Kiss And Tell (Entry 4)

Kiss And Tell (Entry 4)

This was in 2009, the year of my late blooming into all the sex there was to be had in the gaybourhood. I was largely naïve in those days and partook in some silly things I remember these days and shake my head over. Things like traveling from Nasarawa State, where I was serving, to Lagos just for a sex hookup. O chim! Imagine me that finds it hard nowadays to even leave Surulere to Ikeja to see someone. I can’t be bothered, seriously.

So back to my 2009, I met Onyeka on Facebook – this same Facebook that has been hooking people up since 1850. We got chatting and we got serious within a few days. He was based in Lagos but shuttled in and out of Nigeria on business trips. He had a boutique and some other small businesses. Typical Igbo-boy hustler. After about a week of our getting acquainted via chats and phone calls, he asked me to come see him and spend the weekend in Lagos with him. I readily agreed. Why not? Anyone that served in a rural area with no electricity, poor phone network unless on weekends when I got into Abuja to stay with my aunt, would understand my plight.

Onyeka sent me money for transport to Lagos and I hurriedly bought tickets and was in Lagos by Friday evening. He came to pick me up around the National Stadium in Surulere, as he lived nearby.

When I met him in person, I wasn’t so impressed because he looked and acted a bit too effeminate, complete with all the bitchy, affected mannerisms associated with those Nigerians who have been abroad and have come back with a forced personality change to show for it. I acted cool anyways, KingBey, you don come Lagos na, what to do?

On the ride back to his apartment, he kept prattling on about how Lagos boys are horrible, they do this and that and how they are all thieves – this being the reason why he chooses to import his “market”. As he talked, I nodded and made the appropriate ‘Mmhmm’ noises. He kept on talking about his business trips, how he’s in LA today, in China tomorrow and in India the next.

Then as we approached his gate, he mentioned that he had a younger brother, Larry, who stayed with him, and he asked me to comport myself during my stay as his brother didn’t know anything about his sexuality. I said okay. We got inside the house and he took me to his bedroom to drop carry-all. Soon, his brother came over to greet me. He turned out to be the opposite of his elder brother in looks – typical twenty-year-old Lagos sexy boy looks with his dark skin, hair in locs, and sagged jeans. I swallowed hard and prayed to Lord Jesus to see me through these two days. He left the room to get me some refreshments, after flashing a sweet smile at me.

Fast forward to later in the night, Onyeka and I had sex, and there was just nothing spectacular about the sex. I was simply not into him. The sex was mechanical. It had to be done, to ensure I wasn’t going to trek back to Nasarawa State. Lol. Within minutes after the sex, he was out like a light and snoring. This was about 1am. I wasn’t sleepy, so I ventured into the sitting room to go and watch TV.

Lo and behold, the twenty-year-old Lagos sexy boy was lounging in there in all his sexy glory, with just his boxers on and watching a Nollywood movie. I sat down on the couch next to him and joined him in watching the film. What happened in the next few minutes was crazy.

Larry left his couch and came over to mine to start a conversation with me. Small talk that had him asking me about how I got to know his brother, smiling frequently as we talked. As the conversation progressed, he kept shifting closer to me, until he was almost a hair’s breadth away from me. And then, in what seemed like a dream, he placed his hand on my lap and started caressing it. When he saw the shock on my face, he told me to relax, that he knew everything there was to know about his brother. He made sure to stress the word ‘everything’. I asked him how he knew. And he gave a short laugh and answered, “Because I’m also a gay bottom.”

Oh my! My dick instantly rose up to full attention at his words, and the thought ran through my mind that I was about to fuck two brothers in same house and on the same night. There had to be a Guinness Records in there somewhere.

Larry took me by the hand and led me to the passage. He chose that location so that we could monitor the strength of his brother’s slumber from his snoring. He immediately got down on his knees, pulled down my boxers, wrapped his lips around my dick and proceeded to give me a fantastic blow job. An outburst of pleasure rose from the moist heat of his mouth around my dick up my groin to the rest of my body, lighting up every nerve ending along the way. He kept going down on the dick, pulling more and more of it inside his mouth until his lips could touch the base of my cock. Up and down he went, slurping over my cock, wiping it clean, kneading it – Dear God! The guy’s tongue was a miracle worker. I threaded my fingers through his dreads, got a good grasp of his head and mouth-fucked him vigorously. The dude could suck for Africa!

When I could bear it no longer, I pulled him up. Knowing what was about to come, he quickly excused himself for a moment, ran to his room and came back with a condom and Nivea lotion. I immediately tugged on the condom, lubed his smooth ass up and rammed him from behind while pinning him to the wall. I didn’t even have to do much work as he kept pushing his ass back and forth against my dick, eagerly meeting my thrusts, until I shot my load a few minutes later. He hurriedly left the passageway to clean up, and I sneaked into Onyeka’s bathroom to wipe myself clean as well. Ten minutes later, I rejoined him in the sitting room and we continued with our Nollywood movie, occasionally exchanging the mischievous smiles of two people who shared a naughty secret.

The following day was uneventful. I followed Onyeka to his boutique at the Island, and later accompanied him to a church program in the evening, as he was a choir member. Then Sunday morning, I left for Lafia with money for transport and some clothes he gave me. It wasn’t a bad trip after all. If only Big brother knew that the Little Brother he was trying to protect could work a dick way better than he could.

Written by KingBey

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  1. simba
    September 03, 05:09 Reply

    Hmmm, nice story. But not fair to the big bro. U can’t fuck two brothers albeit with consent,yet still morally wrong. what would u have done if u were caught?

    • Masked Man
      September 03, 06:33 Reply

      But it wasn’t his fault.
      And he wasn’t saying elder bro.

  2. Masked Man
    September 03, 06:37 Reply


    This is the fourth episode, and you haven’t taken dick up your ass, even out of sheer curiosity.

    Biko tell us something from those naive years when most of us literally knew nothing about roles.

    I don’t know, but you are sounding to me like an already prepared specimen of a gay man fallen from heaven.

    • Pink Panther
      September 03, 06:50 Reply

      MM, he has written something here, a piece about his anal status that explains why he could never take dick up his ass.

        • Masked Man
          September 03, 06:56 Reply

          I didn’t see it oh.
          Maybe it’s not part of these sexcapades.

          • KingBey
            September 03, 07:02 Reply

            This one your sounding like I’m the only guy in Nigeria who doesn’t take dick. Hope no problem? abii you wan send me back to theatre? See my armpit, no hair !

            • Masked Man
              September 03, 07:08 Reply

              Calm down my brother.
              Sorry, I didn’t know there was butthole slicing surgery.

              I just wanted to know if you have floated to the other end of the bridge in the past.

              • kacee
                September 03, 10:27 Reply

                thanks pp, MM u get time o, me sef wan read this piece too.

  3. Ace
    September 03, 06:48 Reply

    Ha! Some people are really getting their freak on. Lol. Two brothers, one night? Talk about knocking out two birds with a long veiny “stone”.

  4. McGray
    September 03, 07:00 Reply

    Wow! KingFuck, sorry, KingBey u na correct paddy jooor

  5. Bade
    September 03, 07:11 Reply

    I bet the brother knows, he just wanted you to stay away from his younger brother

  6. kacee
    September 03, 08:10 Reply

    oh ma lawd onyeka’s younger brother looks so delicious,he can turn a lesbian chic straight (lol) this piece is just something else.

  7. Ruby
    September 03, 08:38 Reply

    Someone just landed on Santa’s Naughty List

  8. Kester
    September 03, 09:08 Reply

    And the little imp just hangs around fucking with his big brother’s leftovers how quaint, I am so sure you weren’t the first or last of little brother’s corridor trysts. He’s so going back to village when he will be caught cos that is inevitable.

  9. Keredim
    September 03, 10:12 Reply

    safe sex police just walking by…??

    All clear…

    Keep fucking….???

  10. Khaleesi
    September 03, 12:35 Reply

    Nice raunchy piece, spontaneous crazy stuff is always the most fun …

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