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Editor's Desk 5 Comments
Editor's Desk 5 Comments

The Minority Report on The Nigerian Gay Culture

From gay roles (top and bottom) and the stereotypical attributes that go with them, to the normalizing of pedophilia and statutory rape in the gay community, and the mindset of

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Frank Ocean Shares Moving Essay About Homophobia and the Orlando Tragedy

Four years after shocking the R&B world by revealing his first love was a man and subsequently releasing the stunning Channel Orange, Frank Ocean has shared some moving words about


  1. Higwe
    September 16, 06:38 Reply

    Lynxxx is /was always straight.
    And yes I do know him well.
    You can’t possibly lose what you never had. (rolls eye)

    • Pink Panther
      September 16, 06:42 Reply

      Well, that was straight up defensive for a situation that wasn’t even threatening.

      I wasn’t aware his sexuality was under scrutiny or that anything in this post suggests that we wanted to have him.

      Ease up, brutha. Take a joke and move on.

      • Mandy
        September 16, 08:00 Reply

        Lol. Pinky, easy with the snatching of edges abeg.

      • Foxydevil
        September 16, 08:40 Reply

        His comment is sensible, yours actually is the one that isn’t.
        He says the dude has always been straight which means regardless of his religious standing, you never stood a chance, so why are you weeping that God has allegedly taken him captive?
        Maybe he is a reoccurring character in your fantasy, and in one of those lucid dreams, you saw him take you in his arms and make you a woman.
        Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha
        It’s good to dream pinky cupcake. ????

        Am I the only one that can’t place this lynxx’s claim to fame?
        He is a hottie for sure ,but I swear ,I’ve never heard any song of his .
        He doesn’t do it for me anyway, he is way too handsome.
        I love my vanilla’s mixed with a little lime soda.
        Sweet and sour makes life go round. ?
        As for you pinky, keep crushing on unattainable people and rebuffing the advances of moi who loves you with all my heart. One day you’ll wake up and I will be gone, and lynxx will still be straight. Hahahaha hahahahahaha
        Waiting for your reply, I know you are already preparing a barrage of vocabulary for your “epic ? back ”
        Imma out of here ?.

        • Pink Panther
          September 16, 08:57 Reply


          If you haven’t learned by now, get it now: I’m never going to engage you. Ever. Antagonise me all you want, I’m over your histrionics.

          • Foxydevil
            September 16, 09:15 Reply

            And here I was pricing my wedding gown and waiting for your 20 carat, studded diamond ?.
            How sad it is that my beloved pinky will never engage me, oh! Heavens take my life now. I’m never gonna marry the love of my life.
            Pinky bloom, please reconsider, I need that engagement, my maternal clock is ticking. Let’s hurry up and make little pink babies. ???????????

            • Brian Collins
              September 16, 14:48 Reply

              Can somebody grab me a bucket? I don’t know if I wanna retch or just kick it.

              • trystham
                September 16, 17:43 Reply

                Have two! You can do both conveniently

        • Gad
          September 17, 12:15 Reply

          I have to confess that you are amongst the few in our world who dares to say things the way they see it. Your refusal to say things to sound politically correct is quite commendable. Keep it up. Keep being real,dear.

  2. Tobby
    September 16, 07:49 Reply

    What will we do with our lives now ??

  3. Mandy
    September 16, 08:01 Reply

    I heard about the news when he became born again o. I thought it would just be a fad. But the dude is determined to remain an instrument of Christ o. It’s a shocking something.

  4. Delle
    September 16, 09:13 Reply

    Wait, is it that when you are becoming ‘almost’ irrelevant in the Industry, you turn to Religion? I don’t get this.

    Oh well…

    • Gag
      September 16, 09:25 Reply

      Omo some new generation men of God earn well now oh!! And there is no tax. I am sure you have seen some on IG and blogs. Lol. *justkidding*

      • Delle
        September 17, 01:44 Reply

        Lol! Be like say me sef go join the bandwagon. Lemme be burning pink incense to the Lord ?

  5. trystham
    September 16, 12:34 Reply

    See wahala o. Did he not recently feature in a secular song? Abeg he shud gaan rest biko. That he hasn’t had a “Welcome Back” hit song like Mase don’t mean we don’t know where his true alliances lie

  6. Pankar
    September 16, 14:57 Reply

    Since when did we become enemies to Christ. Not me o. And being gay and christian mixes so well.. Its the height for me

    • Gad
      September 17, 12:21 Reply

      Exactly my thoughts

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