The KGB Boy Origins (Part 3)

The KGB Boy Origins (Part 3)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Today’s is Mitch’s birthday. And so, of course, it is only fitting for his day to be commemorated by the final chapter of his brilliant origin story of a brilliant character. I know this is the last chapter of the origin story, but just as we expect the actual KGB Boy story to commence with further episodes, may Mitch’s life and endeavours be made abundant with a flourish of joy, love and all his heart’s desires.


And now, for the story…


“I no tell you say if you no change, I go treat your fuckup?”

The malevolence in that voice was just the same as you remembered it six years ago.

You looked up at his face, and earned yourself another kick in the side. The third guy tried to hold Onome back, his voice hushed as he told Onome to take it easy. It was almost as though they were afraid to make much noise and attract attention from other people in the lodge.

The third guy ordered you to lie down flat on your stomach. You obeyed, stretching yourself out on your front, with your face turned towards the mirror and the door. You took your time to notice where they were. Stephen was putting on his shirt while sitting on the chair, Onome was by the door, while the third guy was standing next to Stephen. He was talking to you.

You paid very little attention to the things he was saying – he appeared to be the leader of this operation – and you did some in-depth planning in your head. You knew the layout of the room. You knew what advantages you had. What you didn’t know was how best to start things out.

Then, Providence made things easy for you. Someone in the lodge started playing music in their room on a really loud speaker. And, from how loud it was, the person was on the same floor as you were. The Leader was done with what he was saying and was now waiting for you to respond. At the same time, Stephen got up and walked toward the veranda door, ostensibly to check out something. And when you did not answer, Onome reacted in anger, just like you knew he would.

“See this bastard,” he snarled, walking toward you, his back directly to the mirror. “No be you we dey follow talk?”

He lifted his leg to stomp it on your back. You saw that it was his left leg. You noticed that it was his balance leg. He was standing on his right leg.

Now was the time for you to act.

In one quick move, while he was still lifting his leg, your hands darted out and grab hold of the ankle of his right leg. And in that same quick move, you pulled his leg toward you, effectively pulling him off balance. You felt him start to fall backward. You heard his head crash into the mirror. Immediately, you flipped yourself onto your back and used your leg to block the raised leg of the Leader, which he’d immediately raised to stomp on you with. You blocked the kick with one leg, and the other you smashed right into his balls. A short strangled yelp left his lips as he clutched his crotch and tried to steady himself.

You rolled quickly onto the bed as you heard Stephen barreling back into the room. You raised yourself just as he entered and rushed toward you. Dropping on your knees, you used his momentum against him as he reached you, grabbing hold of his belt and pulling him forward, causing him to smash his face right into the wall. From where you were crouching, you slashed a punch right in his throat, sending his jerking body backwards.

Now, you were in your turf. You got up and delivered a heavy punch to Stephen’s ear, one that caused him to hit his head on the wall. His face was already bloody from a huge cut on his forehead, where his head connected with the wall. The Leader was struggling to stand up. You sent him back down with a well-placed kick to his throat, then, to his jaw. He reeled backwards and his head smashed into the wall behind him.

Then you turned to Onome who has passed out, with blood dribbling down from his head. You stared at him, hate surging through your veins. Hate for the boy who ruined your life all those years ago. Without thinking, you raised your leg and bring the sole of your foot down on his face.




Three times.

Each stomp leaving his face looking worse than before, and driving his head further into the glass of the mirror and the wall.

After some time, you turned to Stephen. You pulled him up by his shirt and smashed his head into the wall. Again and again and again and again. Till his strangled yelps turned to moans and then, gurgling sounds.

Turning to the Leader, you kicked his head, again and again, feeling all the hate and fear and anger that had accumulated in your heart drain out with each smash of your foot on his face. By the time you were done, the only sounds in the room were those of faltering breaths gurgling through blood.

Only then did you walk into the bathroom and wash the blood off your foot.

Walking back into the room, you located your phone, clothes, and your tote bag. Then, you searched for Stephen’s phone. Finding it, you used his finger to unlock it via the fingerprint sensor. You uninstalled his Grindr and deleted both your number and the call log between you and him from his phone. As you were about to chuck the phone away, you saw a vault app. Using his fingerprint to unlock it, you were shocked at what you found. It all made sense now. You dressed up quickly, then took both the Leader’s and Onome’s phones from their pockets and walk out of the room, making sure to shut the door firmly behind you.

Walking out of the lodge, you checked to be sure you weren’t seen. Thankfully, no one was out of their rooms and the music was still booming, this time, from several different rooms. You hurried out of the lodge and called Davey as you walked down the road. The phone rang severally before he picked.

“Hey, babe,” he said, laughter in his voice, “are you done getting the dick already?”

For a moment, you did not know what to say. What you had just done was crazy. And he knew nothing about this, nothing about your past, nothing that would explain you acting like this. You wondered for a moment, and then you made a decision.

“I’m coming to your house, babe. Are you alone?”

“Yes,” he replied, the laughter in his voice replaced with concern. “Come on over.”

You walked briskly toward Hilltop Gate, stopping only once to toss the phones into the centre of a very large puddle of water. Thankfully, it was the rainy season. That puddle wouldn’t dry up unless there was no rain for more than three days. That done, you made your way towards Davey’s place: Presidential Lodge in Odenigwe.

You knocked on his door, your characteristic two-a-time knock. Almost immediately, he opened the door and wrapped you in a massive hug.

“Are you okay,” he asked, drawing you into the room.

You nodded, tossed your bag and your phone on his bed and swiftly started to undress. Once you were done, you walked into his bathroom, poured out a bucket of water and splashed a few bailers-full of water on yourself.

Then you sat on the toilet bowl and looked up at your best friend, at the eyes staring at you with concern and consternation.

“What happened?” he asked.

“Please sit,” you said quietly. “This is going to be a long tale.”

You waited till he had brought a chair to sit at the bathroom’s doorway before you started talking. All the way from six years ago. The story of your humiliation and dehumanisation at the hands of a bunch of hoodlums masked as students. How it led you to UNSSEC. And him. And how you decided that you’d never be put in that position of fear, that position of victimhood, of degraded humanity, ever again. How that resolve led you to take karate lessons during the holidays. And, finally, what happened tonight.

He said nothing through the long hours you spent talking. He didn’t react, didn’t flinch from you or from the gory tale you were telling. When you were done, he stared at you, long and hard. Then he got up, knelt in front of you and hugged you.

And that was when you knew you still had your best friend.

He went to the fridge in his room, got two bottles of Fanta, handed one to you and opened the other. And then you both sat there, in his bathroom, drinking and talking. You told him about the stash you found in Stephen’s phone: videos of himself and Onome fucking some random old men. Apparently, they were only gay for pay – pay being either kito or actual pay. You wondered why those videos were made – if they enjoyed playing back their sexploits or used the videos to blackmail the men they were having sex with.

You talked on and on, swapping stories and scenarios and circumstances where things were different. Until Davey – the student of History – laughed out loud and said something about the KGB and how they had agents who were sent out to hunt criminals, according to Russian law, including gay men. You pursed your lips, wondering where this bit of trivia was headed. Because, with Davey, everything was headed somewhere.

“You’re kinda like them,” he said, “only in reverse. They hunted criminals for the USSR, gay people included; you hunt kitoers.” You opened your mouth to set him straight, but he barreled on, “More like the gay community’s KGB.” You shook your head at the silliness of your best friend as he continued, “You should be called the gay community’s KGB… The KGB Boy.”

Rolling your eyes, you said, “Explain whatever the fuck that acronym would have to do with me or the gay community.”

“Simple!” Davey replied, laughing. “It stands for Kito Gone Bad!”

You stared at him. Then you burst out into loud laughter. Tapping your bottles of Fanta against each other in a toast, you both drank.

To the KGB Boy! To Kito Going Bad!

Written by Mitch

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The KGB Boy Origins (Part 2)

Previously on THE KGB BOY ORIGINS… * 6 years later… You were lying sprawled out on your bed. In the darkness of your room, the lilting strains of Johann Pachelbel’s


  1. Scarlet_witch
    July 25, 07:07 Reply

    I actually think that I and every other gay Nigerian need to take lessons in self-defense because it seems the best answer to this violence is violence. I believe if stories of KGB are on the rise then those scums will definitely start to think again and again before coming for any of us.

    This was nice Mitch and a happy birthday to you.
    Your life isn’t over yet. Better and brighter days will meet you and you will be happier than you have ever been.

    • Mitch
      July 25, 10:55 Reply

      I totally agree with you.
      You know I’d always say this. Violence is the best answer to violence. When we start reacting madder than them, their madness will start reducing.

      And, thanks for your kind wishes, my darling.

  2. Entangled
    July 25, 07:48 Reply

    Happy birthday Mitch, and I love this series ❤

  3. Uzor
    July 25, 08:25 Reply

    The climax for me here was when they started drinking Fanta ?. Whiskey, vodka, rum or even a beer but I would’ve never guessed Fanta.
    Good piece and happy birthday to the author

    • Delle
      July 25, 09:19 Reply

      Because Fanta is our trademark drink

    • Mitch
      July 25, 11:00 Reply

      Thank you, Uzor.
      And, just like Delle said, Fanta is our drink. Anytime, anywhere.

  4. Femi
    July 25, 09:29 Reply

    Great stuff

    Happy birthday Mitch

    • Mitch
      July 25, 11:01 Reply

      Thank you, Femi.
      Glad you enjoyed the story.

  5. Zoar
    July 25, 10:44 Reply


    The Emojis were all my Reactions as I read through this.

    Mitch you are really an Angel ?❤️ and I wish you a fulfilling years ahead of you. Happy Birthday ??? to you Dear.

    And back to the story, You would have kept that Video somewhere safe so you can always have something against them should they want to press charges as they always do knowing fully well the stupid Nigerian Law would always work against the oppressed Queer Man who are the real Victims.

    That Onome and Stephen are the ones that deserve death penalty even. To me the beating weren’t enough for those Two.

    Nonsense and ingredient!!!??

    Anyway, Happy Birthday ?? to you Mitch once again. Let your writing skills take you somewhere international where the world would recognize you for what you can do and not who you fuck.

    • Mitch
      July 25, 11:03 Reply

      Thank you, Zoar.
      And, Amen to your wishes.

  6. Mannie
    July 25, 11:56 Reply

    Age with grace.

  7. Blair
    July 25, 12:51 Reply

    Happiest of Birthday Mitch !!! I mean reading the KGB stories honestly i feel fulfilled, I feel you as a single vessel have given the needed justice to those who have been kitoed,with those guys you’ve messed up.

    I imagine the anger when I read through the lines how you hit each one multiple times and I feel one person have ultimately served justice!!!

    You are Everything that every coloured Nigerian guy should be!!! Now that kito is on the uprising

    What can I say, keep beating and whooping their assess and bursting their nuts when they come for you!!!! Much love ❤️

    • Mitch
      July 26, 04:20 Reply

      Thank you for your kind words, Blair.

  8. Eddie
    July 25, 16:25 Reply

    I’m happy this is real… Good for the bastards… Happy birthday, Mitch

    • Mitch
      July 26, 04:22 Reply

      It’s fiction oh.
      Thank you though.

  9. Randomreader
    July 25, 17:11 Reply

    Damm this was such a nice read. A lot of people in Nigeria are going through a lot with no one to talk to or defend them. I think fear of being outed is also one of the factors that hinders gay men to fight back. For those who aren’t financially stable, the thought of being disowned would allow you swallow every shit those hungry peasant give you.

    Happy birthday to you Mitch?. May all your dreams and wishes come true?

  10. Cuddlecake
    July 25, 19:56 Reply

    Beautiful story Mitch Nnam.
    Chai! Happy birthday to you Super talented MITCH. You will prosper in all that you lay your hands on in Jesus” name! COVID will descend on any principality that wants to hinder your efforts. The grace of God forever rests on you. ??

  11. Mitch
    July 26, 04:26 Reply

    Pink Panther mi amor, I really don’t deserve you.
    Thank you for being an amazing friend.
    Te quiero, cariño.

  12. Mandy
    July 26, 09:55 Reply

    Mitch you are definitely a gift to this platform. I may not have met you but I count you as one of the incredible members of my community, unified in this struggle and fight for our freedom.

    As it is with your story, this KGB Boy story. Now that the origin story has ended, please return to the main story and let us continue killing and maiming kito scum. 😀

    Happy Birthday, dear. All the best to you.

    • Mitch
      July 26, 19:04 Reply

      Thank you, Mandy.
      I really appreciate you.

      About the story, from your lips to my Muse’s ears.

  13. OB
    July 27, 15:48 Reply

    The end of this story is absolutely fulfilling. I love it!
    Happy birthday to you in arrears, Mitch…

  14. Hoyeh
    July 27, 18:35 Reply

    What a nice writeup! This life is just like figure 8. What goes around usually comes around.

    Happy birthday Mitch, your new age is blessed abundantly.

  15. Danté
    July 30, 12:25 Reply

    An amazing read, Gah!!! I was at the edge of my seat during the fight scene, as a very graphic person this was played out all too well in my head and honestly… I was loving every bit of it??… Kito scum, only wished he kept the videos in case the group decided to resurface but all the same I’m biting my finger nails in anticipation for the sequel

    Oh and happy belated birthday to you dear❤️?

  16. Chubbz
    October 07, 14:18 Reply

    A good read.
    Belated happy birthday, Mitch ❤️

  17. Gbolly
    June 08, 13:54 Reply

    Am actually crying
    I wish I could fight too
    I really acknowledge Mitch for the story
    This is thrilling
    I still wish I could fight karate
    And for Onome to be fucking a guy
    It kinda absurd
    Like was he a pimp or something
    But nothing is new
    Maybe he just hated you
    This. Can’t be the last chapter please tell us what you heard from onome and Stephen
    Please read my comment and oblige
    I don’t know if you guys can organise a karate training for some of us who can’t fight
    We need it help a brother

    Nice work Mitch one again.

  18. Dare Alexander
    July 14, 19:38 Reply

    The twist of this story to the KGB vigilante gladens my heart beyond words!!
    Who the fuck gives anyone a right to batter another human being for their choices in life. Hypocrites at that!
    Dem collect no be small 😂…. I raise my bottle of fanta to he & that amazing bestie everyone needs 🥂

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