Where Is The Cassava, Tekno?

Where Is The Cassava, Tekno?

That was how he sang: “Baby Pana / They say you like cassava / I get big cassava / Baby Pana / My love for you will never die, never die…”

And now, receipts have been obtained proving that all that was false advertizing. Somebody should be sued for this gross prevarication. IMG_20161104_114453IMG_20161104_132859

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  1. Lorde
    November 05, 05:26 Reply

    Lool you guys should pity him nau, you knw guys experience a little (in my case alot) shrinkage in the pool….

    • ambivalentone
      November 05, 07:44 Reply

      ???are you gonna be posting orgy pics too? Pls, let me quick quick know o. I carried last the last time

        • ambivalentone
          November 05, 09:13 Reply

          Sorry about the mix-up. You were quick to let on (subtly??) how big ur D is. Very reminiscent of some guy with whom u av similar pseudonyms?

          • Delle
            November 05, 10:42 Reply

            Smh Ambi, that is how you wee be whoring and goan enter wahala

  2. Di-Navy
    November 05, 07:15 Reply

    someone said that is nutmeg ! lmao

  3. Brian Collins
    November 05, 07:43 Reply

    The things I have seen on IG about this cassava ehn. Lmao

    • Pink Panther
      November 05, 08:32 Reply

      Tekno, darling. They say he’s the next big thing since Iyanya. 😀

      • ambivalentone
        November 05, 08:58 Reply

        Oh, but I know who he is. The next big thing after Iyanya, our very own Dennis’ boy-toy,…etc. I am tired of seeing him in my face. Since yesterday???

  4. bruno
    November 05, 08:02 Reply

    is it weird that this “dick-shaming” post is right next to the one decrying bottom-shaming? sounds like talking with both sides of the mouth here…

    anyways give the young man some benefit of the doubt. he might be a grower ?

    • IBK
      November 05, 08:21 Reply

      Same thing I said when some girls were discussing it.. I got some weird looks sha.

  5. Thobie chord
    November 05, 08:42 Reply

    PP have you seen the bathroom selfie with the real cassava??? You have carried last! He is a grower indeed

    • Pink Panther
      November 05, 08:57 Reply

      I have seen the bathroom selfie. It’s still not the ‘big cassava’.

      • ambivalentone
        November 05, 09:06 Reply

        and three ppl here already say his D is big??? How come I never noticed ur whorishness b4 now? Hiding it behind ur admin garb?

    • Brian Collins
      November 05, 10:01 Reply

      Abeg abeg, grower nibo? Seen the pic. A big cassava should/would scare me, what I say only made me nod my head once or twice.

  6. KingBey
    November 05, 08:58 Reply

    Why was his bathroom selfie where his erect big dick was evident left out on this post?

  7. Bain
    November 05, 09:00 Reply

    one thing I know for sure…..it doesn’t get any smaller.

  8. Law
    November 05, 09:53 Reply

    I dnt do okro or carrots… I will pass

  9. Brian Collins
    November 05, 10:04 Reply

    When tekno wanted to post this big I am sure he had thought, ‘oh Nigerians would love this’. Little did he know that our very own Nigeria is a Federal Republic of Size Queens.

    November 05, 10:15 Reply

    For what its worth, I still would take this his banana feeling satisfied! Who big cassava help?

  11. Delle
    November 05, 10:40 Reply

    LMFAO ?????. PP you are such a brown mess.
    Couldn’t it be possible that he is a grower? But biko, that piece of meat I see there is just right for moi!

    To now coman be dreaming of big tubers I would never allow into my gloryhole? Mba

    November 05, 11:14 Reply

    I don’t get the Fuzz and uproar really! To be honest, the country is just singing kumbaya concerning this issue. Isn’t it obvious his dick shrank/shrunk in the pool. Who’s dick doesn’t? And even at that the dick is not bad for a shrunk dick. Why was his other pics not posted here also. The guy carry abeg (IKD for sure). Majority of those shaming him can’t even boast Quarter of what he’s got. BS.

    Majority of this hoes can’t even take his dick without Complaining. The boy wasn’t joking when he said he got big cassava. When you see it in person you know what am talking.

    • Thobie chord
      November 05, 12:36 Reply

      Oh dear tef! The chances of you getting within 100km of that D is the same chance of me eating breakfast tomorrow in jupiter! Don’t you have fufu to eat(i assume that is all you do tho’)

  13. Nefertiti
    November 05, 12:30 Reply

    I think dat dick has a future.. ..he is in a pool hence *shrinkage*?…i have hope that what I see now shall yield a lot of fruits ??

    • Lorde
      November 05, 15:12 Reply

      Biko help me tell them, everything I say gives the impression that I have a big dick

  14. BIBI G
    November 05, 13:08 Reply

    Y’all are wicked techno said he’s will give Casava he was naive refering to the dildo he uses to play with him self at night the 15inch dildo

  15. peaches
    November 05, 14:38 Reply

    which error 404 when he didn’t pass 101?. he be singing cassava when all the while it was garden egg he had. who even expected a cassava from baby face?. I can tell ur size by looking at your face so trying to fool me is like trying to sneak daylight past a rooster

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