So I was twelve years old when Gary was introduced to me by Daddy as one of an upstart in politics and a minister’s PA. He was young, looked to be in his twenties, clean-cut and quite handsome. I was instantly smitten. But of course I was twelve, too young to understand the feelings I was nursing for him.

Six years after that meeting, Facebook was around, and Gary sent me a message via inbox.

You have grown to be all cute, you know, the message read.

Upon seeing those words, I felt the blood flow into my cheeks, making me blush like a school girl being stroked under the tree behind the classroom.

Thanks, I replied.

We soon began chatting, that day and several days that passed. We chatted, Skyped, and talked to each other over the phone. The more we stayed in touch, the more intimate we got. We began to have phone sex and Skype sex, and it was amazing.

However, Gary had told me that he was affianced. So one night, he dropped a bombshell on me. During a phone call, he said, “Baby, you and I have been chatting so much that it’s gotten my fiancée worried. So can we please chill it?”

I was upset. But I didn’t let on to him that I was upset. Instead I stiffly agreed and subsequently began calling him ‘Big Bro’. Our communication soon became formal and few and far in between.

Then came the period when I left Nigeria for the UK, and Gary got married. Further distance and his marital status pretty much killed off whatever was left of our interaction. We stopped talking and chatting, and life went on.

Seven months later, Gary was online, and hit me up. Little bro, I’m coming to the UK next month. We should chill.

Yes of course, I typed back as I felt an inundation of conflicting emotions suddenly surge through me.

Several days passed, and finally we were to meet. I got to the agreed meeting point, and was instantly floored by the man I saw before me. Oh wow! He was as tall as he was still sexy, clad in a sleekly tailored jalamia that draped attractively over his body.

I was instantly light headed with desire. As his smile beamed at me, my heart leaped and I felt my throat dry up with the strength of my thirst.

“How have you been, little man?” he said with a grin. “You have grown all big.”

I smiled.

“Come let me hug you,” he said, stretching out his hand.

And we came together in a brief hug that heightened my desire with the feel and smell of him.

Soon, we settled to our meet. We talked and ate and drank. Our chemistry sparked to life, and soon, our conversation veered into a naughty track, with his teasing remarks and my coy laughs.

How we managed to get to his hotel was a blur I can’t quite remember. We were soon in his bed, grasping at each other and tearing off our clothes. It was like a dream coming breathlessly true: I was about to finally have my man.

His lovemaking was rough, dominating and sweet. His touches fired up my nerve endings and made me moan with abandon. I tried kissing him in the beginning, but he pulled away from my lips. I thought then: Do I have bad breath? I tried again, and this time, as he dodged my puckered lips, he said, “Babe, my lips are only for her.”

Her! This woman again! I felt an instant sweep of resentment. Silently I raged: But I met you first! I knew you before her! Why is she assuming this much importance over me?

I was upset, but I tried not to let it affect my passion as he made love to me, which wasn’t hard to do, especially when he eventually whipped out his dick. Boy, was he massive! And long! And fat! I swallowed hard as I watched him pull on a condom and lube up generously. I swallowed again as I felt the cold lube on his fingers as he rubbed my ass hole with copious amounts of it.

And then, with a firm grip and a steady push, he dived into the meal. He took me at every angle, filling me up at every moment. The smell of sex thickened in the room with every passing second. And the atmosphere was filled with my moans for this love I had always wanted. It went on and on. He fucked me so good that I was soon trembling with the force of my orgasm. I came and still he was going at it. Now, as we all know, when you are bottoming and you come, that’s basically the end of the sex for you. That wasn’t the case here. I could still take him. I was amazed at myself and I am sure he was too, because he kept asking if I’d come, so that he could stop. And my reply remained, “No. Continue.”

It was an amazing night. After every style and stroke was exhausted, he finally came, pulling out of my battered ass to yank off the condom and jerk all over me. And boy, it was a lot of cum.

And in my mind, I was like: Can she give you that kind of orgasm?

I didn’t spend the night though. I left the same evening as I was to get to the university early the next day. However, like before, in the days that followed, we became close again, and he started coaching me on lots of things. Then, he returned to Nigeria and months passed; our chats reduced and finally petered out. I realized this suddenly one day and checked my BBM list. I didn’t find him there. I messaged him repeatedly on Facebook and he didn’t reply. I got so upset that I cut him off, deleting him from Facebook and proceeded to forget him.

And then, a few days ago, I woke up to some Facebook notifications. I clicked open my Facebook profile to see his likes all over my fan page and his friend request.

There was a message too: Hey, you forgot me and deleted me. Why?

And feeling a resurrection of my rancour, I replied: Boy, you forgot me first.

And he was like, no, his phone had been stolen, and everything and all that. His explanation was enough to melt the ice in my heart. I accepted his request.

And his next message after this got my heart racing again with familiar emotions.

It read: Young man, you have grown into a big man o. LOL! How are you? Let me have your number. Here is mine…

And as usual, I could see me as I was when I was 12 years old, falling all over again.

Written by King Africa

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  1. quietSprite
    February 27, 09:34 Reply

    All the ingredients for the perfect disaster are here. Just remember it won’t end well.

    • ambivalentone
      February 27, 10:09 Reply

      A few would beg to differ of course. Sfar as the May n December and the months in between ain’t complaining, and sex is awesome

      • Chuck
        February 27, 12:30 Reply

        Lol, this is already a disaster. Playing side chick to a guy who periodically deletes and shuns you is Ok? Na wa

  2. kryxxX
    February 27, 15:29 Reply

    “Babe, my lips are only for her.”.


    I’d most definitely be reporting a rape case after!


  3. Dimkpa
    February 27, 18:34 Reply

    Pinky I think the photo you used for this article is that of Trayvon Martin and his father.

  4. Mitch
    February 27, 18:44 Reply


    Wahala just be finding people upandan!

  5. Leo
    February 27, 19:21 Reply

    Darling, you’ve been used. Unless your heart isn’t tied up in all of this and it’s just about the sex for you, I foresee this older guy breaking your heart to shreds and reclaiming it again. Maybe he could gift you with STI. Be very careful.

  6. omiete
    February 28, 01:26 Reply

    Okay you have mind, i generally don’t like people who cannot pick a struggle. the moment a man tells me “my lips are for her” that’s the end, being the side chick is exhausting. Plus I can bet she doesn’t give him any orgasm.

  7. posh666
    March 01, 14:24 Reply

    When his insecurities arises again after he has shagged you again for the second time ,he will come up with another excuse of why he went quiet for a long time again…This one has his private demons he’s nursing and doesn’t give a hoot about you!

    You are nothing but a piece of ass to him when he craves for a boy pussy..Better know that and stop Catching Feelings for him,instead use him Just the way he’s using you since obviously the sex is good.. .

  8. Lorde
    March 21, 11:10 Reply

    #sigh……this never ends well

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