Dear KD: I Need To Bottom!!!

Dear KD: I Need To Bottom!!!

So, I am Bottom, but I haven’t been very lucky sexually, nor have I truly ever enjoyed sex since I started having it. And I am tired and almost giving up on sex.

When I started bottoming, I would always paint, because I didn’t know what was involved in having sex. I didn’t have any queer friends to give me direction. However, I started cleaning up and it got better and I began to enjoy sex.

Then fast-forward to the time when I had unprotected sex, and developed anal warts as a result. I dealt with this for almost two years, during which time I masturbated to let off konji. And I don’t really enjoy jerking off.

The warts were finally all gone in March, and I tried to link up with someone, but my ass just couldn’t open up. It was as though I’d forgotten how to open up to receive a dick. That hookup of course didn’t work out. And thereafter, I bought a dildo to work on ahead of any other future hookups. I tried a few styles with the dildo, and they were mostly uncomfortable, especially when I tried sitting on it.

I eventually stopped what I was doing and decided to clean up. It was while I was washing up that I saw a swelling in my ass. I lost it. I thought the warts were back and it made me very sad.

I went to see a doctor and after his examination, he said I didn’t have warts. I told him about the difficulty I experienced with my hookup and then the dildo, and he said I should take sitz baths, and that I should add more fiber to my diet and increase my intake of water (which I have been doing till date).

A friend posted a picture on twitter of a suppository that releases anal swellings, and I decided to try that. There was no change. I Googled hemorrhoids and treatment, and I found the suppository ointment there. So, I bought another one and kept using.

Without revealing much, I complained to a lady who sells herbs in my area and she told me to take some herbs that would push the swelling inside. I followed her prescription to the letter, and still nothing.

I recently went to the clinic and showed the doctor that there was no progress, and he insisted that I continue with my sitz baths. But the heat from sitz bath gave me a tear some weeks ago, so I had to stop because my ass hurt and I couldn’t take a shit without feeling serious pain. I didn’t take any sitz baths until the tear healed, sticking instead with the ointment and herbs stuff.

I texted the doctor the other day to complain some more about my ass, even sending him a picture of the swelling that had refused to go away, and he appears to be stuck on the broken record about me taking sitz baths.

I honestly don’t know if I can keep up anymore. I am tired. I need help. I want to have sex. I want to bottom and be happy. Without being immodest, I know I’m a dead sexy guy, and I get a lot of guys coming my way. But I can’t give myself to them for sex. I always manage to run after foreplay, and I’m afraid I may be creating a reputation for myself as a cock tease. And I don’t like that.

I need to bottom. I need help, KDians. Please help me. Tell me stuff I can do to save my sex life.

Written by Daniel Brian

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  1. Sim
    October 17, 06:14 Reply

    Hello Dear Daniel,

    You may still have warts but internally situated. It’s common to have internal wart and unfortunately there is no topical treatment but surgery. Another differential, would be fissures but I can rule that out because you still pass stool (void). If you are rich, seek out Dr Ola*** in National Hospital Abuja- he was trained here in the USA to use HRA to cauterize internal warts and it can be done in GOPD without hospitalization. Any other method will warrant serious surgery with long weeks of hospitalization and pains.

    • Yus
      October 17, 07:34 Reply

      Hi Daniel,

      I seem to have the same condition as you. It’s tiring, after trying suppositories and anal ointments, and doing the sitz baths, hoping one gives results; but nope, I’m still hoping.
      My cousin had haemorrhoid surgery in Abuja a few years ago, but the annoying girl doesn’t even remember the name of the hospital now. She did mention hospitalization and plenty sitz baths as post-surgery care though.
      The cauterization Sim wrote about sounds like a better option. I am going to do it.

      Hi Sim,

      I stay in Abuja, and I am interested in the cauterization. Can i get your email address, please?

    • Q
      October 18, 07:27 Reply

      Please how much would an appointment with Dr Ola cost

  2. Higwe
    October 17, 07:49 Reply

    Your pseudonym though ? ….

    I honestly think you should get tested for HIV …and just like Sim said , seek other medical options .

  3. Francis
    October 17, 12:23 Reply

    Your matter is sounding like anal stricture and na money for surgery kill am. I hope you get the help you need sha. Best wishes

  4. Malik
    October 18, 14:34 Reply

    Or you find other ways of pleasuring yourself. The human body hardly ever regenerates perfectly after significant injury so all these repeated attempts to get your asshole to expand may just injure you and make it even tighter.

    The thought of never bottoming again may be a hard one to accept but there are worse things: like losing sensation and function down there; like cancer.

    I totally support seeing a medical specialist or consultant but don’t get desperate to the point of trying any and everything. It is more likely to get worse than better that way.

  5. J
    October 18, 17:57 Reply

    Daniel please take it easy on yourself. Get treated first and avoid anything that can complicate issues s… When you heal, you will have enough sex I believe. Your health comes first,guard and treasure it all your might.

  6. Lorde
    October 20, 13:18 Reply

    Theres a reason why your doctor is iinsisting on sitz bath, and fibre diet, haermmorhoids are caused as a complicatiom of constipation, and dilation , inflammation of ANAL vessels, therefore a WARM(NOT HOT) sitz bath reduces both. If you’re getting hurt from sitz bath,it’s either you’re using hot water which is wrong, or you’re or your salt is too concentrated.
    And this procedure is not magical, it takes time,but it works. Dont expect a miracle in a week. Abd eat fibre, so youre not constipated, and you won’t strain, and cause more swelling and pain or possible bleeds. Haemorrhoids aren’t sth to play with oo…how does an herb or a drug push anatomical structures back into the body???

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