Season Greetings, From Kito Diaries

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  1. Micky
    December 25, 05:54 Reply

    Merry Christmas to you all loves… And Pinky, that’s a Perfect christmas Card!!!

  2. Paul
    December 25, 06:10 Reply

    May d Joy ds season brings never depart from our Lives n May d brotherhood we share here continualy grow from strength to strength.
    A joyous xmas to all.

  3. Dennis Macauley
    December 25, 06:15 Reply

    I really don’t do cliche’d greetings!

    But for what it’s worth, Merry christmas

    • paradox
      December 25, 06:56 Reply

      The whole ‘merry christmas’ greetings sounds seriously cliche n automated. Did the Santa gig for some kids yesterday. I found myself HOPING their current innocence would blossom into something that would stand the harsh realities of d future. They actually curtsied for Santa (not Father Christmas o)? *rotfl*

  4. Deola
    December 25, 06:25 Reply

    Merry Christmas guys…
    That really is a perfect Christmas card.

  5. theGame
    December 25, 06:45 Reply

    Cry me a river @ Dennis, don’t be a menace, wish us well and go back to shagging. #mrsM should be sore

    • Dennis Macauley
      December 25, 06:50 Reply

      The other Macaulay is away on a family holiday! So no sore-ness (I hope).

      As surprising as this will sound, I am going to mass with my mother this morning!
      I don’t want to deal with the condescending look from the crucifix, but say no to my mom and kiss your christmas chicken goodbye

  6. Dennis Macauley
    December 25, 06:47 Reply

    If you are old like me you will recognize the sandals which brings memories!

    • JArch
      December 25, 08:38 Reply

      Hahaha I bought the adult version of kito sandals some days ago…. The feel isn’t the same but the style of the sandal is exactly the same.

      Good times….

  7. Adrian
    December 25, 07:10 Reply

    Am not feeling Christmas at all…Bush Merry Xmas all d same

  8. FKA Chizzie
    December 25, 07:21 Reply

    lol that picture had me rolling.

    Dont believe in xmas but merry xmas all the same! so figured i’ll do this lame shout-out

    To Max & Chestnut, u lot are such a cool and articulate bunch,ur comments are always worth the read…merry xmas!

    And Dennis, i still think u have an active imagination and tend to formulate stories out of mid air, but I like u all the same like dt.

    And Khaleeshi who’s moniker doesn’t do justice to how gorgeous and annoyingly perfect ur complexion is! Merry xams!

    And Chuck who I really want to shag and have light skinned, igbo free thinking philosophical babies with- Merry Christmas!

    and ofcus Lord, Merry xmas! Heres’ hoping u do not get HIV in the long run, but given your lifestyle it seems like an eventuality

    Merry xmas to the others…

    • Dennis Macauley
      December 25, 07:30 Reply

      Yes! I like you to too, even though I think you are an obsessive, narcissistic attention whore!

      I like you all the same!

      ***kiss kiss***

    • Max
      December 25, 09:35 Reply

      Merry Xmas to u too dear…

    • Lord II
      December 25, 13:56 Reply

      For someone who just wished someone else HIV on XMAS day…wow may your wish not come true for you in the new year oooo and if u already have the HIV I hope God will have mercy on you and HEAL you coz he can and he has done that to so many that HAVE THE FAITH!! So if Dats what your secretly looking for just holla ok!

    • chestnut
      December 25, 14:43 Reply

      Aww chizzie…merry xmas to u too.

  9. simba
    December 25, 07:28 Reply

    Merry Xmas to Pinky.. in de spirit of Xmas,..Hugs.. all u fabulous people, merry Xmas.. una too much, I always look forward to reading comments and etc.. I dare not mention names or else I ll fill dis page with names.. Just james…merry Xmas..

  10. Khaleesi
    December 25, 07:32 Reply

    Happy holidays everyone & compliments of the season!
    @Pinky, you’re just a pink mushy mess for that picture of the kito sandals … lmao … how and where on earth d u get these pix??

  11. JArch
    December 25, 08:47 Reply

    Merry Christmas everyone….

    Pinky you’re a ray of sunshine that’s made 2014 really interesting for everyone on KD. Thank you for bringing to reality this KD family and giving a voice to the voiceless by telling our stories of fear, love, life,hope and happiness

    I wish everyone a wonderful, sucessful and suck-sex-full 2015 😀

  12. Colossus
    December 25, 08:51 Reply

    Merry Christmas guys. Yes it might be a cliche to wish people merry Christmas but isn’t that what you say when you’re celebrating Christmas? Just like saying happy birthday to someone celebrating. A wonderful Christmas to you all, it really is a beautiful holiday so try your best to enjoy it.

  13. Brian Collins
    December 25, 09:16 Reply

    So now everyone doesn’t like Christmas or thinks saying Merry Christmas is cliche. Me I still love Christmas die and everything that comes with it.
    So to everyone, everyone who has made KD truly memorable for me this year ranging from Laughs; to beautiful writing; to tea parties I don’t get invited to; to debauchery stories; to being just plain annoying; to being mysterious; to wonderful words of wisdom; to attention seeking; to the horribly bitchy; to the hopeless romantics; to the vitroil spewing, I wanna wish you all a merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart.
    Pinky, Dennis, Chestnut, Kryss, Ace, Khaleesi, Sensei, Teamkizito, justjames, Mrs M, Colossus, Max, Peak, Deola, xpressivejboy, jArch, Airdeecan, Absalom, Enigmous, Queenbluefox, Gad, A.non, Paul, and of course FKA Chizzie and Lord II and others too numerous to mention.
    Just pick your category and own it.

    Ps: I love the picture

    • Brian Collins
      December 25, 09:24 Reply

      Did I forget to mention the gun slinging and dagger brandishing thirsty hoes?

      • Khaleesi
        December 25, 10:19 Reply

        Yelzzzz… we r here hun, merry christmas to you too!

    • JArch
      December 25, 10:28 Reply

      Merry Christmas to you too Brian

      Thank you for spicing up this blog with your awesomeness like Barney Stinson

    • Mrs Macaulay
      December 25, 11:09 Reply

      Nobody sends me any wishes!

      Y’all only like Dennis

      *sad face*

      • chestnut
        December 25, 14:17 Reply

        …”Chritmas”…hehehe…I meant christmas,not bday (I’m not drunk o!)

      • Brian Collins
        December 25, 15:02 Reply

        Did you miss the Mrs M part of my message? or am I nobody?

      • Deola
        December 25, 14:59 Reply

        Merry Christmas Brian. Merry Christmas Mrs M. BTW some people here like you pass Dennis.

  14. lluvmua
    December 25, 11:44 Reply

    Wanna wish all my peeps n kd a very merry xmas nd a lovely new year… pinkie, dennis, mrs m, khaleesi dearie , absalom, andrevn,and chestnut…… wish ya all a very special xmas celebration. Have fun kiss kiss

  15. Andrevn
    December 25, 12:44 Reply

    I was going to tell the Missus to kiss you a Merry Christmas for me but since she’s away i guess i would have to do it myself…..
    #walks gingerly up to Mr Dennis Macauley and kiss him on the lips…….*whispers into his ears…….Merry christmas DM!

  16. Absalom
    December 25, 13:40 Reply

    Merry Christmas, everyone. Enjoy your rice. And meat. 🙂

    • Dennis Macauley
      December 25, 13:52 Reply

      Me I had Pounded yam and I am stuffed full!

      No use fighting it! I will put on weight this holiday season

      ***sad face***

  17. Aproko Pikin
    December 25, 14:02 Reply

    May Christ we celebrate this festive season fill your homes with JOY, your hearts with LOVE and your lives with LAUGHTER. Season’s Greetings!

  18. Lord II
    December 25, 14:04 Reply

    Have a lovely merry Christmas ma peeps…Dennis, Pinky, Absalom, James, Mrs M, Paul, Gad….etc….loved and loved the cyber get together and will want to do it over and over again….Santa dear let’s just make it so that people here love themselves more and make less enemies in this circle…..have a blast guys….like I said yesterday …no sparing of any turkeys or chickens biko.!

    • Lord II
      December 25, 14:09 Reply

      Brian, iluvmna, andrevin, jarch, khaleesi, colossus, simba, etc….didnt leave u guys out ooo!! kiss kiss!! My wonderful fam!

      • Colossus
        December 25, 19:24 Reply

        A great Christmas to you to bro. Easy on the laps…..chicken laps.

      • simba
        December 26, 08:39 Reply

        Ohhhh,..thank lord..thanks for de shout out Sir.. hugs and kisses

    • Absalom
      December 25, 14:51 Reply

      Thanks, Lord II. You have a lovely Christmas too 🙂

  19. Kristopher B
    December 25, 14:55 Reply

    Since i started reading KD, alot has changed in me. I’ve grown wiser. God bless you Pinky for thinking up this avenue. And a Merry Christmas to fellow KDians… To my cyber crushes DENNIS & LORD II aKa KING, Hugs n Hot Wet Kisses!
    Mrs DM, just for today ~wink~ & henceforth…

    • Lord II
      December 25, 15:00 Reply

      Thanx my luvly krystopher…unlike Dennis I ain’t hooked up yet so if you’re in or near abuja holla ok…just might help dat itch to be scratched……(Awww common pinky it’s Xmas…let’s live a little na)….hehehe!

      • Dennis Macauley
        December 25, 15:14 Reply

        Pink Panther where are you oooo!

        They are breaking your rules


  20. Airdeecan
    December 25, 15:55 Reply

    Merry Christmas Y’all….. And a special one to Pinky……I’d kiss you if I didn’t know Scarface, so a hug would do hun, thanks for an interesting year….love you buddy.

  21. GB!
    December 25, 18:38 Reply

    Merry christmas!

  22. gad
    December 25, 21:50 Reply

    Merry Christmas to all our brothers and sisters. Thanks for all you have been

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