Dear KD: I Need HELP To Start Bottoming Again

Dear KD: I Need HELP To Start Bottoming Again

Hello guys, I need help from you regarding bottoming.

I am not a very sexual person and I do not have a very active sex life, as my work tends to get in the way. But this problem of mine started after I got treated for anal warts several months ago. Ever since then, my asshole has become so tight, even a 3-inch object couldn’t go in without stressing me.

I had an 8-inch dildo which I’d often tried sitting on, and the pain and stress that result from this make my efforts futile. So, then I started fingering myself with lube and it was fine, only for me to try sitting on the dildo again, and it was back to the impossibility. Eventually, I gave up.

Now, my contract job has ended and I have time. Time to give my sex life a boost. And I have tried working my hole with the dildo, and the results are the same. I then tried using my sister’s makeup brush, the bottom part of it. I lubed it well and tried inserting it into my hole and it went well. But my dildo has refused to go in with the same ease.

So, I am here, seeking help on what to do. How to get my asshole to loosen up so I can start having sex again. It is tiring for me to keep turning away guys who approach me, especially when I see that they are hung. I am often perceived to be a size queen, and I am not. I am so self-conscious of this, that I struggle with letting it known that I can’t take dick like I used to.

I want to feel good. I want to enjoy sex again like I used to. I read somewhere that Poppers help with this issue, and I’d like directions on how I can purchase this. I am on an imposed celibacy because of this, and I don’t want it. It’s been about 8 months since I last had some dick, and I want this to end.


Submitted by Ayo

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  1. Sinnex
    February 17, 06:30 Reply

    My brother, there is no need to stress yourself. Since you were able to finger yourself, why don’t you look for guys with small dicks. There are a lot of guys with pinky dicks out there who are looking for guys to screw. It will be a win-win situation for both of you. There is no crime in not being able to bottom for big dicks. Besides, you can do other stuffs apart from penetration.

    I also think you should first try to bottom for a guy. You can’t compare a dildo with the real thing. I hear that wanking yourself during sex reduces pain.

  2. Carlos
    February 17, 06:50 Reply

    Hey Ayo
    Some of the adverse effects of cryotherapy are pain and scarring.
    With excess scar tissue your anal canal might not be able to stretch out like it used to.
    If you forcefully try now, you might sustain serious bleeding which might result to another surgery.
    Some of these could be short lived. Meaning with time(allowing full healing to take place) you are likely to return to your bottoming prowess.

    Please take those baby steps all over again. Record your progress as you go. There is no competition as to which size of cock you can take.

  3. Baffled sister
    February 17, 10:47 Reply

    Now I’m forever going to smell make up brushes before I use them again. ???

    • nj
      February 17, 14:25 Reply

      Please tell me you got a new brush for your sister? Gross

    • AduResa
      February 17, 15:25 Reply

      Lmao, i was wondering what his sister’s offence was.

  4. Easy peasy
    February 17, 11:29 Reply

    I stopped at sister makeupbrush????
    More importantly u need to talk to her about boundaries ;yours
    Start small it might take a minute tho

  5. Blackish Traits
    February 17, 23:34 Reply

    Have you seeked medical help? I was once misdiagnosed with anal wart, I had to go through proper test which includes skin n blood test only for it to comes out as piles also known as hemorrhoids, which can be caused by constipation, pressure from the rectum, poor diet, not taking enough water and lifting of heavy metals, so please seek medical advice on every health issue first, go through test to be sure what really is wrong with you.
    Symptoms of hemorrhoids defer from person to person, your health is your wealth

  6. Black Bambi
    June 16, 17:07 Reply

    Well dead the truth is that theirs no user manual on how to bottom.
    the Anus is a very elastic sphincter, you just need to be relaxed and play with the dildo around the tip first, so your body would get used to it.
    you could do this ritual i do b4 taking something gigantic down there; you buy a butplug and insert it there a day before sex. its so easy . you could go out with it and all then by the next day your booty would be all relaxed and used to being penetrated, also tell your slef continuesly you’ll enjoy it and relax.

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