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So! In the aftermath of yesterday… 😀 

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Photos Of The Day: Bring on the Thirst

So I was on my own, minding my business when a friend drew my attention to the dicklicious — sorry, delicious photos of model Fab Igwilo, looking all wet and

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Photo: Clueless Much?

LMAO! This is someone in desperate need of LGBT education.


  1. geeluv
    June 21, 06:56 Reply

    who asked him to even send his pix….??? some people just dey use their hand dey find wahala. mtcheeeew.

  2. Mandy
    June 21, 07:22 Reply

    And the MGM antagonists take centre stage in 3…2…

    • ambivalentone
      June 21, 07:58 Reply

      *rme There doesn’t seem to be much space to take with ur bulk filling everywhere Nkt!!!

      • Mandy
        June 21, 12:24 Reply

        My dear, if e pain you, trot your skinny self to the nearest transformer and end your sad existence.

        • Delle
          June 21, 12:49 Reply

          Oh Mandy, Mandy, why art thou so insistent in uplifting this MGM flag at the slightest opportunity?
          Wedding bells?

          • Mandy
            June 21, 13:22 Reply

            You fishing to be in the bridal train, eh Delle? 😀

            • Delle
              June 21, 22:26 Reply

              Anything with a touch of pink is bae!

        • ambivalentone
          June 21, 13:41 Reply

          What’s this now? All that fat blocking oxygen flow to ur near deprived brain? While I referred to the insecurities plaguing u, it is good to know it was a blindly thrown barb in the softest part of ur gross self.

          • Mandy
            June 21, 13:48 Reply

            LMAO!!! Funny. First Tef thought he knew me and cast me as a skinny fellow simply becos I took a dig at him. now you think that for me to slam you on your skinniness, I must be fat. How pathetic. Honey, nothing u can possibly say can get to me. But clearly what I said got a rise out of you, seeing as I didn’t mention any names, but you carried your wholesome ugliness to my comment to make noise. All I did was talk about MGM antagonists, and you began spitting poison hiarandia. Abeg park well o. Ain’t none of us got time for unattractive skinnies like you.

            • Pink Panther
              June 21, 13:51 Reply

              Ok. Good points made by both sides. I’d now appreciate it if you two can carry on your spat outside KD. Or be the bigger person and let this end here now. It is possible to disagree without getting nasty, you know.

  3. Brian Collins
    June 21, 07:26 Reply

    You people should not vex for me o but Episode 9 is the best episode of GOT ever made. I had goosebumps all over.

    • Chandler B.
      June 21, 13:24 Reply

      Bia this guy, warris doing you today? Would you allow us watch it in peace and without heightened expectations so we can get our own optimal satisfaction?! Eh kwa?! Deola takes days before dropping his review to give us ample time to watch it and you want to come and drop ur own trailer first abi?

      • Pink Panther
        June 21, 13:27 Reply

        Lol. Atink u follow me notice his busybody all over KD today. lol. Brian, better package yourself o.

      • Brian Collins
        June 21, 17:39 Reply

        0What I do?Goan watch the episode fess, you wee see sumtin. I have not given any spoilers yet na.
        Oga Pinky, if you want my busybody oya comman take it. *drops mic*

        • ambivalentone
          June 21, 19:35 Reply

          I’ll give it to Deola. His commentary on GoT has hooked me on the series, but seriously, the darned thing was a pack of lies from the pits of HELL!!! Can ppl just google the names of these characters and see how much deviations they made from the book? Each episode just runs my belle. ‘Sweeting’ pain tinz

          • Brian Collins
            June 22, 08:49 Reply

            I get what you are saying about the deviations but I read somewhere a while back that the author of ‘A song of Fire and Ice’ who is apparently an old man and has not even finished the books gave them permission to so so. Story was that he told the producers what he has in mind for the end of the story and they could do whatever they wanted with it as long as it ends the way he would have wanted. Kinda like how ‘The Originals’ tv series came about from characters created by L. J Smith. The books were only released last year based on the TV series.

  4. ambivalentone
    June 21, 07:41 Reply

    Could be sass on d other guy’s part at the age of the sender. But if na im papa true true…I dunno if I wud hate and blackmail OR hate and tell mom especially if he has been vocally homophobic

  5. Dennis Macaulay
    June 21, 08:13 Reply

    If it were my dad and he is loaded, my own has better na.

    Range Rover
    House in VGC
    Change your will
    Monthly Allowance

  6. Kenny
    June 21, 08:34 Reply

    But does his dad know he’s gay, cos if he doesn’t then he just came out to his dad also. The conversation will be a two way thing

    • ambivalentone
      June 21, 08:54 Reply

      Thankfully, the son wasn’t cheating on or pretending love for a woman he married. Lesser of two ‘evils’…if being not -out is evil

  7. Canis VY Majoris
    June 21, 09:15 Reply

    Am I the only one who thinks he was being sarcastically whimsical, because that pic is really no one’s type.

  8. bain
    June 21, 09:17 Reply

    I think dah was a joke’ish… solidify the point dah d guy is nt his type (too old) maybe.

  9. Delle
    June 21, 12:47 Reply

    Some of us love daddies though. Just not fat-faced, drooping daddies.

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