14 Hilariously Awkward Coming Out Stories That Did Not Go As Planned

14 Hilariously Awkward Coming Out Stories That Did Not Go As Planned

PinkNews took a look at some of the best accidentally funny and awkward coming out stories on the internet. And I simply had to share.

1.This mother who was actually relieved to find out her son was gaycoming-out-1

2. This brave teen came who out while tackling her homophobic grandmacoming-out-2

3. The dad who failed to see the problem with his son’s sexual preferencescoming-out-3

4. And this girl who cleverly came out by playing on a traditionally homophobic puncoming-out-4

5. This dad who believes in stating the obviouscoming-out-5

6. The friend who likes to bring light relief to an often stressful situationcoming-out-6

7. These parents who reacted in the best way possiblecoming-out-7

8. This dad who cared more about cranberry sauce coming-out-8

9. This dad who just wanted to barbecuecoming-out-9

10. The mother who cares more about her daughter’s bracescoming-out-10

11. Or this one who prefers Ellen DeGenerescoming-out-11

12. The dad who is actually jealous of his daughter’s love lifecoming-out-12

13. Or the mom who lost this betcoming-out-13

14. And finally – we’re pretty certain this gay guy wasn’t expecting THIS reaction from his fathercoming-out-14

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  1. Law
    February 17, 07:22 Reply

    Number 5 got me tripping…. Lol, so many parents know d obvious

  2. Shar
    February 17, 07:33 Reply

    These kinda stories depress me when i know deep down the obvious reaction from my parents will be a trip to reverend father mbakas adoration ground to “pray the gay out of me” as ive heard them suggest repeatedly to several gay owning families.

  3. R.A
    February 17, 07:44 Reply

    Lol! Papa Lori couldn’t take it no more???

  4. Mandy
    February 17, 09:19 Reply

    ‘Sorry, I thought we’d switched to saying things that were stupidly obvious.’ LMAO!!! The dad in number 5 killed me.

  5. chuck
    February 17, 09:32 Reply

    All these ministers that pray the gay away are suspect

  6. KingBey
    February 17, 09:58 Reply

    Number 5 would be my Parents and Immediate Elder brother. Lol. Number 13 is the coolest. All the parents mentioned above just have to be White. No black parent is taking that news in a cool way be it here or overseas.

    • Lothario
      February 17, 11:55 Reply

      Your parents are #5? You’re really lucky!

  7. ambivalentone
    February 17, 10:02 Reply

    I loved No 2. That kinda anger tho. But I can’t just decide which of this is my favorite. The fb one was boring but ptetty ingenuous

  8. KingBey
    February 17, 10:05 Reply

    Just like back in 2012 when I came out to my closest cousin. He was like “duh, ain’t it obvious?” Then I asked why he would suspect me. Then he rolled his eyes and asked me which Straight guy loves Beyonce the way I do. Then we started laughing. Next week, he was asking to Skype together with my BF and telling me how gay guys hit on him in his Gym. BTW, he’s a smoking hot guy. ?

  9. Tobby
    February 17, 10:38 Reply

    Nigeria in the next….

  10. Lothario
    February 17, 11:59 Reply

    Lol! Thank God for all of them…. No Nigerian parents will sit through the confession calmly.

  11. grass
    February 17, 15:34 Reply

    lol… my mom knows,she asked me, i denied,but i know she knows,infact she was tripping for one lighg skinned hottie that came to see me,she was grinning ear to ear when she saw him,occasionally asking bout him too,that woman! tueh! **my dad’s late**

  12. peaches
    February 17, 16:38 Reply

    When my mum asked, Do u have a girlfriend? i was lyk “No” in an ewwish manner, and she was like “what about a boyfriend?” i was like “mum, why all these questions?. Then she said ” because u like all these oyinbo girls, Nicki minaj and Beyonce dem too much, i see what u do with ur bumbum anytime their song is playing even in ur sleep.” But i think i wasntready, so i told her, ” ” its called twerk naw, pple of ur age didnt have back then”.

    • Kenny
      February 17, 17:30 Reply

      Your mum knows. Oya rest!

    • ambivalentone
      February 17, 20:01 Reply

      Lolest @ ‘even in your sleep’. I imagine how u twerk while asleep

  13. DI-NAVY
    February 17, 21:31 Reply

    My eldest brother will slit my throat first, my dad will fall sick and maybe have stroke. My mum will just bear it for some months, my immediate Bro will just wear a long hiss and say “wetin be my own”, my immediate younger bro will say “didi, abeg come find my that jeans abeg,n wetin concern me” my sister will just gimme a “hi_5 and be like, bitch, we have gist, u knw that guy i’m always gisting u abt” lol. The day I came out to my bestie, her line was ” o’cos hun, I know u are, which guy will resist a handsome guy, I went dumb”.lol. Truth is, most of our parents and siblings might know but that don’t want to believe it, they just want to be dreaming it. It’ll take forver for our African parents to come to the fact! The. Africa in them will never allow them. I’m never gonna come out to anyone, even if u catch me on toppa it! No be me u see oh. I just pray I look for a way to give them kids, a boy and a girl. Be it surrogacy oh, or adoption. Then I should be super rich and successful. Then I live happily ever after with my shugs! These funny outing really made me wish my parents could understand! If my family have my back! Fvck what other ppl think oh!

  14. sensei
    February 18, 17:39 Reply

    Omg! Lol! The parents who high fived each other! Awesome!

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