What Happens When A Bottom And A Vers-Bottom Fall In Love? Find Out In New Web Series, ‘The First’

What Happens When A Bottom And A Vers-Bottom Fall In Love? Find Out In New Web Series, ‘The First’

A guy who loves to bottom goes out on a date with a guy who’s versatile but loves bottoming more; and there’s chemistry, and they start to fall in love. Then what?

That’s the question asked by the new six-part web series, The First. The series was created by Tim Zientek, and follows a new couple (played by Will Branske and Charles-Curtis Sanders) as they work out the kinks in their relationship. One of those early relationship kinks is the fact that both men have a preference for bottoming during sex. From there, they experience other issues, joys, and moments within their relationship.

According to Zientek, the show is “a short and sweet web series about firsts, falling madly in love, and sexual compatibility.”

“I’m super proud of this series,” Zientek says of the show, which he shares has a cast and crew entirely made up of gay men, women and people of clour.

The first episode of The First is down below, but you can also check out the other five episodes on YouTube.

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  1. Ken
    July 05, 10:51 Reply

    Ever heard of a dildo?? Duh!

    I think the LGBT community places too much emphasis on physical attraction. And physical attraction no matter how potent, fades with time. If u plan to have a more permanent relationship that will last the ages both y’all need to find more important and meaning attributes and goals that bind you

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