For a fleeting moment, I stood, frozen in shock. How did Sharon know? Had she noticed something? I had to stifle an urge to sniff at my hands to detect whatever smell of sex she perceived.

Just then, my phone rang, saving me from the awkwardness of the moment.

Thank God! I thought with intense relief, as I fumbled for my phone. Panic had rendered my brain incapable of coming up with a response to her question.

Then I saw the Caller ID, and felt the panic threaten to extinguish my relief. It was Kayode!

The Grindr hookup I’d just left was calling me in the presence of my girlfriend!

I darted a look of guilt at Sharon, to catch her looking expectantly at me.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I said quickly, before turning to start walking as I answered Kayode’s call. I heard her fall into step beside me, and I groaned. God, can you please send her coursemate, bestie or just ANYONE she knows our way right now to claim her attention?

“Hello…” I said in a voice so lowered, it was almost a whisper.

“Hello, Seun, are you there?” his warm voice filled my ear, sending a delicious frisson of desire down my spine to my crotch, causing a slight stir inside my underwear.

“Yes. Hello,” I said a bit louder. “Thank you for today.”

He chuckled. “Well, I didn’t do anything worth you being thankful for. If you’d simply let me do to you what –”

“There are still other days ahead,” I interrupted him, very conscious of Sharon’s presence beside me and afraid his voice on the phone may carry to her hearing, even though we were walking along the roadside, and the atmosphere was filled with vehicular and pedestrian noises.

“I don’t want to wait for other days,” Kayode said. “I want to see you again…soon.”

“What do you have in mind?” In spite of myself, I could feel excitement uncoiling inside me at the prospect of seeing him again.

“I’d like to come to your school this evening.”

“What time?”



“See you then.”

And he hung up.

I took the phone away from my ear, a smile of anticipation already starting to spread across my face.

“Who was that?”

Sharon’s voice slammed me back to the present, causing the smile to vanish from my face.

“My cousin,” I blurted out the lie, because it was the first thing that popped into my head.

Cousins are to gay men what uncles are to straight women.

“You went to see your cousin today?” she queried. At my uncomprehending look, she said, “You told him ‘Thank you for today.’”

“Oh, right!” I’d have to be more careful with this girl. “Yes, yes, I went to see him this morning. He’s an older cousin and I wanted to collect some money from him.”

A gleam entered her eyes. “And did you? Because, remember when I told you I needed money to make up for the weave I am thinking of putting on next week.”

“Sorry, dear. He told me end-of-month.”

She made a face. “Eww, what a broke-ass cousin he must be.”

“Yeah, really not someone I should call a cousin,” I said emphatically.

And as we continued our walk toward our lectures, we carried on with other gist.


My afternoon went well, with Sharon keeping me company, doing things with me that boyfriends and girlfriends do. And yet, all through the time I was with her, I kept on thinking about Kayode and when I would get to see him again in the evening.

By the end of our lectures, Sharon and I had split to spend the rest of our days with our individual interests.

By a quarter to 7 pm, Kayode called me to let me know he was on his way. I left the hostel to go meet him at the school gate.

I met him sitting in his car. He was looking exceptionally good in his white top and black shorts that ended just above his knees, giving the world a good look of his strong hairy legs. He looked fresh and cute. He had on this alluring smile as he watched me walk up to him.

“Hey you,” he greeted. “It’s nice to see you again.”

“Good evening, Kayode,” I greeted.

“Good evening, Kayode,” he repeated and then laughed softly. “So formal. Don’t tell me you’re still not comfortable with me.”

 Hi Seun!, nice to meet you again, I hope you’re comfortable with me now” he said

“I was never uncomfortable with you,” I said with a bashful smile. “I just needed things to not go so fast.”

We got into his car, and began talking. Kayode was a good conversationalist, and we were soon talking about a great many things. It seemed like time was speeding by, and before long, I was aware of the long shadows of the night descending about us, broken by the lights of the traffic and buildings around.

Then he suddenly asked me, “So, what do you think about blowjobs in a car?”

I was startled by this and stared at him, noticing the gleam of his smile in the shadowy interior of the car. I chuckled.

“What?” he said, his smile broadening. “Why are you laughing?”

This guy must think I’m a wallflower, I thought to myself. I may be finding my way around my homosexual identity, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a wild child in me.

I looked down at his crotch at about the same time that a car drove past us, its sweeping headlights illuminating the inside of Kayode’s car long enough for me to see that he had a bulge on the crotch of his shorts.

“Do you want a blowjob?” I asked him.

His grin widened. “You’re very direct. I like that. And yes, I really want it.” With a chuckle, he added, “After all, you did leave me high and dry this morning.”

I laughed.

That flash of mirth ended as I thought about what he’d asked. I had never given a blowjob before, not in a car, not anywhere. I had no way of knowing if it was something I’d be good at. And the thought of possibly disappointing Kayode began to fill me with a deep sense of unease.

He must have noticed my hesitation, because he said encouragingly, “You can do this, Seun.”

I couldn’t say no to him a second time today. I felt like there were only so many rejections I’d give this guy before he’d dismiss me and move on to more agreeable guys.

I took in a deep breath and moved my hands slowly to his short. He helped me with the zipper and then I took his fully engorged penis out.

I’d watched quite an amount of gay porn and had seen the way the performers handled the business of sucking dick. I’d once practised on a banana, moving my mouth up and down the fruit while watching and trying to imitate Armond Rizzo’s expertise.

“You should know that this will be my first time,” I said to Kayode, not meeting his eyes and trying not to look as embarrassed as I felt.

“You seem like you’d be a fast learner,” he said in a husky tone that made me wonder if he really meant that or was talking because his dick had taken over.

Another car with sweeping headlights drove past, and he sat up on his seat.

“Chill first, let’s look for a good spot,” he said as he reached for his ignition.

He drove past some shops until he found a nice, dark spot under a tree that wasn’t going to be disturbed by pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Then he sat back and brought out his dick. It was still as hard as ever. I stared at it as it jerked about where it stood. It was a beautiful dick, dark and long. It looked delicious. I wanted to devour it. I leaned forward and took it into my hand.

Here we go, I thought to myself and began to take Kayode’s dick slowly into my mouth.

The shaft became even more erect as the warm wetness of my mouth engulfed it. Kayode let out a trembly sigh and I felt his body go slack with satisfaction. His dick tasted good and had a nice, musky smell, like a mixture of perfume and masculinity. I started sucking, savouring the taste. I loved what I was doing. I could feel my tongue dancing round the smoothness of his dick. I tried taking it all in to the hilt, and my gag reflex kicked in, causing me to choke, releasing the dick as I let out a few coughs.

“Slow down, baby,” he cooed at me. “Take it easy. The dick is going nowhere.”

I continued sucking him, this time with more vigour, doing my best to keep the shaft moist and tightly held with my lips. I could now taste the salty flavour of his pre-cum.

He began to moan and grabbed the back of my head, thrusting into my mouth as I bobbed my head up and down over his dick.

“Yes, baby…” he panted. “Suck it… Suck it harder… Take this shii… Oh yes, babe, that feels so good…”

What’s this guy saying sef? I wondered disbelievingly. Am I really that good at this?

I kept on sucking like a toddler relishing the taste of his lollipop.

“Oh fuck!” Kayode gasped. “I thought you said this was your first ti –”

The word was choked out of existence by another moan as he heaved his hips upward to welcome an especially delicious lick of my tongue.

“Shit!” he said. “Oh yeah… Go deeper, babe… Oh fuck yeah…”

All that time spent watching porn was paying off, I thought. I was enjoying the sounds he was making. I felt empowered by how enslaved he was to the pleasure I was giving him. I was hard myself.

“I’m about to cum,” he suddenly announced in a gruff voice. “Oh fuck, I’m about to cum…”

I stopped immediately and began to pull away from his dick.

A second later, a geyser of his jizz shot out from his dick, catching the side of my chin and splattering all over his shorts.

I sat up and wiped my face with my handkerchief, while he sat there, breathing fast and slightly trembling.

Then he looked at me, and the next moment, he had moved forward, pulled me close and kissed me.

“You were fantastic,” he breathed out.

“Thank you,” I said, feeling like I’d attained a major accomplishment.


I gave a guy a blowjob in his car!

I was thinking this over and over to myself after Kayode dropped me and I started walking back to my hostel.

I gave a guy a blowjob in his car!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think this was what I would ever do. Something had changed in me. Somehow, I no longer felt like the bright-eyed, naïve boy who first set foot into Unilag to embark on his university education.

Something had changed. And it started when I gave a guy a blowjob in his car.

“Hey, Seun-bobo,” a familiar voice hailed me from behind. I was almost at my hostel.

I turned to see one of my roommates, Bola, hurrying along to meet me. I stopped walking so he could catch up.

“No be you person drop for gate now-now?” he asked as we walked the short distance into the hostel. “Who be that?”

“Somebody who’s not your business,” I snapped and continued walking.

I could feel his questioning look on me, but I was not about to let his poke-nosing interrupt my feverish thoughts about what I did with Kayode.

I entered my room, a six-man accommodation, and sat on my bed, still enthralled by the evening I’d just had. I made a man moan and release. I gave a man pleasure. I smiled and tried to imagine the expression on Kayode’s handsome face as I was giving him what he wanted. I could still taste his dick in my mouth, and almost started moving my head back and forth as though I was still sucking it.

Kayode’s dick in my mouth was the last thing on my mind before I drifted off to sleep that night.

Written by Remmy

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