“Join Me As We Fight Against Gay In Nigeria.” Recently Exposed Kito Perpetrator, Gift Udo, Makes A Call For Action on Kito Diaries

“Join Me As We Fight Against Gay In Nigeria.” Recently Exposed Kito Perpetrator, Gift Udo, Makes A Call For Action on Kito Diaries

In a series of comments (that will never be approved because Kito Diaries is not a platform that gives a voice to kito scum), recently exposed kito perpetrator Gift Udo came to share what I suspect he believes to be both an apology and a justification for his criminal actions, both toward the KDian who told his kito story and all other victims he has victimized.

LOL. It’s always funny when actual criminals become religious and moralist on top of the case called homosexuality.

So, who’s going to join him in this fight against “Gay in Nigeria”?

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  1. Lopez
    July 03, 08:33 Reply

    God bless your soul pinky, kito alerts are not only a warning now. If they know they’ll be exposed, may be, just maybe, they’ll think twice before engaging in kito.

  2. Biodun
    July 03, 08:59 Reply

    And who says gay people can’t have children 🙄, the guy is just dumb and ignorant

    • Ade
      July 03, 09:48 Reply

      unfortunately lads like this, wouldn’t change one bit, he is just pained by how exposed he was, people’s choices and decisions about their sexuality isn’t just a thing of a night and to a certain extent
      never should it be a ignorant fool’s problem like he is. A person’s sexual orientation most likely lies possibly on genetic, hormonal, developmental, social and cultural influences.
      So findings have shown that a person wakes up one morning and decides to be gay abi?, so as a mere fact , no proven theory or research has ever proven that sexual orientation is determined by any factor or factors. many think that nature and nurture play complex roles, d fact is that many people experience little or no sense about their sexual orientation.

      That guy should go and rest abeg and stop worrying over what his poor knowledge about other people’s lives is.

  3. Mitch
    July 03, 10:50 Reply


    The anuofia replied me?
    Shullai give him my Facebook handle so he can bring his unfortunate soul my way?

    I promise I have no qualms with despatching him slowly and excruciatingly painfully to meet his ancestors.


  4. King priest
    July 03, 11:15 Reply

    These kito drama people have had their time, it’s time for a new order. I save every kito picture and name cause I will start handling them roughly, both spiritual and physical.

  5. Loki
    July 03, 12:10 Reply

    I won’t blame him. I blame d nigerian government and d hypocritical majority of citizens who foolishly empowered idiots like these to raise their hands against others simply because of their sexuality.
    *sighs sadly*

  6. Kels
    July 03, 15:53 Reply

    This might be risky but this might just be a means to infiltrate this group and bring them to justice. But it has to be done with a good plan and utmost caution

  7. julian_woodhouse
    July 03, 19:01 Reply

    Oh look…. The shit emoji can talk 🥴🙄🙄🙄… Dumb !!! Dumb !!! Dumb!!!

  8. Anoni
    July 04, 09:59 Reply

    Anybody that has workable plans to send this guy a little present in nyanya should indicate, I’ll pay

    • Lawson
      July 05, 07:21 Reply

      I am in that area and I am up for this. Pinky please link us.

    • Pink Panther
      July 05, 08:01 Reply

      Anoni, as you can see, guys are clearly ready to go. Let me know if you want us to take this conversation off this forum in order to come up with a plan.

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