There’s A SCAM Being Perpetuated On Grindr!

There’s A SCAM Being Perpetuated On Grindr!

The first time a KDian told me about this Grindr scam (where you are approached on Grindr by someone wanting you to click on a link that will register you as someone who isn’t harmful to the community. Lol), I laughed, thinking to myself that no one can possibly ever fall for this.

But then I realized the genius of the plan. You are not asked explicitly for money (except the 1 dollar registration fee), and if you are a good person who is invested in the safety of our community, the con will appeal to you to be part of. It’s basically free (because your 1 dollar will be donated to LGBT charity anyway) and a mere click away.

Plus the white man pictures and high-sounding name (I mean, International LGBTQ Security Provider System is such a fancy name) is a nice touch, gives it a genuine oyibo feel. (Although I’m pretty sure it’s a Nigerian at the other end.)

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, for one, internet crimes often start when you simply click on a link. Social media accounts have been hijacked from their owners simply because they clicked on a link someone brought to their attention inbox. That simple click can lead to you losing A LOT MORE than just 1 dollar.

So, guys, please, listen: Grindr is NOT a front for any NGO or charity organisation! Stick to the hookup you are there to have. If anyone approaches you to do good for the community by clicking and donating, tell the person where to shove his “good intentions”.

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  1. Houston Scholar
    February 27, 10:39 Reply

    Wow! International LGBTQ Security Provider System. What a name. These deplorable criminals keep upgrading their virtual heist. This hoax reminds me of Jussie Smollett.

  2. BoyToy
    February 27, 14:57 Reply

    The road to hell is often paved with good

  3. bamidele
    February 27, 17:38 Reply

    Interesting though. I didn’t know that this also exists in Nigeria. Outside Nigeria I must received such mesage more than a dozen times…lol

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