‘Empire’ Season 2 Means More Taraji And Less Terrence

‘Empire’ Season 2 Means More Taraji And Less Terrence

We are less than a month away from the Season 2 premiere of the hit hip-hop drama, Empire, and we are already predicting the storyline. Due to personal drama, expect to see a lot less of Terrence Howard this season. But don’t fret as this means more Taraji P. Henson and Serayah McNeill, who was recently promoted to a series regular.

Let’s start with Howard. Unfortunately, during the height of his TV career, relationship issues are taking over the veteran actor’s life. Howard secretly divorced his third wife after the birth of their son and is still facing a nasty divorce settlement with his second wife. It looks like the star should just be single for a while, but that isn’t the end of his troubles. Past domestic violence accusations from previous relationships have come to light and Empire is slowly backing away from the star.

So, what will this look like on screen? If you remember the final episode of season one, Howard’s character, Luscious Lyons, was arrested for murder. Page Six reports we should expect to see him behind bars for most of the season, taking a step back from his every-episode role.

“They have him locked up, so you won’t be seeing him in as many scenes. But they are bringing in so many, and I mean so many, guest stars and cameos that the average viewer won’t realize it because there is so much going on,” a source told Page Six.

Besides the guest stars (which include Chris Rock, Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz), expect to see more of the youngest Lyon’s early love interest and label-mate Tiana. Serayah, who plays the pop star, has been promoted to a series regular.shutterstock_251003776-352x450

Overall, less Howard and more Serayah eventually means more Cookie, and we’re here for that!

“She’s going to start dropping off from the flashback scenes and then they’re going to have her guns blazing,” said the source of Taraji’s role taking center stage.

Season two premiers September 23. Will you miss the Almighty Luscious this season?

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  1. Ace
    September 03, 06:38 Reply

    Not gonna miss it at all!!!

  2. Masked Man
    September 03, 07:03 Reply

    As far as I get more deliciousness from Jamal.

    • JBoy
      September 03, 09:46 Reply

      Same here…

      *batting lashes lavishly*

      • Masked Man
        September 03, 09:48 Reply

        I hope I don’t have to worry about you ogling too much at him?


        • posh6666
          September 03, 10:19 Reply

          U can only feel that way if he had sumtin heavy in his trouser below.Well xcept u will be on top or a cock d size of a finger can satisfy u real good.His cock picks is floating around evrywere leaked by a vengeful ex to spite him thanks wendy bitch for ruining my crush for him.

    • kacee
      September 03, 11:52 Reply

      back off bro he is mine, go after Idris Elba (sorry pp it had to be said)

  3. Max
    September 03, 09:07 Reply

    Good riddance.

  4. Posh6666
    September 03, 10:08 Reply

    Well its like a general knowledge to everyone in the know that he has a really tiny pee pee so not like i will be missing that much wendy ruined my crush for him with a huge blow!

  5. posh6666
    September 03, 10:16 Reply

    So long as my baby hakeem will constantly be popping up am good!lmaooo i feel like his cougar naomi campbell right now

  6. Khaleesi
    September 03, 12:47 Reply

    Okkk… seeing as i can’t stand the torture of waiting as each episode is dropped every week, am just gonna sit and wait till the entire season is done then watch the whole thing in one fell swoop! and ohh … ****whips out Luger pistol and uzi submachine gun*** stay away from all the Lyon boyyz!! all of em!! Andre, Jamal, Hakeem – am not into twinks, but Hakeem just has that special something that drags out the suppressed cougar in me!! so yea, am planning a spectacular orgy with Andre, Jamal and Hakeem – with me in the middle of all that caramel sexiness … back off bitches!!!! ***rakes the gaybourhood with vigorous doses of gunfire*** i hope y’all arent looking to be mowed down like sheep …

  7. obatala
    September 04, 10:09 Reply

    September 23? Zeus must like me. Perfect timing

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