Sharon Stone recreates iconic Basic Instinct moment for powerful GQ Woman of the Year speech

Sharon Stone recreates iconic Basic Instinct moment for powerful GQ Woman of the Year speech

Sharon Stone has worked steadily in film and television for almost 40 years now, but if you know her for only one thing, it’s probably a certain moment in 1992’s Basic Instinct. (You know the one.) So, when she accepted GQ’s Woman of the Year award on Thursday, it was perhaps inevitable that that moment would come up — and Stone decided to use it to make a powerful point.

As Billy Porter (of all people) brought a chair to the stage, Stone recalled filming Basic Instinct‘s famous leg-crossing scene: “Some years ago… I was sitting on a soundstage, and my director said, ‘Can you hand me your underpants? Because we’re seeing them in the scene, and you shouldn’t have underpants on. But we won’t see anything.’ And I said, ‘Sure.’ I didn’t know that this moment would change my life.”

Stone then proceeded to recreate the scene, crossing her legs and asking the audience to join her. “Do you feel empowered?” she asked, then continued: “Each and every one of you is gonna have a moment like mine. A moment that changes your life. One you might be aware of when it’s happening, and one you might not.” (Stone has previously stated she was unaware she would be exposed onscreen in this scene.)

“So the time to decide who you are is now. The time to decide what you do with the tender, important, beautiful, savage, passionate, most important part of yourself,” she went on. “What are you gonna do with it? I’ll tell you what I did with mine. I respected it. And I would suggest that you all do the same. Because we have every right to be powerful in whatever form of sexuality we choose to have. And no one is allowed to take that away from you.”

Concluding her speech, Stone added, “I want to say thank you for choosing me to be Woman of the Year, because there was a time when all I was was a joke.”

You can watch the full speech below.

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  1. Mandy
    November 10, 08:09 Reply

    Sharon Stone as Catherine Trammel in Basic Instinct.

    Chai. That film came into my teenage life and gave me so much confusion. I didn’t know who turned me on the most, Sharon Stone’s character or Michael Douglas’s character. I watched them and their chemistry and I wanted to fuck them both. Bad enough that I was struggling with understanding that I was attracted to guys… Watching Basic Instinct added the confusion of being attracted to both a man AND a woman.

  2. Colossus
    November 10, 09:02 Reply

    Sharon Stone is indeed an Icon.


  3. Higwe
    November 10, 09:06 Reply

    She’s extremely beautiful !

    Her face was sculpted by Aphrodite.

    Age got nothing on this woman ?.


    Pink P you should promote Malificent mistress of evil here too .

    I’m sure many people that visit this blog are based in USA .

    The domestic gross is not looking so pretty.?

    • Colossus
      November 10, 17:42 Reply

      Its a sequel NOBODY asked for, its not like we were all on board with the first one.
      I want to say hopefully disney will learn a lesson from this but i know that’s not happening.

  4. Black Dynasty
    November 10, 12:15 Reply

    The ability to command and hold attention until you’re done being heard is a rare talent. She’s still got it.

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