Bobrisky to Women: “I use your gender more than you.” | Twitter hails Bobrisky as a weapon for the patriarchy

Bobrisky to Women: “I use your gender more than you.” | Twitter hails Bobrisky as a weapon for the patriarchy

Bobrisky recently took to social media to stoke some controversy by directing some very misogynistic comments at the women who they say comes to their comments section to hate on them.

The subject of who Bobrisky is dating or having sex with and the exact nature of their gender has been a source of such morbid interest to most Nigerians, and in between making risqué videos that flaunt their body and dropping hints about their relationship status, it would seem as though the comments section of their Instagram page teems with as much scorn as there is love.

And so, Bobrisky decided to get on their page to mock whoever these women haters are.

“Some of you come to my comments section and you keep saying, ‘Oh Bobrisky, you wanna be a girl so bad, you can never be a woman.’ But do you know I use your gender more than you?” they said tauntingly. “I use your gender pass you wey get toto, wey get breast. Is it by toto? There’s hole everywhere. There’s hole in the mouth, there’s hole in the ear, there’s hole in the ass. Plenty holes are available. I use this woman pass you.”

In case you haven’t already seen it, here’s the video:


When this video inevitably made its way to Twitter, reactions which aimed at comedy invariably teemed with misogyny and ignorance.

“Bobrisky bragging that he uses the female gender better than a lot of women is the biggest win for patriarchy on Twitter in 2020,” posted Twitter influencer, Kelvin Odanz. “We need more men crossing over as Transwomen pls. You win the battle from within.”

Responses to the tweet had most Twitter netizens enjoying the idea of the downfall of feminism through the likes of Bobrisky as an “undercover agent”.

Check out the reactions below.

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  1. Mitch
    July 05, 07:32 Reply

    Women should keep playing with fire oh, extending blanket acceptance to everything that has a tongue to claim it is female.

    Shey Bob has been showing them shege?
    You people still don’t want to see the patriarchy behind this absolutely nonsensical and anti-everything-that-is-logical-or-makes-sense co-opting of womanhood by men, this conversion therapy on steroids, this movement that is rolling away hard fought for and hard-won women’s rights?

    Eez okay!
    Let’s all join hands and sing kumbaya while your spaces and opportunities are taken from you.

    No lele, ba?
    Aal izz vell!

    • Ken
      July 05, 10:54 Reply


      Bobrisky has every right to respond to those hateful bitches out there. Having a vagina doesn’t make you superior to trans women

      • Mandy
        July 05, 14:12 Reply

        So misogyny is okay, but transphobia is so so wrong?
        Lol. OK.

        • Ken
          July 05, 14:31 Reply

          I know I are just dieing to be seen as a superhero here but both are wrong. However there’s nothing misogynous about being trans

          • Mandy
            July 05, 14:39 Reply

            First of all, So countering your opinion is me dying to be seen as a superhero, but you going after Mitch is, um, what, you just being a human being with a difference of opinion?

            ???? The things you say in your desperate attempt to come off as shady only show how silly your thought processes are.

            And secondly, nobody said there’s anything misogynistic about being trans. Trans women are not the issue here. Bobrisky is.

    • Francis
      July 05, 11:18 Reply

      Guy you don show ya sef. This is TRANSPHOBIC!!! ???‍♂️

    • Flexsterous
      July 07, 21:37 Reply

      “co-opting of womanhood by men” really? So are gay men also co-opting womanhood by trying to take dick where it isn’t suppose to go. You want people to accept that you have no choice in who you’re attracted to but refuse to accept another person’s narrative of themselves. So, Take your hypocrisy and transphobia and shove it up your ass

      • Mitch
        July 08, 07:53 Reply

        Yes, because being a woman is all about taking dick.

        Talk about flagrant stupidity on parade!

        Oga, swerve!
        This conversation is above your mental paygrade.

  2. Tman
    July 05, 10:44 Reply

    But man, these comments are fucking hilarious. The flow of thoughts… extraordinary. Lol.

  3. Mandy
    July 05, 14:17 Reply

    All of you that are shouting transphobia… Well guess what, it’s a little hard for me to even believe Bobrisky to be trans when he’s constantly showing that he has no respect for the womanhood y’all want us to believe he’s a part of. It’s very hard for me to believe he’s trans when he’s constantly creating an atmosphere that makes the interpretation of what he’s doing as: “Oh he’s just being a woman for gain and to sell his market.”

    How can he represent such hideous misogyny and the people y’all have a problem with are those who call out his misogyny?

    What sort of misplaced outrage is that? How is it okay to be less sensitive to women than to a fraud?

    • Francis
      July 05, 14:27 Reply

      My TRANSPHOBIC alert wasn’t in defense of Bobrisky. I was referring to the exact content of Mitch’s statement.

      I wouldn’t be caught dead defending someone who’s clearly out to play games for money with serious sexual orientation issues.

      It’s one thing to call out misogyny and another to be downright transphobic. And mind you this isn’t the first or second time. ??‍♂️

  4. Delle
    July 05, 19:17 Reply

    What Mitch and Mandy said…

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