It has come to our attention that there’s a girl by the name Osifor Adanna Christabel that parades herself as a lesbian just to entrap other people. She would lure you to come visit her at her “father’s” hotel (De Cool Hotel, 8 Balogun Street, Oshodi). She would also tell you she will send her staff to come pick you up. Please don’t be naïve. Don’t fall prey to such schemes. After the guy picks you up, two guys will come meet you and they will tell you to take off your clothes and do a video, stating that you are a lesbian, something they will use to blackmail you. They will search your phone and bag for whatever might interest them. They will also threaten to take you to the police station and then you’ll end up paying a huge amount of money to get yourself out of the mess.

She operates with the number 07010758909, and her accomplice, who goes by the names, Austine, Augustine or Williams, operates with this number 08123707576.

It can’t be said enough: be careful of people you meet online and where you choose to meet them. DO PROPER INVESTIGATION! (I’m highlighting this because I have gotten reports of guys who go on hookups and only remember to investigate the contact after they escaped the kito experience. Investigate the contacts you get online BEFORE you go to meet them!)

And clearly, from this, this goes to both gay men and women. Please don’t be reckless!‎

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