A ‘Mostly Top’ Guy learns a tough lesson about cancelling on your Bottom

A ‘Mostly Top’ Guy learns a tough lesson about cancelling on your Bottom

A guy who identifies as “mostly top” found the shoe on the other foot after he spent hours preparing for bottoming, only to receive nothing but excuses.

Andy, a marketing consultant from Philadelphia, had been travelling for work for three weeks when he started “to feel a little pent up”.

In a Twitter video, he explained: “When I woke up this morning, something just hit different, or rather I wanted to be hit different. So I made a bold and daring move, and after eating an omelette with a lot of cheese for brunch, decided that I wanted to bottom.”

Andy told PinkNews that he made an appointment with a “a long-standing friend”, and set about getting ready.

“I spent a ton of time in here,” he says in the video, gesturing towards a toilet. “I was also considerate and lit a candle, and I was also considerate and made my fucking bed which I never do, and laid out a towel which I never do because I’m not a very considerate person, and all of a sudden wanting to bottom makes me nice.”

After all of this, Andy was left high and dry.

Echoing the words of a thousand bottoms before him, he ranted: “”He fucking cancelled! I swear to god, I’m going to run for public office and I’m going to make this shit illegal. I’ve never once cancelled on someone and I’m very proud of it. I’m going to criminalise this shit.”

Andy told PinkNews that he was “caught off guard” by the physical and mental preparation that often comes with bottoming.

“I’ve always hypothetically known that the process is time-consuming and somewhat emotionally draining: taking Imodium hours earlier, starting other prep hours earlier, showering, cleaning, lighting a candle, then losing hope and getting progressively angrier as the clock ticks.”

He said that his would-be top stopped responding as soon as he’d arranged the hook-up. “An hour after we were supposed to meet (and after my stomach was full of tacos and guac), he texted me to say he had an ‘unforeseen roommate dispute and am no longer available’. I’m pretty sure that means he murdered his roommate, but who knows!”

Almost 250,000 people have watched Andy’s video, and many responses came from those who felt Andy’s bottoming pain, having been left with the same empty feeling of disappointment.

Andy admitted that the experience of almost bottoming had changed him, hopefully for the better. “I stand in solidarity with bottoms now more than ever. Tops should be more considerate in their bookings – being an upfront adult can save everyone a lot of time and emotional energy.”

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  1. Ken
    February 27, 07:35 Reply

    So is this a thing now?? Bcos am top I can’t decide I am no longer in the mood??? This just sounds preposterous. And unwittingly fits into the top/male-bottom/female stereotype. Tops get left horny in the cold all the time, it’s never an issue. Pls pls pls let’s pick one battle to fight at a time. It’s not like you guys were supposed to be on a date and he didn’t show or he left u at the altar on ur wedding day. It’s just sex, and everyone should have the freedom and prerogative to cancel at any time. My opinion though

    • Mikey?
      February 27, 08:29 Reply

      I agree with you ken, like this is over rated or is it because its his first time? Sex that almost anybody can give, if he was serious he could have called someone else instead of making that video for attention

      • trystham
        February 27, 09:19 Reply

        And make noise about tops left horny and in the cold because, as you have encouraged, they put u on a list and the person in line before u showed up.
        You are just plain insensitive.

        • Ken
          February 27, 09:57 Reply

          What is insensitive about chosing whom to sleep with?? Am sure the bottom guy also discarded others before choosing whom he liked. We didn’t hear those other tops he discarded whining on social media for attention. Abeggi make we hear word. It’s a free world

    • Demi
      February 27, 10:13 Reply

      Oh ken.. Its just sex?? Are you for real??, and what if he paints, won’t I be seeing a post up in here about how btms don’t clean up properly and they lazy ass fucks?

  2. Foxy
    February 27, 09:55 Reply

    Sometimes Im curious why Tops don’t prepare when they are meeting up. As a Top… I pretty much prepare like im bottoming… I eat less food cos it i hate pounding with a full belly.. I wash my ass because my bottom sometimes likes to eat me out..and its someones sons tongue… i dont want you to finsih up and kiss me and im kissing my ass lmao (Im not even Vers..so thats not the point). I shower before any session.
    It looks like Tops nowadays just wash their willy and they are ready to go. What kind of sex are people having these days? If you’re going to lick my body, my balls or armpit etc hah..i should have the decency to at least wash up properly .

    Back to the topic itself.

    we all cancel… Lets just get over this…

  3. Demi
    February 27, 10:24 Reply

    In a simple term, ‘everybody gets horny, not everybody douche’ does that clears it.. Top = horny, btm = horny + douche. Btms have to apologise for one thing, tops have to apologise or make up for well u figure it out. That’s basically it, dere is no gun to anyone’s throat, let’s just be considerate

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