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Porn actor says straight adult film directors shunned him for doing gay porn

A former adult film actor has said the porn industry is homophobic. Christopher Zeidschegg, who spent a decade performing under the alias Danny Wylde, has spoken out about being shunned

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Ex-college wrestler who was sentenced to 30 years in HIV transmission case now gets 10 years

The sad and deeply unfair story of 25-year-old Michael Johnson, a.k.a. “Tiger Mandingo,” the former college wrestler sentenced to decades in prison for failing to disclose his HIV status, continues.

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Being gay is a very difficult life to live; it is extremely tough, which is why I find it funny when close-minded bigots refer to homosexuality as a conscious choice


  1. ken
    December 02, 05:44 Reply

    I guess this is the whole idea of twisting jamal’s sexuality….so we are talking about it, so empire remains popular, so the show remains on air and keeps selling!

    • Pink Panther
      December 02, 05:55 Reply

      LOL. It’s twisted but there’s truth in what you’re saying.

  2. #Chestnut
    December 02, 07:13 Reply

    Well,that commenter has some truth in what he/she is saying. I know a lot of us here know that “sexuality is fluid” (not in my case though,but everybody must not be like me) and a kiss doesn’t mean anything, but the ignorant folks out there who truly believe that if u lock a gay man in a room with 3 hot chicks for a week, he’ll turn straight forever (or if u give a lesbian a “good dicking”,she’ll detest pussy forever), might just see it as a validation of their school of thought.

    OAN: this morning is sooooo coooold! I’m actually shivering… Brrrrrrrr

    • Pink Panther
      December 02, 07:16 Reply

      Abuja, yea? Lucky you! *wondering when this oven called Lagos will get chilly*

    • Max
      December 02, 07:47 Reply

      Biko we need some of that cold around here.

      • Sinnex
        December 02, 08:10 Reply

        Be careful what you wish for.

        After the cold comes the dust and then the heat.

    • ken
      December 02, 08:01 Reply

      Yes o, its so cold. Me and boo of life just cuddling and doing the needful till dawn!

      But note: I am so strictly celibate. Thanks

  3. Max
    December 02, 07:40 Reply

    I totally agree with what the commenter said. The last thing we need on tv is portraying homosexuality as some kind of choice. But hey, they need the ratings and I guess gay characters are expendable for this kind of experiment.

    • Mandy
      December 02, 08:33 Reply

      It’s off-putting that Lee Daniels would pull this kind of stunt. If the storyline carries on like this, with Jamal getting fresh with Alicia Keys’ character, I’ll be officially over Empire.

      • Max
        December 02, 09:14 Reply

        Lol, personally, I didn’t see the kiss as anything. It was just a kiss. But my concern is the message it was passing across. He wants to keep the ratings up, so I guess that’s why he pulled it. Empire has higher ratings than Game of Thrones you know.

        • Nightwing
          December 02, 10:01 Reply

          That’s cuz GOT hasn’t related the sixth season yet, I’ll so dump empire (not like I’ve gone beyond season 2 episode 3 of Empire) There’s just something about the uncertainty of GOT that keeps everyone glued. No permanent protagonist or antagonist. That’s suspense, not chicken flick empire. *and I’ve looked for trouble*?

        • Somebody
          December 02, 10:22 Reply

          Well the last episode of Empire fell below Big Bang theory’s episode REPEAT and also fell below the season 5 Game of thrones finale. The surprising thing was that the last episode was actually good but I guess the Jamal kissing Alicia is probably a turn off but it could just be their way of proving that Jamal is gay and gay and the kiss meant nothing in the coming episodes. So everyone chill.

        • Pink Panther
          December 02, 10:24 Reply

          At the moment? I don’t think so @Max. Sure Empire debuted this season with a bang. But it’s being on a slow decline.

          • Max
            December 02, 11:22 Reply

            The ratings shocked me myself. Even stellar shows like HTGAWM is still below it in ratings.

            • Deola
              December 02, 11:42 Reply

              You can’t compare ratings of a broadcast network TV show to a cable one.
              Empire airs on Fox – broadcast tv
              game of thrones on HBO – cable

              In essence more people have access to broadcast tv that to premium cable as such comparing the ratings of a show on HBO to one of Fox is moot.

  4. Delle
    December 02, 08:48 Reply

    Jamal is meant to be a gay character! That’s the sole reason the show is endearing. Tuning to a series where I can identify with a character is all that’s been keeping me to this Empire haze and now he kisses Alicia?!
    Well, since they are all about twisting people’s characters, why don’t they twist Hakeem’s (he seriously needs the twisting), by the way he has strong gay tendencies if you ask me.

  5. bruno
    December 02, 09:02 Reply

    around here, i don’t think we need a tv show to sell the idea that sexuality is fluid and we can easily switch to women when you want to. mgm’s are already doing that for us.

  6. posh6666
    December 02, 09:41 Reply

    Well people will be mad but things have really picked up and ratings has gone high based on episode 8 and 9…i really loved Vivica’s boogie act especially the part were her junkie sister threw up on her shoes lmao it was like the universe was trying to punish her for being so stuck up and boogie,acting like she wasnt raised in the hood.

  7. Tobby
    December 02, 10:19 Reply

    I suppose it’s meant to make him a bit more “likeable”, more acceptable to the homophobic blacks?.

    I don’t get the overreaction though. Annalise was heterosexual in HTGAWM season 1, suddenly she was kissing a woman in season 2. I didn’t see any “outrage” from gay people then.

    So, it’s one way, but not the other way around?

    • Pink Panther
      December 02, 10:21 Reply

      Shurrup joor, Tobby. Don’t you know we don’t want one of us crossing over to them, but we don’t mind one of them coming over to our side? 🙂

        • Max
          December 02, 11:24 Reply

          @Tobby, they’re not the one’s being oppressed, we are. We need more people on our side ??.

  8. Dick Advocate
    December 02, 11:44 Reply

    I don’t get the outrage, i bet we Bi people don’t really give a toss who kisses who. At the end its just two beautiful people having a good time. quit the hating gay people.

    • Max
      December 02, 13:46 Reply

      ???this guy is just a clown, with a dick for a brain.

    • Delle
      December 02, 14:24 Reply

      All of a sudden there’s no gay in bisexuality…hmm

  9. Nefretiti
    December 03, 03:06 Reply

    Lol…..biko it was just a kiss. I honestly don’t see the issue , I strongly believe dat there r times when our head gets all fuzzy with emotions u can decide 2 kiss the next thing standing*except its Donatella Versace*-she scares me. Anyhoo , he decided 2 kiss the next person and it was a beautiful alicia keys -who was looking stunning by d way.I ll kiss her anyday$

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