Why serve up gay men as eye candy to women?

Why serve up gay men as eye candy to women?

Instagram blog, The Industry On Blast, posted a photo of gay porn stars (pictured above, with Taethedoug in the centre, who I just LOVE!) with the caption: Ladies, pick one!!! and ONLY one! We know this is too much heat for you.Screenshot_20170301-191438

Upon happening on the post, I had a hard time believing the poster did not know these men are gay adult film performers; and from some of the comments, it would appear as though there’s a more sinister motive.Screenshot_20170301-191625Screenshot_20170301-191636Screenshot_20170301-191706Screenshot_20170301-191734Screenshot_20170301-191706Screenshot_20170301-191830Screenshot_20170301-191844

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  1. KikiOpe
    March 02, 06:07 Reply

    First to comment, Yay! Lemme coman be going #strutsoff

      • Francis
        March 02, 06:26 Reply

        Only when tastefully done. Some people go overboard with them like these ones

        • Absalom
          March 02, 08:46 Reply

          Shut up. The more ink, the hotter the bod. ?

          • Francis
            March 02, 08:50 Reply

            ??? Eeeeeew! Makes my skin crawl especially when I think of how their skin will look with old age

  2. Gad
    March 02, 06:45 Reply

    “self-loathing gay man”. That statement got me thinking…

  3. Mandy
    March 02, 07:05 Reply

    riyah0183 you tried it o. So straight men don’t take pics together with their shirts off, eh? That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Please someone tell me that’s not true

  4. #Chestnut
    March 02, 07:40 Reply

    “industry on blast” always does this trash. they’re the messiest, shadiest, most disrespectful blog on ig.

    • Francis
      March 02, 12:19 Reply

      Bros anyi, how far? LONGEST TIME. E don tey wey I see your IG brake light. No shirtless selfies for the boys? ??????

  5. KryxxX
    March 02, 07:55 Reply

    Thank God for ppl like @Yo_co123, shows we still have some sense tucked away somewhere in this our world of selective sense/amnesia!

    And @Riyah1083 is as dense as the word dense itself ! ??????. Straight men don’t take shirtless selfies together! Uchu Gambia! Chiri 5 ✋ there.

    And Francis, I echo your sentiments on them tattoos. Make it strategic and sexy and not all over there place like a chicken digging for food.

    • Francis
      March 02, 12:20 Reply

      LMAO. Some tattoo artists be doing jaja random drawings in the name of tattoo

  6. dizzyboy
    March 02, 08:28 Reply

    All I see are cute and sexy guys… who has time for those homophobic idiots.. can I have my pick in peace?… first guy from d left is all am drooling for…. lol

  7. Francis
    March 02, 08:46 Reply

    One don enter tag them trans men. I tire for ndi internet. Some day all this gay this gay that will stop selling market by God’s grace. This is why I’m so over all this coming out left right and center.

    Just wake up one day, go to the beach and smooch with the boo in front of the paparazzi and leave it there Queen Latifah style ??

  8. Absalom
    March 02, 08:53 Reply


    I’d like to know whether the commenters have “gaydars” or whether they -non-gay as they seem to be – watch gay porn.

    Does a man cease to be attractive to straight women because he’s gay?

    • ambivalentone
      March 02, 10:00 Reply

      Nwoke m’, I am very tired. And the guys who knew dem on sight sef…very questionable sumtins

  9. Irish...
    March 02, 09:35 Reply

    oooooh, tae tae tae, the pornstar that drives me nuuuuuuuuuuuuts! he’s just too sexy.

  10. ambivalentone
    March 02, 10:02 Reply

    Why serve up straight men for gay men as eye candy? Because they are EYE CANDY. Get it???

  11. IBK
    March 02, 11:53 Reply

    The site is run by someone who hates gay men and serves them up to be trashed – paraphrasing yo_co123

    Reminds me of certain popular blogger..

  12. Bain
    March 02, 14:10 Reply

    hmmm…so these ‘straight’ people know gay porn stars, which I assume they know from watching porn…

    I’m not sure I’d recognise any straight pornstars…

  13. UC TheMisfit
    March 02, 16:42 Reply

    *scribbling on a paper *
    ….Uhmm, so we have ‘1. Taethedoug’. I’ve written that down. Abeg who has a comprehensive list of the names of the other guys there? *scratches head* …for research purposes biko.

    • Pink Panther
      March 02, 20:08 Reply

      OK. There’s Mustang.
      XL and Addicktion (my personal porn gods)
      Then there’s of course Hot Rod.
      Usher Richbanks.
      Kyd Leo.
      Troy Moreno.

      Are those enough for your research?

      • Duke
        March 02, 20:32 Reply

        Oga well done oh! LMAO

      • Francis
        March 02, 20:38 Reply

        Eeerm, na the ones wey dey the pishur we dey interested in

        • Pink Panther
          March 02, 21:44 Reply

          Na only one person for the picture I send. And that’s Taethedoug ???

          Mustang is also there. Far right. The others I don’t know.

      • Michael
        March 03, 03:16 Reply

        Aha Drilla. I have a video of him. “Two dicks are better than one” anybody?

      • UC TheMisfit
        March 03, 20:35 Reply

        Tankiu oh! The report I’d be submitting after this research would be well detailed. I’d be sure to reference and acknowledge your immense contribution.

        You don gbo ontop this matter sha!

  14. Z
    March 02, 22:37 Reply

    pp you dey try shaa

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