Sex In Prague

Sex In Prague

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It is Sunday. I have been in Prague for two weeks with work. I am horny. I am an arse man. I make no apologies about that. I like them bubble, I like them muscular, I like them pert, I like them visible. When I see guys I like on the street, in the bus, train, clubs, bars, wherever, I check out their backsides. I check out the local guys here, and though majority of them have porn star looks, their arses were flat, sometimes concave shaped. My chances of getting laid seem low.

Previous attempts at hooking up using Grindr and Scruff have been futile. About 80% of the profiles on there are twinks. I am beginning to think this is where twinks are manufactured and sent out to the rest of Europe – a bit like the Skoda. Twinks are not for me. I prefer muscular/athletic body types. I mention this in my profile, but this is ignored. A common trend I find, no matter where in the world I am. No one reads. Why the twinks pose like Victoria Beckham, complete with pouty lips in their profile pics, bewilders me. They send me unsolicited pics of their bums, usually exposing their arseholes. Where I am lucky, they send bum pics in a bend-over pose to accentuate their bony arses.

The other 20% of the profiles are either not attractive or want a racial sexual fantasy fulfilled. When I get messages like “I like black mans”, “I have never had a black man inside me” or “I want BBC – Big Black Cock ”, I look for the block icon.

So I head out to one of the two highly recommended Gay saunas in Prague – Sauna Babylonia, situated in the old town area, near Mustek Metro station. I pay the entry fee, get a towel and go to the locker area to change. I take a quick shower, and then walk around to see what is available. The sauna, stem room, wet area and relaxation areas are all on the ground floor. The private cubicles are on the lower ground floor level; there is also a video room which streams gay porn. Laid out on the floor, in front of the screen are mattresses covered in plastic, for clients to lay on and have sex, if they so desire. The video room is empty. The cabins are basic, as in most saunas, with a raised surface the size of a narrow single bed with a foam mattress covered with a plastic sheet for easy cleaning. There is a condom and lube dispenser and another one for tissues.

The sauna isn’t busy for a Sunday afternoon. I count only twelve men in the whole establishment, six look like they are well into retirement and four I am not that keen on. But then I see a couple of surfer type guys, who look like they are in their mid to late 20s. Both about 6ft tall with tanned skin and athletic bodies. One with sun bleached hair and an ample bum and the other brown hair and not so ample bum, but definitely shag worthy.

I lock eyes with Sun-bleach. I smile, he smiles. I walk towards the cubicle area. He follows me. I enter a cubicle and he enters and locks the door behind him for privacy. We introduce each other. His name is Christian from Germany. He and his friend are in Prague for some skateboard tournament. (I wasn’t far off then). I take off my towel to reveal my healthy interest in him. He gets on his knees and starts sucking me off. He is quite good at it.

He gets off his knees and drops his towel. He is hung low and truly blessed and looks like he would do someone some damage. He motions me to sit on the makeshift bed and hands me a condom, which I put on. He takes lube from the lube dispenser in the cubicle and lubes up my sheathed cock. He generously applies some lube to his arsehole. He straddles me, one arm around my neck for support, the other guiding my cock inside him. It feels like a tight squeeze, but with efficiency I can only ascribe to Germans, he sinks himself down quite smoothly till my whole length disappears inside him. Then he moans as my full length enters him and grips my neck hard and swears under his breath and shudders. I feel a warm wet substance on my belly button. I reckon my dick grazed his prostate on the way in and he bust his nut; (so much for German efficiency). It is over. He is apologetic and embarrassed. He says he was over excited and offers to suck me off. I decline and assure him I am fine. We shake hands and part ways. He and his friend head for the shower and they leave. I do the same, not satisfied.

I head over to the other highly recommended Gay Sauna – Sauna Labyrint. Maybe I will get more satisfaction there. This one is in Karlin quarter, a quiet trendy area off the well-beaten tourist track. I get to the door, get buzzed in and pay the entry fee. I get assigned a locker and I collect the keys and head to the locker room. Quick change and shower, towel round my waist, I take a quick tour of the establishment to get my bearings.

Like the name suggests, the place is a labyrinth. It is spread over five floors and its quite easy to get lost moving from floor to floor and while scouting for potential shags. The bar, Jacuzzi, steam room and dry sauna area are all on the ground floor. There are two sets of staircases that lead to the upper levels I take one of them and explore. There is a video room and a few cabins on the first level and a dark closed area with stalls that have glory holes on the walls.

On the next 3 levels above are more cabins laid out around a maze of corridors and a large video room streaming porn on the screen and people having sex on the floor on plastic covered mattresses. This sauna is a lot busier than Sauna Babylon and the clientele are of mixed ages and body types. There is something for everyone. As I take my tour, I clock a few guys I would like to get with.

I home in on one such guy. He is about 5’10’’ tall, dark hair, handsome face, nice toned body, strong legs like he plays football, and of course the all-important booty is quite noticeable. He looks at me, smiles and walks towards the stairs to go to another floor. I follow; I am about 10 steps behind him. He finds a cabin and leaves the door ajar – this is the universal gay sauna signal for an invitation to treat. I step in and close the door behind me. We exchange pleasantries. He is Russian, in Prague on business. I feel sorry for him. It must be hard living in a country rich with anti-gay propaganda. Yet the heavily botoxed ruler takes off his shirt in public every summer to expose his moobs and pecs, as a show of his strength and virility whilst somehow managing to exude homoerotism.

We discard our towels and start playing with each other. He gets on his knees and starts sucking me off. I reach down and first play with his nipples, then I reach over and gently play around with his bum and eventually finger him. He sinks lower down into my fingers, indicating to me that he wants to be fucked.

I put on a condom and apply lube on my cock. Then I lube up his eager, round ass. He gets on the raised makeshift bed and lies back so that he is facing me, while I stand off the side of the bed with his feet resting on my shoulders. I enter him and he winces. I pause for him to get used to me inside him. It feels warm inside there. He relaxes. I feel he is comfortable; I start a slow rocking motion with my hips. Back and forth I rock, gradually increasing the pace. He gets more relaxed and his legs spread wider allowing my thrusts go deeper. He starts jerking himself off. I take my rocking motion up a notch and maintain pace. He strokes himself harder; I increase my pace. He arches his back up, lets out a deep moan and shoots his load over his belly. I give a few hard thrusts and shoot my load as well.

I withdraw from inside him and we wipe off excess lube and say thanks to each other. I go and have a shower and head to the bar for a soft drink, to try and replace any lost fluids and recover.

I finish my drink; my batteries are at half charge. I head to the dry sauna area to get some heat into my body. A blonde muscular guy, mid 30s, about 6’ 3” tall is lying face down naked on one of the benches. I sit on the empty bench opposite him. I had seen him earlier when I was doing my tour, but I didn’t realise how muscular and pert his arse was. Instant arousal on my part; batteries now at full charge, I guess. Thankfully I have a towel round me to cover the level of charge.

It’s just both of us in the dry sauna. We get talking and it turns out he is a biochemist living in Prague. He is local. Thank goodness, he isn’t from the Twink factory. I ask him if he wants to go upstairs to one of the cabins and fool around. He hesitates and says he is a bottom. I adjust my towel so that he catches a glimpse of my cock, and I say with a smile, “It’s handled.”

We find a cubicle. We close the door. He simultaneously drops his towel and pulls mine off. He goes for my pecs and starts sucking on my nipples, at the same time he reaches down and starts playing with my cock. It feels good. I run my hand up and down his strong back. He gets on his knees and takes me into his mouth. He makes slurping sounds as his heads bobs back and forth along my long hard shaft, blowing into it at the tip of my cock. He does this for about a minute. He gets up, pulls out a condom and expertly rolls it over my cock. He takes lube from the dispenser and applies it on my cock. Then he applies a generous amount into his arse. He gets on the bed, on all fours, assuming the doggy position. He arches his back, inviting me to enter him. I get into position behind him and enter him. No resistance felt. He hardly winces. I start off nice and slow, but he moves his ass back towards me to meet my every stroke. His movements are hurried, so I match his pace. There is a lot of slapping sounds coming from the collision of his arse hitting my groin, in addition to me slapping his glutes, leaving red imprints on his pale arse. This only seems to excite him more.

After about five minutes, he pulls away from me, turns around and lies on his back. I get on top of him, and we assume the missionary position. Though he is making the right noises each time I plough into him, he is not erect. He is not just a bottom, he is a POWER bottom!

We continue in this position for a bit longer. I suggest we change positions as the mattress is narrow, I can’t get my form right and it isn’t very comfortable for me. So I get off the bed, standing by the side, he spins on his back so that he is facing me and his arse is just off the edge of the bed. His strong long legs are now over my shoulders and I slam into him. I reach for his soft cock and stroke it to get it hard. My thrusts get harder and a bit faster as I continue stroking his cock. We have been at it for over 10 minutes. My legs are beginning to crap up. He finally gets hard.

Time to bring this home. I jerk him off a bit harder as my thrusts become quicker and harder. I am sweating, my heart is beating fast – this is like High Intensity Interval Training. His is sweating as well. He has a look on his face, as if pleading with me not to let him come. He tries to stop me. I refuse, for I am close as well. I go in for the kill, digging deeper and harder. He clenches his glutes, lets out a loud deep sound and shoots his load over his face and on the wall behind him, some landing on his chest as well. Just then, I give one last thrust, tense my glutes and shoot my wad in him. I spasm a few times. I pull out my still erect cock and lean back on the wall behind me, panting and catching my breath.

Breathing back to normal, we wipe off with our towels, say goodbye and I head for the shower. I am done for the day. I go to the locker room, change into my clothes and leave satisfied.

Now, I feel ready to face the busy week ahead of me.

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  1. KryxxX
    June 05, 05:40 Reply

    “Yet the heavily botoxed ruler takes off his shirt in public every summer to expose his moobs and pecs, as a show of his strength and virility whilst somehow managing to exude homoerotism”.

    I pirry your life when Putin catches ur D nd skewers it for you to eat!

    And who ends sex when one cums? You continue till the other cums too biko!

    I hope this is fiction shaa. Nice write Keredim!

  2. JArch
    June 05, 06:50 Reply

    This explains alot… In so many interesting ways

  3. Mitch
    June 05, 06:56 Reply

    Kere, whatever happened to foreplay with that suffix in your name? Nice write-up BTW

    • keredim69
      June 05, 07:05 Reply

      Thanks Mitch.

      Foreplay? Was in a rush. “Ain’t nobody gat time for that”☺️☺️

    • JArch
      June 05, 07:20 Reply

      Lol Mitch (most) patrons of saunas and bath houses aren’t looking for love or romance. They don’t even want to know the first letter of your first name sef. So foreplay is of zero interest to them. You’d be lucky if you get a kiss from some.

      Its all Wham-bam- (no thank you)- onto the next one

      • JArch
        June 05, 09:09 Reply

        That’s not a bad idea you know. We can mix business with pleasure. Ironically I’ve got a Dutch and a Frenchie coming into Abuja soon and they asked me if there are any cruising spots around.

        However I doubt this anti-gay law would allow us to operate lol.

        • keredim69
          June 05, 10:24 Reply

          No one has to know it exists… Just select few. Private members’ club like

          • pinkpanthertb
            June 05, 11:04 Reply

            Oh yum! *rubbing hands with glee* Are we plotting some use of our gaypower here? 😀

      • JArch
        June 05, 11:20 Reply

        Pinky you’ll be our PR person, ensuring that the publicity of our spot reaches only a limited number of people. Strictly by invitation

  4. Peak
    June 05, 06:56 Reply

    That moment when ur effort and work gets rewarded with a well formed arch!

    Wet wet friday morning in lagos. I thinks I need a shot to go with this HOT read.

  5. JArch
    June 05, 07:14 Reply

    I learnt from the best… But am sure you can figure it out loool

    Will buzz you later when I settle down at work

  6. Masked Man
    June 05, 07:33 Reply

    Keredim, why na?
    This wet, cold morning.
    Well done.

  7. sinnex
    June 05, 07:43 Reply

    Hmmmm….Keredim, do u care to disvirgin me?

    Anyway, you must be living the life most Nigerian gay guys can only dream of.

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 05, 07:49 Reply

      Hehehehee! Oh sinnex, you make it so easy for me. but I’ll just keep my mouth shut here.

      • Max
        June 05, 07:58 Reply

        *extends my fingers to pry that food hole open…**, Say it Pinky, Say it!!!

    • Masked Man
      June 05, 08:00 Reply

      Keredim, ngwa!
      Come and do what you know how to do best.

    • Teflondon
      June 05, 08:48 Reply

      **rolling eyes**
      Here we go again.. The proverbial “Virgin Mary”
      Can we make a reasonable point without actually mentioning ‘Virgin’ in it. Can we?
      And Yes Sinnex! I’ll come at you if I want to when I want to.. Unlike the Cowardly way you’ve been going abt yours.

      • Mitch
        June 05, 10:44 Reply

        Tef, are you mad at Sinnex for trying to snatch your ‘Hypocrite Of The Year’ award from you? Talk about twisted

  8. Max
    June 05, 07:59 Reply

    Now that was intense… **fans self**.
    Fantasy 101- Making out with a random dude in a sauna…

      • Max
        June 05, 09:15 Reply

        You got plane tickets @Pinky??

    • Peak
      June 05, 08:25 Reply

      That sounds like what a HOE would fantasise about. You can’t be possibly be telling us that u left ur mighty High Throne to have the Same type of dreams and aspirations as the average loHOEw man Would? Nah! It must be the weather
      **singing blame it on the rain in my jamie fox. Voice**

      • Max
        June 05, 09:14 Reply

        Lol @Peak… I don’t have your time today..

      • Max
        June 05, 09:14 Reply

        And the control word there is “fantasy”..

  9. xavier
    June 05, 08:40 Reply

    Nice one @Keredim. The last time I visited a sauna was on my first UK trip 6 years ago. It was quite overwhelming seeing so many guys in one place, I just took a tour round couldn’t do anything. I’m currently in London, would you recommend any good saunas where I can find jocks and not retirees.

  10. Diablo
    June 05, 08:40 Reply

    I’ve read your blog extensively, and aside from the occasional laughs ( the post where u were in Japan) ..I find myself getting hard. But id like to think there’s more to you than your sex trysts with men and casual sex? If so then, write abt those too. So your blog is abit more balanced and it doesn’t remain borderline porn.

  11. Teflondon
    June 05, 09:08 Reply

    If this piece was written to arouse me or massage my sexual fantasies. It failed woefully. I’m surprised people find this sexually appealing. It felt like I was reading furthermaths (Yes I do read maths), like Robots were having sex. It wasn’t explicitly discribed and interestingly conveyed. IMO. It read too routine like, like the sex was just an obligation to be fulfilled. I didn’t enjoy reading this one bit. I’ve read far better sexcapades articles on here and I’m afraid this as to be the worst of all.
    It was Written with such poor taste.

    • Max
      June 05, 09:18 Reply

      Your cheap attempt to deride a piece just because you and the writer have never been on the same page on this blog is quite laughable. We’ll just shove it into one of those “opinion boxes”.. You know, those ones that don’t matter..

      • Ace
        June 05, 15:53 Reply

        Max! Hahahahahahaha marry me now!

    • Masked Man
      June 05, 09:33 Reply

      I’ve been trying, trying to think you are better than this. I am just so angry with myself for wasting such time.

    • trystham
      June 05, 10:17 Reply

      Funny, I kinda agree with him.I was surprised it was the writer’s name at the end. I wondered if this was really Czech or Switzerland. It was too precise. Crossed the ‘t’ and dotted the ‘i’ like it was a busines fuck…I guess it was. I know it was a NSA Sauna Fuck, all the same, I had to google Czech to know if they were that uptight.

    • noel
      June 05, 10:26 Reply

      lol. TEF u can stir drama like hell. don’t know how you pull it off.

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 05, 11:08 Reply

      Erm, Tef, but there was a certain other not-so explicit sex story (written by Regal) which you applauded and lauded the writer for not being too detailed. And here you are, blasting away at some other sex writer (who we happen to know you often clash with) and you are deriding his piece?
      Come on, Teflondon. Don’t be so double-faced. You can actually admit to loving the piece, and I promise, we won’t think you’re admitting to a secret crush on keredim. Deal? 😀

      • Teflondon
        June 05, 11:36 Reply

        Regals piece was simple yet.. Conveyed with such sexual fluidity and appeal.. THIS on the other hand.. Is just…… What word can I use now… Yes! Mechanical.

        My opinions are never dependent on clashes on here, I say it as I see it. E.g if Max makes a reasonable point on here (which I clearly doubt he can do without being and sounding condensing, insultive and a tad petty) if I see reasons with him, even tho we aren’t the best of Frnds. I’ll agree with him.
        Abt crush on Keredim? really? Nways I’ll not dignify such statement or question with a response.

  12. xavier
    June 05, 09:24 Reply

    Many thanks @Keredim. London scene so drugged up.

  13. Tobby
    June 05, 10:22 Reply

    *adds visiting Prague on to-do list*

  14. JamesJemima
    June 05, 10:52 Reply

    Hmmmm.. I guess they are basically hookups that’s why everything seemed a bit mechanical/scripted. It did however arouse me. Where’s my lube, there’s some porn to watch… I’ve taken a particular fancy to some vers dude named siren.

    Twinks with bony arses… Won’t be traveling to Prague for the view then.

  15. Khaleesi
    June 05, 11:11 Reply

    Sigh …. this was vividly descriptive!! I have been to a few saunas in a few cities, but its weird to say this, i have never been able to have sex in a sauna. The idea of just walking into a place ahd having sex with a completely random stranger in a place that smells and reeks of sex, where you can hear and smell the sex all around you is a bit too much for me to handle. All the times, i have visited saunas, i just enjoy the lavish facilities and strike up convos with whoever I might find interesting there, and oh … the only one time i had sex in a sauna was with a friend whom I came in there with – we both found it a bit funny that we came to a sauna to look for hookups but ended up fucking each other … Nice piece Keredim, you do have quite an interesting life, pls do invite us into it much more often …

    • Teflondon
      June 05, 11:56 Reply

      “I have never being able to have sex in a sauna”
      “The only one time I had sex in a sauna was with a friend whom I came In there with”

      Your statements reeks of weird confusion.

      • Khaleesi
        June 05, 14:21 Reply

        @Tef, ehh yaaa … what could have gone so horribly wrong with you? what mishap could have slammed into you with such force as to have produced the catastrophic results we are now daily assaulted with … i doubt you can fix it, i wonder who can … #FixThisWhoever

  16. GOld
    June 05, 12:48 Reply



    On this cold Friday afternoon??

    Diaris God oh

  17. Ace
    June 05, 16:00 Reply

    Prague huh? I have always heard about the city of vices but this story confirms all I heard.

  18. Ringlana
    June 05, 17:11 Reply

    Lesson Learn’t today” I go and have a shower and
    head to the bar for a soft drink, to try and replace any lost
    fluids and recover”.Soft be Onochia now?

  19. posh6666
    June 05, 21:05 Reply

    I really enjoyed this piece.Honestly this is the kind of life i plan to live travel the world and just have uncomplicated fun no love stories whatsoever who has time for i love u blah blah blah.This is life! Nice1 mr Keredim.Miss Tefmushin or whatever aswer ur lame attempt at always trying to sound boogie and tush is so hilarious and really makes u look pathetic #jesusfixitforU.Guess this is ur lame attempt at imitating ur mentor mizz Chizzie #rip.

  20. Bane Salazar
    June 06, 05:21 Reply

    OMG Who are you?! We are exactly the same! Same ass fetis, like the exact same type and I have explored the prague gay scene too back in 2013! Nice to meet you whoever you are lol. You understand me

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