To be caught in an emotional turmoil was the last thing I expected I’d have to deal with when I resumed school for the final semester of my university education three months ago. I have a gay roommate who had reluctantly obliged my request to keep our relationship strictly platonic. I had a fuck buddy who, given his insistence, I’m surprised hasn’t assassinated me since I made it clear to him in no uncertain terms that I wouldn’t be accepting his longstanding request for us to be in a relationship. I’d given several evasive responses whenever he brought it up, which was often and sometimes during the weirdest of times. Heck, he once brought it up when I was violently nutting inside him. What am ambush.

When I couldn’t bear his persistence any longer, I had to let him know that I really couldn’t handle being in another relationship, at least not anytime soon. Truth was that I don’t think we are compatible enough for a relationship. I mean, once upon a time, I would have really dated him. This was about the period when he served as a big source of mental strength for me when I was having an emotional breakdown. Then I discovered that the gonorrhea I contracted was from him; my fuck buddy apparently had several fuck buddies of his own. And that just ended any need I might have had for us to be anything more serious than bedmates.

And then of course, there was my roommate’s friend. He is quite effeminate, something I’ve noticed I’m attracted to. Fair and vivacious with a glorious voice that seemed to stir my every being every time he sang in the room. He was aware of my sexuality and had made some passes at me, which I had to turn down because I didn’t want to risk my relationship with my roommate.

Finally, along came Luke. This was the one person I truly had the hots for since my breakup. His room was four doors away from mine. He is quite tall – a big turn-on for me – and has a laidback attitude. Sexy eyes with an enchanting smile. Most times, whenever I walked past him and he called out a greeting, I would find myself struggling with the best informal response that would communicate something, anything, without giving away too much. And then, there was his perfectly-sized derriere. I would look back at that ass and find myself fantasizing about all the fun my dick and I could have with it.

However, the hots I had for Luke faltered when I found out from a friend, Andy – who was his coursemate – that Luke was not only straight but homophobic. Andy would talk about the vile remarks Luke often made in their department whenever homosexual topics came up. This knowledge cast a pall over my desire for the guy.

So, there I was: managing a faltering brotherly relationship with an attractive gay roommate, battling an atrocious post-STI recovery period, containing the feelings of my roommate’s friend, and dealing with a huge crush on a supposedly straight, homophobic guy. Not at all where I thought I would be this semester.

However, despite what I now knew about Luke, I couldn’t resist the allure he presented for me. I didn’t know whether it was an unexplored desire to get back at my ex fuck buddy, seeing as he too was coursemates with Luke, or if this was simply the straight boy appeal that many a gay boy suffers. Whatever was the case, I still found Luke irresistible. Something that was ironic, considering how often I’d previously chastised my friends over their obsessions with straight guys.

Besides, I couldn’t even trust the source of what I knew about Luke. Andy was a bottom who I friendzoned soon after meeting him, even though he’d hinted at wanting us to hook up. How was I sure he didn’t say these things about Luke to frustrate any attempt I might make to get him?

Or perhaps, I couldn’t get over Luke because I’d noticed how he seemed to let his gaze linger on my chest, and even winked at me one time we bumped into each other on my way back from the bathroom. Maybe I’d imagined these things because I was diligently searching for a greenlight – or really, any light at all that wasn’t red. Lol.

However, because of my reserved nature, I couldn’t muster the courage to try anything. And so, we maintained our thing of greeting each other whenever we walked past each other.

That changed the day he made, what I judged was, an attempt at furthering our acquaintanceship.

My department had been tasked with producing the school magazine, and I was appointed the Submissions Manager. Part of my duty was constructing a broadcast message calling for entries for the magazine. The broadcast message, which had in it my work email and WhatsApp number, had been shared across several virtual groups in the school. That day, I was idly sifting through my WhatsApp messages without any attempt to reply any, when a new message from an unknown number dropped in.

It read: Hello, sir. This is Luke from the 200 Level Department of Mass Communication. I came across your message and was wondering if I could submit an article as well?

Really? I thought to myself as I began smiling a very wide smile, before clicking on the icon on the far-left corner of the page. The image that opened up immediately filled me with a rush of warmth. I wasn’t ready; I just sat there, feeling the surge of emotions flow through me as I stared at his bright face, slightly tilted upward, his left hand cupping the side of his neck.

This is definitely not a masculine pose, I thought, before quickly chiding myself for being stereotypical.

‘Yes, you can send in something,’ I typed back. ‘I hope you’re good though, because many articles will be discarded with the amount of entries we’re expecting.’ I really just wanted to prolong the chat by adding this last bit.

And it worked. Luke and I chatted further, with none of our exchanges pertaining to the magazine, the issue that had connected us. We just chatted about random things. I kept waiting to catch any hints, veiled references to either his sexuality or attraction for boys. I kept getting disappointed. He was even starting to exasperate me with his respectfulness toward me; always adding “sir” to every message he sent to me.

I was close to ending the chatversation – and perhaps my crush on him – ready to accept that my gaydar signal levels needed some serious upgrade, when he made another request. This time he wanted to borrow a textbook my department used in the previous session.

I told him I would check for the book. Then I swiftly messaged a coursemate of his, asking if their department had any requirement for the textbook. He said no, that there was nothing related to the book in their course outline. This confirmed my budding suspicions, solidified my hope that Luke just needed a gentle push to realise the things we could do together.

I decided at this point to step out of my comfort zone and take the bull by the horns.

I called Luke and asked him to come get the book from my room at a time when I was sure I would be alone. When he knocked and entered, he was wearing a tank top and really brief briefs. I instantly felt myself get hard. My god! I didn’t even stand a chance.

I stood up to hand him the book, making no attempt to conceal my hard-on, and noticed the slight lingering of his eyes on my nether region. He took the book and opened the first page before remarking at how nobody would try to steal the book, not with the way I’d branded my name on it. We both laughed, and then as he turned to leave, using all the willpower left in me, I reached for his arm and pulled him around.

Then I kissed him.

The brief moment the kiss lasted was heavenly. I actually felt him kiss me back. I also registered how lacking he was in the kissing department. Was he rusty or was he still finding himself? I found myself wondering in that micro moment.

Then the moment ended when he jerked himself away from me and bolted from the room.

The consequences of my ballsy (pun intended) move came swiftly. First, I noticed he’d blocked me on WhatsApp. Then he would either quickly head the other way or avert his face whenever we found ourselves walking toward each other.

And this has set me on the path of confusion and apprehension. I don’t know if I’d kissed a straight guy who might decide to out me anytime soon, or a queer guy still discovering himself. I don’t know what thoughts are going through his mind, what his thoughts are of me. I am still hugely attracted to him and that kiss, however brief it was, has even cemented those feelings. But I do not have the gumption to approach him for us to talk, because I don’t know what to expect.

I have lived a very discreet sex life in school right from my first year when I battled with accepting that I was also sexually attracted to boys, up to my current stage of self-discovery. I am also quite popular on campus. So, the repercussions of getting outed would be really scandalous. What do I do?

Written by T-Man

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  1. ken
    November 08, 06:15 Reply

    Well just in case u still value your future reputation in school, u will do well to avoid that nigga. Infact next time u see him better apologise and tell him u were just high on drugs or something. He’s gay obviously but not yet ready to deal with it. A homophobic gay man is the most dangerous cos he will inflict any pain he feels about his sexuality on the nearest willing victim: aka YOU! It ain’t worth it bro. Abandon ship!!

    • Higwe
      November 08, 06:33 Reply

      * he’s gay obviously * ? ?

      Pray tell dear , what ever made you arrive at this conclusion ?

      • Raii♥️
        November 08, 06:51 Reply

        If he wasn’t, the entire school would have heard about it by now trust and believe. By the writers description the kiss might have lasted more than 2 Mississippis. ??‍♂️ Take from that what you must.

        • Higwe
          November 08, 07:55 Reply

          This is the exact word used by rapists since time immemorial .

          * She didn’t react , so she enjoyed it *

          You do realise that someone might freeze momentarily out of shock , not necessarily because they were enjoying being sexually assaulted ? ?

          • Pink Panther
            November 08, 08:05 Reply

            I don’t see anywhere that Raii said anything about Luke enjoying the kiss. Aren’t you reaching with this parallel you are drawing?

            • Higwe
              November 08, 10:01 Reply

              * Might have lasted more than two Mississippis*

              What exactly does that allude ? ?

              And this was a point he raised to buttress his theory that Luke is gay .

              So what exactly was he trying to imply ?

          • Raii♥️
            November 08, 09:17 Reply

            Girl you are reaching, as you always are so I’m not even surprised but I thought we grown sis ?

            • Higwe
              November 08, 10:18 Reply

              Sorry , there is no substantial evidence here to make me believe Luke is gay .

              Everything the writer thought about Luke giving him the greenlight probably existed in his phantasmagoric illusions .

              The writer mentioned he is pretty popular – did it ever occur to you that Luke might just want to be friends with the popular guy ?

              The aplomb friendliness *

              Asking for a text not in his curriculum *

              Humans have always gravitated to popular personalities – in school where clique and social status means a lot , Luke might have had a zillion and one reasons for wanting to be palsy walsy with the writer … having his straight homophobic lips forcefully ravaged might not be one of them ???


        • Francis
          November 16, 07:53 Reply

          Let’s all pretend we don’t know or haven’t heard of shock in this type of situation. He just has to be a gay in denial. Shock only applies to women ?‍♂️

      • Pink Panther
        November 08, 07:32 Reply

        The guy is some type of gay. lol. A straight guy would have retaliated swiftly somehow. The evasive attitude can only come from a gay man who is still struggling, weighing how he feels about the kiss with how much consequence he should visit on the person who gave him what he wasn’t ready for.

        • Ken
          November 08, 09:04 Reply

          U answered your own question. Nigga is gay obvi. Run from that ship, it can explode any moment!k

        • Jinchuriki
          November 09, 06:23 Reply

          Oh come on panther. Not you too???. Do you not see how this is rapey, Even if he is or isn’t gay?
          That he didnt react badly doesn’t mean he is gay or not gay. For once, be objective!

          • Pink Panther
            November 09, 06:45 Reply

            I’m sorry, Jinchuriki, but where in my comment did you see me say anything about the kiss or argue about its rapey nature?
            I was answering a question about how the guy might be gay, and offered nothing by way of my opinion about the kiss.

            Please, just stop with the conflation. You have an opinion to express, express it. Don’t make mine about something I didn’t say.

    • Raii♥️
      November 08, 06:47 Reply

      I honestly agree, but in reality boy do you think you are living in some 80’s romcom. You don’t ever, ever and i mean ever kiss another man in Nigeria without him kissing you first, no matter the quote unquote signals you might have received. You need to make this right walk up to him blame it on the drugs, the devil something but make sure you have a conversation with the kid because only the good lord knows what is festering in his mind and God forbid the hell he is about to unleash. Just like ken said homophobic gay men are demons of destruction and that’s on periodt.

      • Higwe
        November 08, 07:19 Reply

        Nigeria aside …

        It’s not okay to just randomly kiss anyone .

        I blame Hollywood for all these …we watch too many series and movies here , now we think randomly kissing people is a display of fiery passion ?????

        I don’t care if I’m gay , I’ll smack that person so hard that his teeth will twerk.

        Keep your uninvited mouth to yourself .?

        • Raii♥️
          November 08, 09:23 Reply

          No one wants to kiss your ass aof a mouth anyways sirrr but i agree don’t be kissing no body without consent.

          • Tman
            November 08, 10:57 Reply

            Hahaha. Raii, c’mon, this was darrnnn! ?
            Thanks, Higwe. Though, taking a bull by its horn has been known to yield the desired effect most times.

            • Higwe
              November 08, 11:25 Reply


              Was his lips soft and wet ?

          • Higwe
            November 08, 11:22 Reply

            You wanna bet ? ?

            It’s a pretty long list and I don’t need to seek out random boys on Instagram ?

            • Raii♥️
              November 08, 12:16 Reply

              Now how many on that list are old, crusty and wasted. Girl don’t try it and you are obviously not seeking them out because they don’t want garbage that’s why you are selling it to next daddy for two bucks and a coke. ?

              Ps …. there is nothing wrong with selling your body if the money is worth it but my man here is standing in the “ekuke yaba ” prostitution line and he thinks he’s that girl ????????

              • Higwe
                November 08, 15:04 Reply

                Tired ; hackneyed – dated ??

                Your drag is even weaker than your brain , little wonder a little boy swindled you and you had to cry about it like the weak pathetic bitch you’ll always be .

                *One ale jati jati *

                Old , crusty etc …at least it’s desire .

                No one would want you even if you you’re auctioned for free , little wonder you stay stalking attractive guys on cyberspace and paying them with your money just to keep their attention .

                The height of poor self worth and low self esteem. ???

                GTFOH let me see important people not a low paid immigrant , scrabbling to make a living in a third rate country , just to give it all to social media brostitudes .

                Stupid , foolish , idiotic – floconaucinihilipilification .??

              • Higwe
                November 08, 15:25 Reply

                And what’s with you and the ” girl ” line.

                Are you seriously using girl as a derogatory term or do you get your two inches dick hard addressing your fellow men as ” girl ”

                Because I’m yet to understand you using girl to address me considering I don’t identify as one and have never lead you to believe in anyway that I do.

                We’ve already established you’re as dumb as a rock but if you’re gay and sexist , that’s truly pathetic man ….

                I’ve always rated you as zilch…. don’t make me downgrade you to minus 999 zillion .?

                • Raii♥️
                  November 08, 18:15 Reply

                  Lord Jesus, I’m sad for you tbvh I don’t care what vermin has to say so your words are just tash and thats that on that. Again the way you reachhhh for shit baffles me, how is the fact i use girl in my “statements sexist? Trying to understand but ill let your delusional self think what you want to think. At the end of the day while you are sucking your friends gradfathers dick for rent money i will still sitting chill and stacked. Baby boy just wipe your tears lifes been hard for you, we all know so you lashing out is quite understandable because just like the rabid dog you are you can’t control yourself. You need to be put down and I’m guessing just like You everyone else in your life is a waste of space and can’t accomplish anything. So i will give you one advice as the generous queen i am ” quite while you are ahead ” because you’ve plateaued as a two buck whore and I know for a fact it’s not gonna get any better than that ? and i love you too ♥️ Sad bitch

                  • Higwe
                    November 08, 18:48 Reply

                    Your mother obviously did a bad job ?? little wonder you stay degrading women .

                    Did she drop you on your head as an infant or she didn’t love you enough

                    Did your father abuse you ? ?

                    Or daddy didn’t tuck you in at night ?!

                    ….you sound like you have a loose nut or two .

                    Take your advice and shove it up in your ass , maybe it will fill up that self esteem you severely lack.

                    You stay seeking validation online like a dumb thirsty bitch , listing your oneirataxia accomplishments.

                    Choke on a dick or two and shut the fuck up !
                    No one cares about your income that reduce by 70 percent after paying taxes …

                    As long as you’re not on the cover of any Forbes magazine and from the looks of things you’ll probably never be , you might as well be talking to a wall.

                    Find a humble chair and sit your old scrawny ass down .???

                    You’re irrelevant and inconsequential .

                    Oh …boy , I don’t need to suck anyone’s dick to pay rent sweet stupid Rai.
                    I share an apartment with my long term boyfriend , and nope we don’t pay rent because it’s situated at one of my dad’s many buildings ?

                    If I’m going to suck anyone’s dick , it will probably be to get the latest iPhone 11 – so help me send an invitation to your grand father , if he’s late then your father will do .?

                    As for that bitch , I’ll reserve it for your mother.
                    She’s the one that birthed and nursed a rabid dog not me .?

                    • Raii
                      November 09, 09:18

                      I am really not shocked by the trash you are spewing it further demonstrates how much of a lost cause you are. pathetic hateful and feeble you are. I’m not even going to stoop to your level of epic monstrosity by calling your parents names because I wasn’t raised in the gutter like you. You are a sad little boy with no self-worth, I really don’t know why you are lashing out boo, are you angry because I addressed you as a two-buck whore, own it, sis, wear it like a badge of honour like the piece of shit you are because its the only thing you have going in your miserable life. to sit here and chat like you know me, boy you don’t know me at 21 I have two undergraduates currently in the middle of my masters at a Russell group university and gunning for a PHD next and the only thing you have under your belt is ” living in one of your dad’s apartments” estupido child I have way more important things to do than to sit here and let you know how much of a fool you are, how much of a ghastly vile creature you are and at the end of the day like i said before you are still going to be at that same apartment of yours being cummed on by one old cadaver looking ass nigga and I will be sitting easy.

                    • Higwe
                      November 10, 02:39

                      Keep your PHD to yourself ?? Education has never been my priority , if I had my way I wouldn’t have even attended any university – making money has always been my ultimate goal.

                      And if I know anything about making money , is that you don’t spend unnecessarily when you have other options .

                      You wouldn’t know that because you’re a vacaous , insipid , dingbat .

                      Tell me why I should go pay rent when I live in the same vicinity as my dad , who happens to own many buildings .

                      Are you a natural dunce or are you making an effort to be thought as the most stupid person on Earth ? ??

                      What exactly do I have to prove by incurring an unneeded expense on myself ?

                      You’re so stupid and idiotic ! ??

                      Listen here old fart , you’ve peaked in mediocrity , but I still have my whole life ahead of me .

                      I don’t see you doing much , because you seem quite comfortable languishing in mediocrity , I have goals , goals your stringent mentality can’t even begin to comprehend .

                      I may not have your two PHDs and I don’t intend on having them either , but one thing for sure , I know how to make money and KEEP it .?

                      You can’t even begin to imagine the things I’m capable of doing and I won’t glorify an inconsequential useless ,hopeless , aimless , worthless anonymous thing like you by listing out what I have achieved or intend to achieve – you’re way too unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

                      Here goes the “sadness ” sermon again .
                      If I had a dollar for everytime some “Aristotle” in kitodiaries said I’m sad ???

                      The truth is that I don’t come for anyone and I ignore most things , but you have decided to be unfortunate way too many times , and I just had a give you a trifle dose of your medicine .
                      Don’t cry too much , this is me actually taking it easy on you .?

                      As for the two buck whore , that should be your mother .?
                      To think of all the sperms she flushed out , one accidentally fertilised you .

                      Welp …??

                    • Raii
                      November 10, 08:06

                      Says the guy that is still struggling to get into open university, this entire back and forth is boring. please crawl back into the hole you came from troll.

                    • Higwe
                      November 10, 02:58

                      And sweetie Rai , old men are bae ?

                      They cum quickly .

                      They’re extremely generous .

                      Loyal to the max – way too occupied to go around chasing young boys on IG ?

                      And most have squeaky clean health bill .

                      You don’t want me penning a ” Dear KD ” asking how to deal with my damaged anal sphincters …on top free sex… do you – dUrling ? ????

                      Old is gold mehn ? .

      • Pink Panther
        November 08, 07:28 Reply

        “You don’t ever … kiss another man in Nigeria without him kissing you first”

        This confuses me.

        • Rudy
          November 08, 08:27 Reply

          Hahaha @ Pink P.
          I guess all that Raii is tryna put out there is that there should be a sort of agreement or consent from the other person first or between the two people involved lest you follow your passions and kiss a tarantula thinking it’s a harmless frog prince ???
          (You just don’t wanna get stung).

        • Raii♥️
          November 08, 09:20 Reply

          I was just trying to say don’t kiss anyone without consent periodt

        • Ken
          November 08, 09:49 Reply

          Me too

          It makes no sense. Someone must make a move at some point.

        • Hoye
          November 11, 08:15 Reply

          I thought I’m the only one!

    • Just me
      December 24, 18:33 Reply

      How perfectly you commented on this, I love that

  2. Demi
    November 08, 10:54 Reply

    You need to apologize as you’ve been told and do it in person and blame it on whatever u choose but pls don’t do it via text as he could have it as evidence to really out u.. And just in case he still decide to out u, first u need to confide in ur queer ally so as to gather minions to ur defense and make it his word against you and ur ‘others’ (operation damage control). May rainbow Jesus be on ur side.. Peace

  3. Tristan
    November 08, 11:09 Reply

    This reminds me of my childhood friend Onyeka. He was a bit older than me and I would go to their house to play during holidays. It was easier for me cos we lived in the same neighbourhood. I was twelve and knew I was attracted to boys. Never knew the word “gay” and used to think I was the only “weird” boy. I had a very religious background that I would hide in my cocoon thinking that letting someone else know how “unnatural” I felt would disrepute me, and that my parents might get wind of it.

    Onyeka was lecherous with girls and that often made me think I was abnormal. But, he would kiss me, rub his dick in front of me, touch my erogenous zones and get jealous when I seemed to get too attached to someone else. This made me really confused cos I knew he was into girls. I didn’t know anything about ‘bisexuality’ so each time he made attempts to get me in the mood, I’d shove him off.

    I look back now, and fantasize about what I’d missed in Onyeka: The touch of his dick when he dry-humped me, the warmth of his breath, the sight of his swollen dick when he jerked off in front of me, his overprotective, caring and loving nature which I took for granted. They all overwhelmed me that I intentionally disengaged myself from Onyeka.

    T-man, I think you acted too rashly. You could have waited for the two of you to be friends first before making any move; to make him adjust and become comfortable.You can’t quite tell if he is gay now. Maybe a curious guy who is still on a journey of self-discovery and is not just ready to delve into it yet. Thus, you owe him an apology. Let him know that you still want to stay friends. That way, you two could get along.

    • Tman
      November 08, 11:25 Reply

      Thanks man. Your advice is just lit! However, it has been several days since the issue and Luke hasn’t outed me, at least not yet. He’s gone back to the genial guy that he was with his incessant greetings. He’s also unblocked me on Whatsapp, probably an indication he’s now made peace with himself.

      But I’ve decided not to approach him for any further discussion not academic related. He knows my sexuality already, so if he feels he needs to explore any nascent homosexual part of him – if any – he could hit me up.

      In the meantime, I’ll keep praying to the rainbow gods to grant me the fortitude to numb my feelings.

      • Vic
        November 09, 03:08 Reply

        Hmmmm….I think you should approach him and still apologize to him. He will appreciate it and your little misstep will definitely over look. Anything after that will be on him to make the move. But please apologize to him.

      • Francis
        November 16, 07:59 Reply

        TMan still tender an official apology. Don’t get comfortable man

  4. Raii♥️
    November 08, 12:20 Reply

    T-man I don’t know how I missed it but can we address this unless i read it wrong ” are you still sleeping with the nigga that gave you an STD ” ?

    • Tman
      November 08, 13:02 Reply

      Course not! That ended with the gory discovery.

  5. Sworld
    November 08, 14:11 Reply

    Honestly, where do some guys find this dauntless from?. The best I could do is give a body language that I’m interested in you.
    Tman how far,I want to learn how to kiss first too!

    • Tman
      November 08, 18:24 Reply

      Haha. You might end with a worse result than mine. Probably top gist on instablog.

  6. Kristo
    November 08, 14:29 Reply

    T-man I swear to God..not only do I have a firsthand experience of this kinda thing. I AM YOU!
    I told s straight guy giving me signals and shii I want to kiss him. He was complacent then later ran out. Just as I was about to crystallize my fantasy into an actionable CALISTHENICS.. well he hasn’t outed me tho nd we are still friends

  7. Kristo
    November 08, 14:31 Reply

    But that is the last move m ever making on an uncertified person ….I did one too in 200 level with a friend in the same uni

    And he rejected

    But, he added

    “Kristo, dont worry i won’t tell anyone”

    And he hasn’t

    …plays toy story 4 “you’ve got a friend in me”……

    • Tman
      November 08, 18:31 Reply

      The fuckery! You couldn’t be more apt! ? Awon “you’ve got a friend in me” people. But those kinda friends are really cool having around. My best friend is straight though we’ve kissed once – I sent an entry on this sometime ago – but he’s always interested in my homosexual adventures. Wonder what turns him about them.

      You should be careful though with the number of straight guys you’re making overtures at.?

  8. Black Dynasty
    November 08, 14:44 Reply

    You do realise you very likely sexually assaulted him? It’s irrelevant if he was gay or not.. or how you were feeling etc.
    Imagine someone you had no feelings for or attraction to, approached you with a hard on and kissed you….. the reaction is usually shock and then fight or flight response.

    You owe him an apology at the very least, what you did was inappropriate. I would also be wary of him being friends again…. he could very well have told someone and they’re waiting for you to slip up.

  9. Mike
    November 09, 12:20 Reply

    Dunno mehn, emm next get a consent or at least do the initial ground work before attempting to kiss a guy like that, even if I were gay, and you attempt to kiss me out of the blue, I go clap you. cause kissing is more intimate than actually fucking to me

    Seems you’re a new gay, when I said initial ground work, this is what it entails.
    – at least b friends first, get to know a guy, study him,get those intimate details out first, play alittle head psychology, make him comfortable with you.

    – test out possible sexual scenario on him and gauge his response, if you were in this situation where a guy made a pass at you, what would you do?. Stuff like that. Do not take this answer as an indication of anything, it’s about how he says it ,not what his saying.

    -get a consent, don’t just lean in and kiss, humans go through shock, they’ve got shock absorption too, let it kick in, so it overrides reaction time. No body, atleast straight or would be straight, wakes up in the morning expecting a kiss from another man. But given ample time, enough time them they might just be curious.

    I was shagging a guy, a straight one and here I was struggling to fit it in, be gentle and build up alittle sweat and this nigga was laughing and apologizing, it was truly his first time and he’s not gay, in his word “getting in bed with another guy is just funny, that laugh was his shock absorption, his reaction, how he was copying with it. Now it took me 2 months to get his mind to that place.

    What to do in this your situation ?.
    Mehn, avoid the nigga, it never happened, live like it never happened, cause it didn’t. And if worst comes to worst and you’d have come face to face with accusations, challenge boldly and be very irritated by the idea of such, don’t over do it, don’t be defensive but let the distain be visible.

    That’s how a real straight man would react to any gay allegation. Against but not defensive, plausible yet impossible. Avoid throwing him under the bus, if you can.

  10. Lyanna
    November 09, 12:55 Reply

    My flatmate told me twice last night that she “loves” me. Once over the phone, the other as she was leaving my room, said, “Good night, I love youuu”. I just shook my head. We’ve lived together four months now and this is the first time. She’s looking for trouble. Doesn’t know I’m gay. She go think say na play. The day I’ll grab her and kiss her ehhn.

    • Pink Panther
      November 10, 04:58 Reply

      Lioness dey sleep, monkey mama dey find her trouble.

  11. Eric
    November 14, 14:46 Reply

    OK, in this kissing first, when to kiss and who to kiss problem, all I can say is; asking for someone’s permission before kissing d person can be unromantic sometimes especially when d person also wants to kiss you. So in order not to violate someone who doesn’t have mutual feelings as you, a suggestion is to lean in slowly before kissing d person. This might sound ridiculous but the wasted time will give d person time to think whether he actually wants it or he doesn’t get down like that. Just my suggestion tho, I stand to be corrected.

    OAN, concerning d story, I think d writer should go ahead and apologize to d Luke guy. This would give him morale to approach you if he also has feelings for you or not to take it seriously and personal if the feeling isn’t mutual.

  12. Bickersteth-K7
    November 23, 23:57 Reply

    Please T-man even if this is coming late, apologize to him. Perhaps do it verbally…. sending a text message might be evidence if your village People decide to do their work later on. Just walk up to him apologize and leave… dramatically…

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