A Best Friend Scorned (Part 2)

A Best Friend Scorned (Part 2)



I’d begun my pursuit of Vince two nights after going over the plan with Cassi. I gained access to a VIP section at a club he frequented and spoke to him in DL code, something I’d learned to master over the years. It took three weeks, but I finally managed to gain his trust. After Thanksgiving Day, we made arrangements to have sex in the condo he used to share with Cassi and their daughter. He told me he’d have the whole place to himself since his entourage and assistants were still away for the holiday weekend visiting their families. He’d flown back from visiting his family in Chicago early just so I could fuck him.

“That tiny thing can record video and audio?” Cassi asked me as I packed an overnight bag. “Where did you even get it?”

“I’m a nerd, remember?” I asked her before laughing a little. “This camera may not look like it, but it has incredible quality. That’s why it costs so much money. I can easily hide it anywhere in Vince’s condo.”

“Damn. So, do you have everything you’ll need?”

I zipped up my duffle bag and told her, “Yep, I’m all set. I just need to get a Lyft driver to come pick me up and take me to Manhattan.”

“Why can’t you just drive? You own a brand-new BMW, right?”

“Vince insisted on me getting dropped off there. He’s extremely paranoid and with good reason. We’re setting him up without him knowing.”

“He should’ve thought about the possibility of karma coming back around on him after what he did to me.”

My phone vibrated and I saw it was a text message from Vince’s private phone. He wanted to know when I would be arriving. I texted him back, telling him that I’d be there as soon as possible. I made sure I wasn’t forgetting anything before telling Cassi, “Alright, game on.”

She smiled and said, “That bum ass nigga won’t even see it coming.”

After requesting a ride from Lyft, me and her left my apartment and she headed down to the parking garage where her car was while I waited out in the front of my building for my ride. When it arrived, I climbed in and my driver began heading to my destination. We arrived at Vince’s condo building in Manhattan about forty minutes later. I hit the buzzer at the main door downstairs and Vince buzzed me in. While taking the elevator up to his condo, I reassured myself that everything would work out the way it was supposed to. I knocked on his door and he opened it and let me inside.

“Wow, this place is nicer than it looks in the pics you have up on Instagram,” I told him.

He closed and locked the door before saying, “I’m thinking about getting a smaller place. The rent here is insane.” He led me over to a big sectional sofa in the living room and sat down on it. He then picked up his phone and began looking at something on it.

“Are you sure it’s okay for me to spend the night?”

“Yeah, it’s cool. My PR team and assistants won’t be back until Monday.” He finally looked up from his phone and asked me, “You don’t have a problem signing an NDA, do you?”

“No, of course not.”

“And you have your recent STI results?”

“I sure do. Do you have yours?”


We exchanged our recent urine and blood test results. Pleased with what he’d read on mine, he smiled and said, “Shit, I’m ready to get into some freaky fun now.”

I moved closer to him and asked, “Are you surprised that I’m into you?”

“I was when you first made your move in the club that night. You’re not gonna believe me, but I first thought Cassi had put you up to it.”

When he said that, I smiled and assured him, “This isn’t about her at all. I have wanted you for years.”

“Yeah, but you probably only wanted my dick, right?”

“Oh no, I’ve wanted to fuck you. I’m vers but I prefer to top and I only bottom every now and then. When it comes to big men like you, I get off on rimming and fucking them.” I moved even closer to him and began feeling between his raised legs, touching his balls and taint area through his sweatpants.

“I wish you would’ve said something back in college. I would’ve let you fuck me all the time.”

“I know you told me you’ve been pegged by women, but have you been fucked by a man yet?”

He smiled and replied, “I came close to it a few times but it’s so hard to trust people.”

“So, I’m gonna be the first?”

He nodded while answering, “You’re gonna be my first.”

I was already turned on while feeling him but hearing him tell me I was going to be the first man to fuck him turned me on more. I climbed in between his legs and kissed his sexy lips. He smelled so good, as if he’d spent hours soaking in a bath before I got there. I can’t lie, he was as sexy as he was back in our college days when he and Cassi first got together. When I slid my hands up his shirt to feel on his abs, he stopped me.

“Let’s take this upstairs,” he suggested.

I grinned and asked, “Up to the bedroom you used to fuck my former best friend in?”

“Yeah, but the bed and sheets and covers are all different. I got a special made California King now. Come on.”

He stood up, and that was when I noticed his dick was growing hard and was massive. I smacked his fat ass and his dick stiffened, tenting his sweatpants. He turned and flashed a smile before leading me upstairs to the second level of the condo. When I entered the master bedroom with him, I almost lost my breath because of how nice it was. There was a fire burning in the beautiful marble fireplace and the bed was fixed up like the bed in a luxurious hotel suite. Before I could even say anything, he grabbed me and kissed my lips while holding me in his strong arms. As if he were tired of bending down to kiss me, he scooped me off my feet and made me wrap my legs around his waist. He kept his strong hands on my ass to keep me up on his body. I’d never been with anyone that tall and massive, before so I was getting a little overwhelmed.

“I can pick you up and fuck the shit outta you,” he said in between kisses. “You’re lucky I’m in the mood to get fucked for the first time tonight.”

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” I asked him.

“What am I forgetting?”

“The NDA.”

“Ah, shit. I think I left it downstairs.” He let me back down to my feet and said, “I’ll be right back.”

He left the bedroom and that’s when I hurried and took the small camera out of my duffle bag. It took me a little while to find the perfect place to hide it and I was able to activate it and plant it just seconds before he returned. I signed the NDA and after he stored it away, we resumed our fun. We got completely naked and before I could ask him what he wanted to do first, he pushed me down onto the bed and got down on his knees and started sucking my dick. My eight inches were nothing compared to the uncut monster he had between his legs but he didn’t seem to be too hung up on my size.

“Fuck,” I moaned as I looked down at him while he sucked my dick. “You been practicing, haven’t you?”

He stopped sucking me for a second to tell me, “I might have practiced on a banana or two.”

I laughed a little and then started moaning when he began sucking me again. He started deep throating me and that shit felt so good. I hadn’t had sex since before Cassi and I devised our plan to trick Vince, so his mouth felt amazing on my dick. He gagged on it a few times and then stood up so that he could sword fight my dick with his big dick. Seeing him get excited over rubbing our dicks together kind of made me see him in a different way. He really hadn’t done anything with another guy before and it was cute as fuck watching his natural reactions.

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do this?” he asked me. “All the swinging dicks I’ve seen over the years in locker room after locker room and I’ve only touched my own dick before tonight.”

“Climb your sexy ass up on this bed, baby,” I said to him as I moved back on the bed.

He climbed on and we kissed while touching each other. We then moved opposite of each other and jacked off while facing each other. He looked so fucking sexy with his legs cocked up. Everything about him was sexy from the top of his head down to his big feet. Out of all my years of being sexually active, I’d never gotten so turned on by staring at a man as he masturbated while watching me masturbate. Needless to say, I almost came too soon a few times.

“Damn, your body is amazing,” he told me. “You’re exactly the type of man I’ve always had in mind to take my ass for the first time, baby.”

“Is that right?” I asked with a smile as I came up on my knees. “Lie back for me.”

He laid back with his head resting on the big comfy pillows as I climbed up on him. I grabbed his dick and played with it in my hands before putting my mouth on it and sucking it. It had to be over ten inches and was very thick. I found myself wondering how in the hell Cassi took such a dick on the regular. Her pussy must have been destroyed.

“Yeah, baby,” he moaned while running his hands through my hair. “Suck my dick. Ah!”

His dick tasted so good that I thought twice about not getting fucked that night. I’d cleaned myself out thoroughly and could take him if I built up the nerve to do it. However, my mind was focused on pushing him to his limits and capturing it all on camera. So, I sucked his dick and licked him up and down before putting my attention on his balls and the area between his balls and asshole. He spread his legs and began breathing heavier as my tongue got closer and closer to his asshole.

When I got my first look at his asshole, I damn near fell in love. It was clear that he’d been into ass play because it wasn’t extremely tight, but it also wasn’t worn out. He’d shaved the hair from around it and had obviously done research on how to clean it out properly, because it smelled so good. It wasn’t sweet smelling or anything like that; it was more of a men’s body wash combined with natural scent. The scent alone had me hooked. I just knew the taste would be out of this world.

“I must warn you,” I told him as my mouth watered. “I’m better at eating than Cassi.”

“I already believe you,” he said while smirking. “She ain’t know what the fuck she was doing.”

We shared a laugh and then I got serious and started kissing his asshole. He spread his legs even more and then pulled them back for me. His asshole winked at me and I just lost it. I was kissing and licking it like I was a fiend searching for a high. It was by far the best asshole my lips and tongue had ever touched. I loved how sensitive it was and how he’d make it contract on my tongue. And the sounds I had him making were so sexy that I was tempted to just slide my dick into him with no lube and pound the fuck out of him.

“You like that?” I asked him in between licks.

“Fuck yeah,” he answered. “Eat that ass, bro. Fuck!”

I got his asshole so wet that whenever he made it pucker, my saliva that had entered it rolled out. I sucked it up and each time I did that he’d shake and let out these sexy moans. After a good while, I made him turn over and arch his back for me. I parted his thick butt cheeks and dug into his ass with my tongue as deep as I could. He damn near melted as I ate him for over thirty minutes. I had him so relaxed that I could’ve revealed that I was recording the whole thing and he would’ve probably been fine with it.

“Just ease it in, baby,” he told me after I’d just finished lubing my dick up with the Astroglide he’d given me. “I haven’t been playing with my anal toys in about a month.”

“You have anal toys?” I asked him. “Damn, I would love to see you play with those.”

“Next time, baby. Next time.”

I smacked his fat ass and then rubbed my hard dick up and down the crack of it. I then put the head against his asshole and began pushing it inside him. He tensed up for a second but then relaxed enough for me to enter him smoothly. I couldn’t remember the last time I entered some ass that smoothly. I pushed inside him too deep and he sat up a little to get better adjusted before lowering himself back down onto his pillows. Using a little over half of my dick, I began a slow rhythm, pushing into him and then pulling back. His asshole felt so warm and wet on my dick that I almost came too soon a few times. I had to pull out of him and reenter him a number of times to keep from busting inside him too quick.

“Stop playing and give me that dick,” he demanded. “Fuck me.”

Those magic words put me in a trance and before I knew it, I was fucking the hell out of him. I still wasn’t going too deep but I was pounding him harder and harder. When I finally worked my way up to fucking him with all of my eight inches, his moans got louder and he began throwing his ass back on me. Whenever he relaxed, his asshole made gushy sounds and I was soon fighting off orgasms again.

“We gotta change positions,” I told him. “You’re gonna make me cum too soon, baby.”

He laughed and asked, “I got some good ass, don’t I? I guess all that pegging paid off, huh?”

“It sure did.” I smacked his ass and told him, “Turn over so I can fuck you from the side.”

He turned over on his side and lied down behind him. He lifted his right leg and helped me guide my dick back into his wet asshole. I started off slow again and worked my way up to fucking him deep and hard again. I put my leg under his to help keep it up while fucking the hell out of him. I then used my right hand to grab his big dick and jack him off. His ass was too good and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer inside him, so I was determined to make him cum first. It didn’t seem like my efforts were working for the longest. Then, I noticed his toes curling up and he started grunting.

“Bust that nut, baby,” I said to him before gently biting his neck from the side.

“Oh, fuck!” he shouted.

He started convulsing like crazy as he hit his orgasm with me jacking him off faster and harder. I couldn’t see it but I could feel his warm cum shooting out as some of it got on my hand. I could hear it splattering onto the bed, too. It wasn’t long before I was shooting mine deep inside his ass. I damn near lost my mind releasing my three-week load inside him. I slowly pulled out him and dropped on my back. I could hear him pushing my cum out of his ass, making noises that were similar to farts.

“So,” I said while catching my breath. “How was it being fucked by a real dick for the first time?”

“Better than what I was expecting,” he answered. “I’m glad you signed that NDA though.”


“Because now that I know I can trust you and I have it in writing that you can’t tell anyone, we can keep this going.”

“You seriously want to make this a regular thing?”

“Hell yes. Do you honestly think I wanna keep getting pegged by dumb bitches who don’t know what they’re doing? Your dick is the perfect size for me and you know how to fuck. If you work with my hectic schedule, then yes, we can keep this going. I’ll even cover expenses for you. Anything you want, baby.”

“How about a part-time job?”


“Can you give me a job working for you so I can have an excuse to travel with you every now and then?”

“Yeah, I can set something like that up. I know it’s not gonna be ideal but I feel like we got a connection.”

I smiled as I looked into his eyes and said, “Yeah, I feel it, too. But before we iron out the details of all that, I need to tell you about something else.”

“Okay, what is it?”

I sat up and told him, “It’s about Cassi, Vince. And it’s not good.”


“Do you have the footage?” Cassi asked me the moment I let her into my apartment.

I closed the door and told her, “I have the entire two sex sessions recorded.”


“I fucked him last night and he fucked me this morning.”

“So, he’s not just a bottom, huh? Who would’ve known? Okay, give me the SD card so that I can go over to his place and get him to agree on supervised visitation with Cierra.”

“Cassi, you don’t have to go over to his place. You see, there has been a little change in our plan.”

“What kind of change?”

I smiled as I stepped over to my hallway and said, “Come on out, baby.”

Vince stepped out of the hallway and smiled while shaking his head. He looked at Cassi and asked, “You were gonna take my little girl and move to the other side of the country? You deceitful ass bitch.”

Cassi looked at me and said, “I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you! You’re still the same loser faggot you’ve always been! I fucking hate you!”

“As I was saying,” I snapped, “there has been a change in our plan. You are going to agree to shared custody and I will serve as you and Vince’s intermediary partner. You will retain primary custody of Cierra but she will spend every single weekend with Vince when he’s not playing. When he is playing, the three of us will sit down and discuss times for her to stay with him. Of course, I’ll be living with him in his condo starting next month.”

“You’re not going to be anywhere near my baby. Neither one of you are.”

“Hmm, tell me something, sis.” I stepped over to her and asked, “Do you honestly think you’ll win the custody battle with your past? I can easily serve as a witness and I will tell the court everything. And you know damn well what I am talking about.”

Her eyes grew wide as she said, “You wouldn’t.”

“Yes, the hell I would. Do not push me. You dragged me into this and now you’re going to have to deal with me at least until your daughter is eighteen. Vince only knows about the personal shit you did to me over the years. I told him all about it last night. He has no idea about the other things you’ve done.”

Tears filled her eyes as she told me, “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. I thought you were my friend.”

“Oh, I was your friend. There was a time where I would have done anything in this world to help you. But you burned me too many times, Cassi. It’s about time that I show you I’m no longer an accessory to your glamorous life. Bitch, you will now be the accessory to mine.”

Vince stepped behind me and wrapped his arm around my waist before laughing and saying, “That’s right.”

I snatched Cassi’s phone out of her hand and dropped it to the floor before stomping on it multiple times, breaking it. I then told her, “I had to make sure you weren’t recording any of this. This agreement will stay between the three of us and you have to sign an NDA.”

“You’re not going to get away with this,” she said while crying. “Neither of you will get away with this!”

I laughed and informed her, “In court, Vince will offer you half of what he’s already paying you for child support and you will accept it because you two will be sharing custody. You will not be allowed within one hundred feet of his condo building or him physically following the judge’s ruling. If you want to deal with him, you will have to come to me. Do you understand?”

“You fucking faggot…”

I snapped at her, asking again, “Do you understand? Do not play with me, Cassi. I know it all, remember? I know it all.”


“Yes, what? Make yourself clear, bitch.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Good.” I smiled again and told her, “We expect to see you in family court on Monday morning, bright and early. You’re dismissed. Get your trashy ass out of my apartment.”

“This isn’t over,” she said as she grabbed her purse. “You better believe me when I tell you this shit isn’t over.”

“The NDA is sitting on my coffee table,” I told her. “Sign it and get out.”

She stepped over to my coffee table and signed the agreement. She then looked at me and Vince and said, “Fuck both of you.”

“Fuck you, too, bitch,” I said back. “Now get the fuck out!”

“Yeah, get lost,” Vince told her. “We got shit to do together.” Once she was gone, he laughed and hugged me. He then asked, “What in the hell do you have on her, baby?”

“A lot. Trust me, she’s nowhere near as innocent as she claims to be. And I’ll never in my life trust her again. Hopefully, one day she’ll see how wrong she was and still is. If not, I’ll spend every single day reminding her of how much of a shitty person she is.” I smiled my biggest smile as I continued, “Yeah, she’ll definitely regret ever fucking with me.”

Written by D.A. Morrison

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