Photos: All The Purple and the Men at Banky W’s Traditional Wedding to Adesua Etomi

Photos: All The Purple and the Men at Banky W’s Traditional Wedding to Adesua Etomi

So singer Banky W and actress Adesua Etomi have wedded traditionally. At the wedding, hashtagged #BAAD2017, there was of course a heavy celebrity presence, the men which included Segun and Tunde Demerum, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Temi Wellington and Olamide Adedeji amongst others, the groomsmen who were all decked out in purple.

Let’s have a look at some of the pictures of these purpled-men.

The Groom

The Bride and Groom

The Groom and Groomsmen

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  1. Johnny
    November 20, 06:17 Reply

    I wee not say anything but what Adesua did to me is unfair. Tell oga demuren that he’s married Biko.
    Who is the brother having hard-on beside Bovi ?

    I got tea but let you guys spill it first.

    • Shuga chocolata
      November 20, 08:06 Reply

      Johnny did you just say ? Tea ?
      Please spill even if it’s just a drop ?, we will manage….

    • rx
      November 20, 18:33 Reply

      Don’t tell me Oga D is cheating

  2. shawn
    November 20, 06:59 Reply

    what the tea dwarling?

  3. Ken George
    November 20, 07:29 Reply

    Wen i look at ebuka all i think of is his nice big “packaging”. Lol

    Weddings are truly beautiful. God bless ur union Banky. I bind every spirit of kitoism in your life, Amin!

  4. rx
    November 20, 18:30 Reply

    Ebuka my sweetheart

  5. ANHUI
    November 21, 11:52 Reply

    Turn heads??? No he actually broke necks. Lord Every “Ebuka” coming to my wedding to steal my shine… What are you waiting for? Fall down n die by fire!!!

  6. Malik
    November 22, 11:26 Reply

    I just wanna say that this was probably the biggest agbada fashion event ever. It was Nigerian men’s fashion at it’s best. Salute to all the designers and hot men that havenput the sexy back in nativewear.

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