Ahem! Cristiano Ronaldo Seen Fondling Hot Male Friend’s Crotch

Ahem! Cristiano Ronaldo Seen Fondling Hot Male Friend’s Crotch

The Spanish media is ABUZZ after a paparazzo snapped photos of the gorgeous Cristiano Ronaldo, aboard a yacht, apparently looking mighty friendly with a super buff buddy.

And this is not just one of those sporty, on-the-soccer-field-only type crotch grabs that are all in fun and not at all homoerotic in the eyes of the dudes doing it.

No, this is very sexy looking I’m-going-to-touch-your-cock-through-your-sweatshorts-and-give-you-a-chub sort of fondle action, as you can see in the photo, and it’s followed by a hug.

And seriously, if you were this smoking hot, and you were standing around half naked on a boat with another smoking hot dude, wouldn’t everyone have semis just because?! It’s like an overload of hotness that defies all sexual orientation.

But seriously folks, if this is any indication that Cristiano Ronaldo might totally be gay, then that is totally fine with me. Just excuse me while I sell all my worldly possessions and purchase a plane ticket.

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  1. KingBey
    June 06, 04:49 Reply

    Hot! hot!! hot !!! the black guy I mean….CRonaldo doesn’t really do it for me…..I can imagine CR taking that BBC. oh damn !

  2. Bane Salazar
    June 06, 05:13 Reply

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ Just excuse me while I sell all my worldly possessions and purchase a plane ticket.

    We can go together abeg!

  3. KryxxX
    June 06, 06:20 Reply

    And excuse me while I hitch a ride in ur suitcase! The hustle is real!


    And y do I feel CR7 would rather take than receive? Dont know……………..

    • KyrxxX
      June 06, 06:28 Reply


      More like “rather receive than give”.

  4. Max
    June 06, 06:34 Reply

    He’s hot, no doubt… But the over-hyping is what I can’t understand.
    The pic is hot though.. Look @ their bulge.

    But then I think it was captured from a bad angle..

  5. Jamie
    June 06, 07:14 Reply

    …doesn’t look like his hand was in the front, but beside…

  6. Max
    June 06, 07:21 Reply

    But they’re all 2nd/3rd hand muscular akpans… You love fresh off the runway twinks… Double standards anyone?

  7. Ruby
    June 06, 07:35 Reply

    Its clearly a case of bad camera angle.
    Anyone remember Kcee n Phyno’s bad camera angle Photo last year which caused quite a stir???

    • posh6666
      June 06, 08:06 Reply

      Ma dear look well this aint no bad angle camera,his grabbing that beef cake forreal and dont want to let go!and it seems d guy sef got hard cos thats 1 big bulge

  8. posh6666
    June 06, 08:02 Reply

    OmG honestly am really speechless right now.This pics speaks volumes and dat grab wasnt a mistake nor playful his touching it like he loves it,definitely bi or bicurios oh gosh anoda day anoda gay celebrity slowly creeping outta d closet.He just wants to be rippes apart by that big black snake in d niggas pant the thirst from his body language is REAL!!!

  9. posh6666
    June 06, 08:10 Reply

    Pinkie are u sure u wanna do that?his body language says his bottom except u wan go do lele with am lol

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 06, 08:20 Reply

      His body language, ei? I see. Where have you been listening or observing this language biko? 🙂

      • posh6666
        June 06, 08:30 Reply

        Pshycology swerry Pshycology,if u have been in this game all ur life somethings arent that difficult to figure out.I believe u are a full btm not vers or whatever so if mr ronaldo is gay is definitely vers or more btm.Not only me said this am sure u have seen other comments.

        • pinkpanthertb
          June 06, 08:35 Reply

          We should all have this gift of psychology so we can stop asking the ‘what’s your role’ question altogether.

  10. Lothario
    June 06, 08:13 Reply

    This speculation has been on for many years. He’s a proud wearer of pink, CR7 loves him some pink shirts and shorts. I guess this is one of those things that we’ll just never come to a conclusion on….. *sigh* It would do wonders for gay rights if someone as notable as him in the world of sports comes out though….. Lmao! I’m just imagining those homophobic adoring fans *evil laugh*

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 06, 08:17 Reply

      I swear. LMAO. It’d be totally deeelicious to see a CR7 sports lover struggling to reconcile such an out situation.

  11. Ace
    June 06, 08:22 Reply

    This pic is making feel some kind of way… Hope: I might get a chance with CR7 after all. Anger: God! Why wasn’t the guy on that boat? CR7 grabs my dick? We will go continue the grabbing in the basement of the ship.

  12. Teflondon
    June 06, 11:06 Reply

    The pic clearly screams erotic.. But I won’t be reading too much into this as its a case of bad camera angle
    CR use to be a crush till he moved to madrid. Since then I’ve moved on to RVP.. And now Depay (Gosh! a walking giant size chocolate)
    Yall think this exudes homo? Wait till you see a pic of Zlatan and Pique (Shakira’s boo). Pinky Google the pic and bring it on here. Tho it’s kinda a stale pic. The pic caused a few debates and uproar in the world of football and general public.

  13. Gad
    June 06, 16:24 Reply

    Pictures can lie after all.

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