! Don’t get discouraged, please continue to fight for the rights of humanity. Bravo!
      P.S: Just be my boyfriend already! ?

    • Q
      August 25, 08:41 Reply

      Well let me tell you that you won’t be alone for long cos I and some ofy friends heading to the Nigerian law school hope to join you in this, thank You and stay strong

  5. Yinka
    August 24, 08:57 Reply

    I concur learned colleague.
    Many folks are half smart.
    I can only imagine how you felt when the officer confronted hinhim with the fact he was on top of him.

    It is disheartening he paid you with such a coin. He is coming back.

    A younger friend of mine was a victim of this fraud by the police were one guy lures the other.

    We have to be careful out there.

  6. Bim
    August 24, 11:01 Reply

    Well said Xavier

  7. Oscar
    August 24, 11:16 Reply

    When the police approach you, demand to see a warrant. If there is none, then no problem still follow them but keep asking what your your offense is.
    Never consent to search without a warrant.
    Demand a lawyer for the police is under obligation to provide you one if you can’t afford it.
    Maintain your right to silence and say nothing.
    Make bail n if they are foolish enough they will extort you.
    SUE THE BASTARDS including the Judas who ratted you out for enforcement of fundamental right.

  8. Cocent
    August 24, 20:25 Reply

    Well-done Pink Panther! Keep the information coming.

  9. Bee
    August 24, 22:35 Reply

    The way I see this Lagos (or places like Abuja, Enugu, etc.) … the LGBT cause is already stirring up and the movement is already in its infancy. In some states of the same Nigeria, people are even afraid to publicly condemn gay people because they’d have to say “taboo words” like ‘gay’ in public. They’d feel more comfortable warning their children against porn that homosexuality because they don’t even want little people to know that gays exist. And, believe me, taking a glance around would almost convince you that there are no gay people living near you.

    LGBT advocacy and “fighting for human rights” isn’t even feasible in such places. There’s just one perk though: no kitoes and no police harassment. But the environment is just so pathetically hetero-normative that it deafens you; you’d actually prefer to be arrested and consequently given the opportunity to fight for your rights. You’d hope that your existence would thereby be established.

  10. ROCK
    August 25, 07:36 Reply

    I have always feared that it will come to this.i have always had this fear that being in your own house and on your own bed may not be enough.I have always had this fear that one day I could hear a knock on the door,only to open it and see a friend or acquaintance or even a long forgotten one night stand…standing there with the police people and saying ‘he is one of Is
    My people the problem in this country is what is affecting all of us,gays included.
    There is impunity and corruption and the disease of get money by any means.Its a disorder that is affecting everything and there is nothing we can do about it.
    Nothing will happen to that bastard police man because reporting him is automatically outing yourself and how sure are you that the person you are reporting to is not worse?
    What can one do except LEAVE this hell?
    I’m tired
    The things I fear are just coming to pass.
    From setups to blackmail to thieves to this.

    • J
      August 25, 13:47 Reply

      I hope the gays in Nigeria will form a militia and start tormenting the people that torment us. If anyone steals or set you up, corner them somewhere and give them pepper! Take double what they have taken from you, walk around with pepper sprays and whips. Flog them very well, use your teeth, everything you have, fight for yourself. This nonsense has to stop!

  11. Lexy
    August 25, 13:09 Reply

    What can i say that to join my learned colleagues to warn us to always be careful and be brave. Don’t let any police coerced you to disclose or lure members of your “family”. My colleagues have said it all in case one of our family breached the “family trust” pls never write any incriminating statement and never disclose the real you because if you do otherwise then your case will be weak. And please if you want to have fun, never do such where you know a third party may accidentally see you, please let us b extremely careful.

  12. baddest
    August 26, 09:31 Reply

    Looking at this ifeanyi,he is gay, I have also met him in one end SARS event,before I met him he was following me on instagram,he is married but I can bet money that this guy is in the closet,he is not my type and plus I hate wicked heartless bastards like him

    • Wytem
      August 26, 17:18 Reply

      @baddest, pray tell me how you were able to tell that the Ifeanyi is gay just by seeing his face. Do gays have a particular look…on the forehead maybe like a neon sign?
      Have you encountered him one on one? Have you boinked with him?
      I’m not saying he’s not gay, I’m just asking how you came to the knowledge sha hoping that there’s no stereotyping.

  13. Sleek Creamy
    September 17, 18:11 Reply

    Xavier Thicc God bless you real Good.
    My pain with most TBs is that some of us are really dummies , because we don’t really have the sense to think from our right to left, sometimes we bring this calamity upon ourselves and then expect that we will have the complete 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes.. Why would u be doing that in a school field? TB friendly hotel don finish for the area ni ? Abi na so the guy broke to go rent hotel ni? How shameful….
    Imagine a friend of mine going after someone that is not TB and at the end wetin he see for the matter eye really turn am put and he was expecting me to come to the police station to bring food and money for him, all i could say to him was that i was really busy cuz i vividly remember advising him not to venture into that business.
    Abeg na bad thing i do by not going to the police station to bail him after advising him no to go converting a straight guy?

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