Dear KD: I Have An Issue of Blood

Dear KD: I Have An Issue of Blood

Hello everyone, I have a health challenge. I have been bleeding for a little over a month now after having sex.

It started happening right after the sex – which wasn’t anything particularly strenuous or adventurous – occurring whenever I would go to the toilet to do the number 2. I was afflicted by this for two weeks, then it stopped, and then started again about two weeks later.

This isn’t my first time engaging in anal sex, but this is the first it’s taking this long to for me to stop bleeding. I have tried a few remedies such as sitting in salt water and using Shea butter (this actually resulted in a cessation of the blood affliction for a few days).

I would please like to know if there are any medications or treatments I can take to make this stop and to also ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Submitted by Jayho

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  1. Sim
    September 28, 06:51 Reply

    Pls see a Dr.
    There is no need speculating- if u can’t locate LGBT health clinics pls ask pinky. If u don’t have transportation, please speak up too, many folks here may help.

  2. Levii
    September 28, 07:22 Reply

    Well I had same issue ones…I was just 17 then and I knew all I did was dabbing hot water directly to my hole and applying penecilin afterwards..well I did that for 4 months constantly!! And it stopped eventually…try go to queer clinic for possible solution!!

  3. Francis
    September 28, 07:41 Reply

    Please go and see a doctor. Any doctor. They don’t really need to know you engage in anal sex to fix the problem for you BUT you should know that anal sex is most definitely contributing to the bleeding so you MIGHT have to retire and find other ways of enjoying sex for now or sadly forever.

  4. Eddie
    September 28, 10:05 Reply

    Add fibre to your diet and buy Anusol anal suppository.

  5. Black Dynasty
    September 28, 14:28 Reply

    Could be haemorrhoids or a fissure…best to see a doctor asap. They would most likely prescribe gels and/or suppositories to help it heal.

  6. Cedar
    September 30, 06:30 Reply

    Had similar issue before. Could be anal fissure/haemorrhoid.

    First off, you have to hang your bottom boots, nothing should go in up there for now, not even a pin. In fact, you may start considering not bottoming again.

    Secondly, when using the bathroom, pls AVOID STRAINING as much as possible, that causes more pressure around your anal tissue/linings. DON’T SIT/SQUAT there longer than necessary, hurry up and leave there.

    DON’T SIT down for too long at a time, get up once in a while and walk around.

    DON’T walk/trek long distances, that will irritate your anal wall and cause more pain and then more bleeding.

    DON’T eat anything spicy or could make you purge, that’s inviting the enemy into your life.

    Include fiber and roughages in your diet, to bulk up your waste.

    AVOID acidic fruits as much as possible: pineapples and too much oranges are a no no.

    Try sitting on warm water if you can. Didn’t feel comfortable to me then, so I stopped.

    And good old water drink lots of it.

    These were what I did then. If after all these, you’re still having the pains/bleeding, then seek expert medical attention.

  7. Jayho
    September 30, 14:20 Reply

    Thank you all. Really appreciate your comments.

  8. Tobee
    October 01, 10:18 Reply

    Sorry to hear about your discomfort. From your description, two likely possibilities are either an anal fissure or haemorrhoids. Both involve the rupture of blood vessels in the lining of the anus rupturing. A fissure further involves a tear in the lining and is often painful, which you haven’t mentioned.

    Cedar’s post is helpful so I will only emphasise the important points: Rest the anus for now i.e. hold on with bottoming (or inserting dildos) – this is to give the anus time to heal. Avoid straining when you poo, this is like pumping a bleeding vein to make it bleed more; lifestyle modifications that can help soften your poo and avoid straining include eating high-fibre diets (actual fruits and vegetable, not the juice), drinking lots of water and physical activity (and avoiding sitting for too long).

    Anusol rectal suppositories can also help reduce the bleeding, inserted after each bowel movement. However, although I think it’s likely to be haemorrhoids, it’s still a good idea to have a doctor do an examination of your anus. This is to exclude any other anal conditions.

    When things clear up, you will still need to continue with the lifestyle modifications – to prevent further episodes as haemorrhoids can be recurrent. And when you resume sex again, it will be helpful to use lube liberally.

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