Okay guys, I need your advice on how to handle a situation and I’m out of ideas.

So there’s this guy… I turned down his advances on multiple occasions because I heard from a very reliable source that he has a long-time boyfriend. I’m not ready to become someone’s side piece. Chukwu aju! Not when my right hand is still fully functional. (Been there, done that, have the T-shirt)

When the pestering got too much, I had to block him on BBM. Now the boyfriend (whom I don’t know from Adam, or how he got my number) is the one hounding me to leave his man alone. I don suffer! See my life for outside!

The dude is sparing the actual culprit he is with to call me all sorts of despicable names, all this on top preeq wey I no chop. If to say I know, I for kukuma chop so that I’ll wear the hoe hashtag, crown and sash with pride.

I don’t know what this guy has heard about me. I don’t want someone to ruin my pretty face with acid, and there’s no proof to exonerate myself, just his words against mine. And I’m confused on what to do!


Submitted by Jon Snow