Kito Alert LXVIII

Kito Alert LXVIII

If you are closeted, always be mindful of how sexy you get with someone who suddenly shows a sexual interest in you, especially on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, or any other medium where screenshots can be made.

Because Daniel Ndudiri (on Facebook with the same name) is that type of criminal unscrupulous enough to attach himself to you, sext with you, make you feel like he is into you –

And then turn around to blackmail you with what he has on you.

His numbers are 08133037705 and 08055698168. And he resides in Lagos.

Be warned and stay careful.

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  1. Bliss
    July 14, 09:53 Reply

    I did chat with this guy, we met through Grindr and we just saw once at a junction… Thank God.

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