In the time I’ve lived here in India, I’ve come to realize that this country is filled with the horniest people in the world. These people are so horny, they’ll fuck anything that moves. This is not always a sexy thing to note, because it means that sex crimes are on a serious high here. On the other hand, it means that nearly 90% of Indian men have bisexual tendencies. I’ve been invited for threesomes a number of times by heterosexual couples. And this means that even though being gay isn’t legal here, it isn’t under any homophobic scrutiny. Heck, even the transgender have gotten legal recognition here. Straight guys who are friends move about on the streets, holding each other’s waists and hands, and no one bats an eyelid. People don’t care much. Ever since I moved here, I’d gradually shed the reticence about my sexuality that comes from growing up gay in Nigeria and started being open about my attraction for guys to my friends and colleagues. And no one seems to mind. Instead, I get greeted with hugs and pecks, with some males referring to me with endearments.

Some days ago, I had a unique sort-of sexual encounter. It happened in a train.

So I went to New Delhi to run some errands and pick up some stuff. On my way back, I was at the train station entrance and I had to be searched by security. It was supposed to be a quick frisk, but the uniformed officer, a good looking man with a nice smile, practically turned it into a groping session. As he felt me up, his hand grazed my crotch, and at this point, his smile turned into a leer.

Our episode soon ended and I moved on to get on the train. It was crowded and I couldn’t find an empty seat. So I stood. At the first stop, some guys got off and I took a seat that placed me in between two guys, one older and the other much closer to my age.

It was going to be a long ride, so I began fishing out my earpiece and phone. As I got read to keep myself occupied, my eyes fell on some other guy seated a few yards away from me, facing me. He was super hot, wearing a buzz cut and designer stubble, with green eyes. I swear, you see the hottest Indian guys in trains. I have drooled hundreds of times over very hot Indians while riding the damned metro rail.

Anyway, I had my phone ready. I plugged my ears and began listening to Torn by Cassadee Pope, while reading a gay-themed novel on my phone with the same title. After a few minutes, I felt the guy on my right, the one closer to my age, move the teensiest bit closer to me. But I paid him no mind (It would later occur to me that perhaps he’d moved closer so he could see what I was reading, because something, some knowledge, had to have given him the presence of mind to do what he did next).

Several minutes passed, and then he brought his thigh next to mine and jerked it. Without taking my eyes off my phone, I moved my leg away from his, thinking he needed more leg space. After about five minutes, he did it again, jerking his thigh against mine; this time however, he had his phone screen placed in my line of sight. On the screen was written the words: ‘Will you fuck me?’

I was briefly startled, then amused, and turned to give him a fleeting look. He was slightly chubby, clean shaven with a baby face. He gave me a small smile, and I chuckled before turning to my phone to type a response: ‘Sure, if you think you can handle it.’

I turned the screen to him. He read and typed on his own phone: ‘I bet I can. But if I can’t, will you stop if I ask?’

I typed: ‘Maybe.’

He typed: ‘How big are you?’

To which I replied: ‘9 inches and thicker than 3 of your fingers put together.’

His fingers were shaking slightly as he typed: ‘Wow! Where do you live and do you have privacy?’

I replied: ‘Sector 37. I live with my colleagues. No privacy.’

He asked for my contact, which I typed out for him. He promised to call.

At this point, we’d reached his stop and he got off.

It struck me then that we had had a whole conversation without speaking to or actually looking at each other – and all this inside a crowded train. I found the experience quite hilarious, and was still chuckling to myself as I got down at my stop.

Written by Griffin