Hello, I’m Duke formerly known as Ace.

First, I didn’t want to do this. In fact, I resented the idea of having my own series on the blog; I battled and tried to drown the thought simply because I was skeptical of how it would be taken. One of my major concerns was the fact that there are so many series already running on the blog. A new addition would be difficult to catch up with. Moreover, I am all too aware of the venom that can be spewed on this blog and I restrained myself tirelessly. But someone wasn’t going to give up on me sharing a story and the truth is, I have so many stories I would want to share and penning just one was going to have me digressing and beating about the bush.

So, I hit up Pink Panther and said, “I have so many stories that I would like to share one at a time. We could call it a series, a mini-series, a chronicle of some sort or some unofficial name.” And of course, the name that came to mind right off the bat was: The Diary of a Nigerian Fuckboy in the USA. Yes, not the best of names, but fuck it. (See what I did there… Butt fuck it).

It is simply going to be my sexual exploits or experiences as a closeted Nigerian living in the USA. An exposition on the challenges, differences and surprises I encounter as I explore the American gay scene. I haven’t explored much (for good reasons), and contrary to what some of my friends proclaim, those who say they would wear bum shorts right at the airport and start “selling market” if they had the opportunity to move to the States, I am fortunately or unfortunately still in the closet. I also reside in a state that is not exactly the place of “brotherly love” the way New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta or California is. But at least, I come across really noteworthy experiences in my supposedly “uneventful” state. Some stories will be funny, some will be heartbreaking and a lot will be awkward and weird… really weird.

I also hope to show the readers that the war for acceptance is still fought everywhere though on different levels, and Nigerians, even though they now reside in an advanced society, still bring along a great deal of some hate and ignorance that they should have dumped in the Atlantic on their flight to the US.

You will also learn the online gay lingos and expressions and the totally different world of hooking up online in the US. I, hopefully, will correct some misconceptions or burst the bubble of some dreams Nigerians or Africans as a whole have about being gay in the US. It is exciting but when you are in the closet and still have your family close by, some of your rainbow colored boats won’t sail or won’t sail as far as you would like.

It is going to be a fun ride… hopefully.