Oh dear, I truly did think the season for open letters was over, only for Absalom to diss the Tops and have ‘em diss back. That’s right. Another KDian – apparently a brutha who’s the ‘humper’ in bed – has responded with an open letter of his own. Have a read and let us know what you think in the comments section.


This is in reply to the post I read earlier on this blog about 5 things we Tops must stop doing. Here now are the 5 things I believe you Bottoms must also stop dump:

1: We Are Not Your Sole-Providers.

Sex Roles is something of preference which we do in order to satisfy each other in bed. Please, stop acting like we have to cater for all your needs, always expecting us to be petting and pampering you just because you’re the Queen to our King. We need care too!

2: Stop Being A Log Of Wood In Bed.

Most of you, when in bed, tend to let the Top do all the work. We kiss, caress, suck, rim, eat, and still get to fuck you. C’mon! All these take a lot of our energy. Please don’t stress us out all because you’re a Bottom and feel you should be at the receiving end.

3: Cleanliness Is Next To Good Fuckliness.

Please clean and douche well before presenting that booty to us. It kills a brother every time he is doing his business with you and the whole place becomes messy: including his dick, the bed, and the entire room. This is not funny, for him to have that load of faecal matter on his John Thomas.

But we most times endure this unpleasant situation and say nothing, taking it in good faith all because we don’t want to hurt your feelings. Wash and douche your man-pussy very well next time before meeting us. We don’t need the Painting!

4: Enough With The Attitude.

Just because you’re a Bottom doesn’t give you the license to nag and exhibit negative attitude. For your information, this is the main reason why our relationship with you doesn’t last. Nobody wants a nagging and overtly jealous person around him. It drains a lot of energy.

5: Be The Man You Are!

Being a Bottom doesn’t require you acting all feminine and soft. We are Gay/Bisexual which means we are attracted to a Male…so please drop the Female character and be a Man, because we know where and how to get a Female if we ever need one.

Written by KingBey


Phew! A Top Brutha be vexing. Hope you enjoyed that. Now, don’t forget to please follow us on twitter: @panther_blog or to share and drop your comments. And for any submissions, let us have your stories at


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    • pinkpanthertb
      April 24, 07:57 Reply

      I take it you disagree with some other points, yes? 🙂 Do tell.

    • alpha papi
      April 29, 17:33 Reply

      few points ke…he does make a lot of points,especially d cleanliness aspect.

  1. earl
    April 24, 08:30 Reply

    The whole sole provider thingy… Like seriously.???. Dis is 2014.. If you are in a relationship..and u still believe that as a Top..u ar an official sole provider, then its because you are the one that wants to fill that space… There are many relationships that hold without the Top taking care of his guy…and in some cases, its the other way around.. Sole provider is a term for those guys who happen to fall into the hands of those who want to use sex as a form of livelihood… Pardon my English, pls..

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 24, 09:01 Reply

      True. This whole provider-ish swings both ways. There are tops who also live off bottoms, that part of this letter I happen not to agree with.

  2. Padre
    April 24, 18:48 Reply

    Oh puleaasee!! You shouldn’t have added no1…its a two ways thing…seen active guys who depend on their passive too….for no2;the passive’s you’ve been with might be the submissive type…no3;look before you leap…you shouldn’t go after every bussy out there too (not everyone can afford the necessity called cleanliness)….no4;the nagging or so…yeah there are nagging guys,but the actives also nag….no5;effeminancy:yeah that is common among passives….and that one point I’ll love to agree on you with

  3. Princess Ivie Akenzua
    April 24, 19:00 Reply

    Your sexual orientation is our thing and your sexual preference is your thing, your are not forced to prefer the one your doing now, is either your top,bottom or vers. Don’t come and tell us your vers top or vers bottom, dats bullshit, being dons nt make you superior over the bottom cos you both are guys bt chose to prefer d 1 your doing. Mind you guys it takes two to tangle,and for you bottom you mst nt bring your self down in d name of your bottom nd let the top provide all your services hell NO. We are all wat we are, let preference not get into your head. Be a normal man dat you are guy bt you can be the woman only on bed not in the outside world.

  4. andre
    April 27, 15:36 Reply

    Hmmmm vewi nice!!!! Buf some bottoms are naturally feminine #justsaying!!! Nd if u realli love some 1 u have got to love d person for who they realii are #PARDON MA ENGLISH!

  5. Victor Jones
    May 01, 07:13 Reply

    I concur with you Bruva. Most bottoms are just dirty and its sad when u fuck a bttm and your condom is filled with a pile of crap, you feel as thou, someone excreted on you, The arousal in you dies automatically. I’ve been in that situation 2 times before, in the whole of my tb career and trust me, that was the first and last time I get to meet / see these 2 bttm guys, they wanna see me, I keep givin stories and stuffs, we were just talking from afar and after sometime, they fizzled out, they should still be on my Fbook thou.. nothing compares to a clean body/ass and a good smell 😀

    • Follow me.
      December 12, 00:52 Reply

      Haha! “TB Career”
      I hope that idea died in the 2010’s.

  6. fix25
    June 04, 20:06 Reply

    Well im a feminine guy and my boyfriend are crazily in love with me, I mean I dont wear make up, etc, but people always tells me that Im soft spoken. He also likes to pamper me but not in monetary kind of way. And about cleanliness, well prior to meeting my bf I met a lot of tops who have very smelly dick. So the conclussion is that every guy have different taste and criteria. Your comment does not represent the whole top gay guys out there.

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