Two Queer Lagosians: One Needs A Marital Contract and The Other A Flatmate

Two Queer Lagosians: One Needs A Marital Contract and The Other A Flatmate

This post is about two queer men who are offering a co-parenting arrangement and accommodation. Check them out.


1. I am Kizz, and I am in my 30s, a good looking, independent, working class, bisexual man who is seriously in need of a working class (lesbian or bi) lady that would be willing to have children and co-parent them with me.

Please note that I am not interested in marriage nor would I force anyone to delve into something they don’t want. But if we both come to an agreement, we can work something out.

Any interested persons may reach me via email at

Thank you in advance.


2. Hello, I am Best. I currently live alone in a fully furnished self-contained flat in Yaba and I am looking for a community member (male or female) to share the space with me.

However, there are specific profiles of people I would prefer to live with. They should be non-smokers, someone who is neat and understanding, and who is willing to split the bills (that is, house rent and utility bills). Mutual respect and the consideration of boundaries are very important to me.

For more information, interested persons can email me at or call me on 08160274478.

Thank you as I hope to hear from you soon.

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