Did You Attend The Lagos “Pride” Event?

Did You Attend The Lagos “Pride” Event?

Yesterday, the Nigerian LGBT woke up to the news that an event titled the Night of Diversity 2019, organized by the Bisi Alimi Foundation had been held in Lagos on Tuesday, October 29. This event, which was funded by the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Martin Prendergast, Stephen Fry and Paul Gambaccini, was held in the premises of the British Deputy High Commission.

It wasn’t the occurrence of the event that caused a stir on social media though; it was the post updated by the organizer, Bisi Alimi, alleging that the event was an “LGBT pride event”, an allegement that most mainstream media latched on to and ran with, updating such headlines like “Nigerian Gay Rights Activist, Bisi Alimi, Organizes First Ever LGBT Pride Event In Lagos.”

Considering that by the very definition of “pride event”, such functions are supposed to be outdoor, loud, defiant and a celebration of a community, the fact that most of the Nigerian LGBT met this news with questions and bewilderment instead of an awareness that it happened, makes one wonder exactly how Bisi Alimi defines an “LGBT pride event”.

Of course, Twitter was not about to let this narrative stick.

So the question, I suppose, is: Who attended the “Lagos Pride Event”?

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  1. Mitch
    November 01, 07:11 Reply

    Definition of Pride, according to Bisi Alimi:-

    “An exclusive hangout for him, his bougie asslickers and a few elite gays.”

    If this isn’t false appropriation at it’s finest, I don’t know what is. Bisi just keeps stinking the whole atmosphere up with this nauseating nonsense he calls activism, using his privilege to make money off the worst of an entire group of people and being so absolutely shameless about it.

    Does he think we’re stupid? That we don’t see?
    He doesn’t know the way to reaching the lower class gays to invite them for his ‘security conscious’ event. But when he’s collected foreign dollars and pounds for healthcare and health sensitization of the LGBT community, he knows how to find the lower class gays to magnanimously share condoms and lube to them.

    Bisi is mad!
    Full final stop!

  2. Duc
    November 01, 07:39 Reply

    I declined the invite but a few friends attended. Let’s just say y’all didn’t miss anything. Two of the performers were hella impressive from a video clips a friend sent me.

  3. Duc
    November 01, 07:43 Reply

    I hate that this ruptured appendix looking fucker is the “face” the Nigerian LGBT community.

  4. BlackPope
    November 01, 07:43 Reply

    There was I, trying to congratulate Bisi for this event and thinking that the LGBT community in Nigeria is making progress and then boom ?, I saw these Twitter controversy and some post made by folks…

    Although, I follow Bisi and I was aware about the event because he posted on Facebook, I even applied to be sent an invite… ???

    And then these questions comes on my mind; Are you sure you’re gonna be an LGBT activist someday (that’s my dream anyways), Have you got the right connections, Do you have money to be gay in Nigeria, Have you traveled out of the country, Do you have the necessary information about the LGBT community in Nigeria, Do you have friends or people you’d run out to for help, if a friend or someone you know is in trouble? Obviously, NO!!!

    I’ve just Msytique Evolving who helped out with persons I could talk to after my Kito experience and Kito Diaries. Even Chijioke Okoli blocked me on Facebook over a funny issue (Nigerians and Nigeria ?)…

    I have always thought that, being a Queer and Poor in Nigeria is a wasteful venture. I’ve always thought that you need connections being a Gay in Nigeria and as a queer in Nigeria, if you haven’t traveled out of this country, my dear you just need to remain in your shell. Don’t even come out to No one. Just be locally informed and play your cards very well.

    With the recent updates and past event I’ve faced, I think my thoughts are somewhat right and till I see some positive vibes in the LGBT community, with the poor and helpless having a say in the affairs of the Community. Until a homeless member of the community is giving shelter by our big wigs, Until a person is offered help after a Kito case and not being lashed out by fellow members, Until that queer person with a health issue is being cared for, Just Until then all I can say is We profess fake love as LGBT’s. I don’t see a future in the Litigation of the LGBTQ rights here in Nigeria (even though some persons are working effortlessly, tirelessly and voluntarily to see that happen). I see a selfish people in the community. The pretence on social media is of an insurmountable proportion. ✌️ ❤️ ?️‍?

    • Brown lip
      November 01, 11:18 Reply

      Well,you may never conclude that people don’t do stuffs fir community members;;some do that you are not aware of..
      SOme do it quietly thereby touching lives. .not everyone likes the publicity of telling the world an act of kindness to the community.
      That you don’t see them talk about it,doesn’t mean they are not doing something. .

      At the risk of sounding immodest,I know how many gay related cases in police station and some courts I have personally handled pro bono..

      I know how my colleagues castigates me for taking up such cases;because to them they will never do so..

      I know of a particular female high court Judge who one day asked the clerks to tell me to meet her in chambers after she has risen. I went to meet her,she categorically asked told me to my face that she’s suspecting me that I am the only lawyer who keeps on appearing for the defense in such cases,not only that,, carry out my case with such passion and vigor and that’s why she keeps granting my clients bail in not too stringent terms.. she said hope it’s basically professional if not ,if she finds out that I am gay,she will personally report me to NBA (I laughed sha)..

      The things we do for our community members is only Gid that can reward us,sometimes you even regret why you have to go that extra miles for them and they will never appreciate your efforts.

      All I am saying is it’s not entirely true that people are not helping. ..

      They are but just that you don’t know about it…
      YOu can start from the little you can..

      I have said this and I will say this again,I may not have the money to give because I don’t have but I can help them regain their freedom and dignity if trampled upon.

  5. Higwe
    November 01, 07:45 Reply

    Unpopular opinion but Pink Panther has done more for the gay community in Nigeria than Bisi and co .

    It just happens that Pink P is not an attention seeking , fame hungry , desperate clout chaser .

    I really hope one day , you’ll get the recognition you really deserve.

    You’ve given a lot of us a platform to express ourselves and not for one sec have you exploited us ……uhmm maybe a little bit ?

    But then , you’ve given a lot more than you’ve taken .

    I think the biggest flaw with Bisi’s activism is that he towers over his agenda.

    For the longest time all I’ve ever known about gay activism in Nigeria is – Bisi and the gays .

    Which is really a problem .

    And this is where Pink P shines effulgently … because he didn’t make his agenda all about himself .

    Here , everyone gets to shine .

    We get to share our struggles , pains , triumphs..

    We seek counsel.

    Give counsel.

    Show our B(M)itchy sides ?

    Flaws …


    Warped judgements


    And that’s what gay activism should be all about.

    Showcasing different humans from all walks of life with unique stories , talents and attitudes – who are bonded by a shared sexuality … and deserve to live freely like every other member of the civilised society.

    And to a great extent , I think you’ve achieved albeit anonymously what uncle Bisi has been trying to and failing to achieve for donkey years.

    • Mandy
      November 01, 08:27 Reply

      Wait a minute, I just now realized something. Higwe, it was your comment about Bisi’s porn past that our esteemed gay rights activist used to target and out PP.

      LMAO. The sheer paradoxical nature of it all: Gay rights activist. Outing a gay community member. SMH.

      • Higwe
        November 01, 09:15 Reply

        Welp ! ??‍♂️ ?

        I did aye ? ?

        Uncle Bisi might still be reading .

        We don’t want to set him off again .

    • Houston Scholar
      November 01, 15:54 Reply

      Sigh! This is an accurate description of the work PP has been doing in this virtual space and even offline. I have personally benefited tremendously from the works of PP. This site has provided me with an antidote to manage the struggles that come with being a sexual minority. You can easily decipher that PP is not chasing fame or wanting to claim credit for being the “first anything”. He genuinely cares about the safety of everyone here and this is evident from the way he composes the Kito stories section of this website. If you are reading this, I want you to know that many of us here appreciate your work. I was surprised speaking to a friend from Jigawa state (based in Dutse) and he told me how much he has benefited from Kito Diaries. That guy has never heard of the name “Bisi Alimi” before talkless of being impacted by all the “first” Bisi has achieved so far in his resume. Though I respect him for his initial bravery, his penchant to always be in the spotlight and personalize anything that has to do with this milieu is too extreme. Romeo’s tweets perfectly captured my thoughts on this issue. This is classism and elitism at its best.

  6. Delle
    November 01, 07:54 Reply

    The idiocy of it all

    That’s all I have to say.

  7. Mandy
    November 01, 08:28 Reply

    Bisi Alimi gives a whole new definition of buffoonery. No one this problematic can go on without one day answering to karma. The day he’ll self destruct will be such a joy to witness.

  8. Malik
    November 01, 09:56 Reply

    I almost attended this. Thank you Jesus.

    But really, we need to fix up all these queer factions, stop organising silly, divisive events, stop peddling falsehoods, respect one another and find common ground ahead of the Queer Vision 2025.

  9. Black Dynasty
    November 01, 10:58 Reply

    I think to a lot of people, it’s clear that he’s a self serving fraud.

  10. Jinchuriki
    November 02, 16:58 Reply

    Why am i in so much pain?
    I shouldn’t care about this, considering I’ve already assumed a certain character, but why am I in pain?

  11. Babji
    February 06, 09:24 Reply

    To be Openly Gay in Africa requires money, connections and power ……and unfortunately many of us here have none sooooooo

    Who the hell is Bisi Alimi ? Never heard of him, and I didn’t even know there was a pride event in Lagos leave alone Nigeria

    Anyways where are the keyboard activists who are just yelling on twitter and facebook?? Go and put your faces on an event for us to see …..

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