“We Have A Duty To Hold Each Other Accountable.” Pamela Adie weighs in on the #LagosPride fiasco

“We Have A Duty To Hold Each Other Accountable.” Pamela Adie weighs in on the #LagosPride fiasco

The social media debate is still raging on over the authenticity of Bisi Alimi’s intentions when it comes to representing the Nigerian LGBT. I mean, he did say at one time that his “activism is personal”. Apart from the disingenuity of labelling what, it turns out, was ultimately a private LGBT function for just a select few a “Lagos Pride Event”, the also comes into question the extent Alimi has gone to profit off of the travails of the Nigerian LGBT community.

Taking to twitter, Pamela Adie raised some questions that we really should be asking the international community who are funding Bisi Alimi’s efforts.

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  1. Omiete
    November 01, 13:37 Reply

    Why are we saying no lgbtqia person we know was there. I know like 4 people who attended and I’m sure we all know people who did, if only they just open up and say I attended “Lagos Pride” But really though what was the money spent on

      November 02, 08:20 Reply

      We are saying that because WE DO NOT KNOW ANYONE who attended the event. It’s a very straightforward statement.

      You are the second person of ALL the community members I know who “knows” 4 of the people who attended the event (meaning you didn’t attend it either).

      No one is saying the event was not attended by anyone. It is just that it was done in such a hush hush manner that it was no different from any other LGBT themed dinner party of some sort that has been held in the past. That’s not pride. There’s no novelty in that.

      Call it what it is – a fancy LGBT themed event and nothing more.
      Don’t rope the rest of us into something that absolutely does not concern us.
      It was not done for the NIGERIAN LGBTQI community. It was done for Bisi Alimi and friends.

  2. Shawn
    November 01, 14:08 Reply

    did any known LGBT+ person KNOWN in Nigeria attend the called “first ever LGBT event in Nigeria” as Guardian reported it?

    • Omiete
      November 01, 16:26 Reply

      YESSSSSS check your favorites on twitter

      • Colossus
        November 02, 06:31 Reply

        “Check your favourites on twitter”

        This shows and confirms what people have been saying. It was an exclusive event, a gay pride is never an exclusive event.

        • Mitch
          November 02, 07:26 Reply

          Colossus, hapukene the individual. They know what we’re saying is true. All this one na long talk e dey find.

          Favourites on Twitter ko
          Celebrities on Facebook ni

        November 02, 08:22 Reply

        I have checked my favourites on Twitter and Facebook – out and proud LGBT community members. They didn’t know about it either.

  3. Tristan
    November 02, 10:51 Reply

    It surprises me when some people hold a brief for Bisi Alimi’s mischief. Dude’s devilry is out of this world.

    Is it even possible to host a pride event in Nigeria at the moment when we are still very much apprehensive attending a simple, secret and coded ‘tb’ party?

  4. Jay Belu
    November 03, 11:30 Reply

    First I saw this post, I didn’t want to read it cos I already know but my curiosity no gree me. Now that I’ve read it, the article confirmed my suspicions.
    It’s probably that same end of the year dinner thing he did last year, with special invite to selected few(none of the people I know knew about this event), where guests were not even encouraged to mingle.
    I wonder what he’s even playing at. He has a virtual foundation with no physical address. The only event he organised all year was one skills workshop (if you see application process eh) that everyone I knew that applied were denied admittance and he has the liver to say “first ever”.
    I guess the one I’ve been attending every month and sometimes twice in a month are not community events… Yeye dey smell

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