What We Are Most Grateful For At Christmas: 15 Gifts 2015 Gave To KDians

What We Are Most Grateful For At Christmas: 15 Gifts 2015 Gave To KDians

Last year, I asked KDians to tell us what they’d like for Christmas. The responses I got were varied and humorous. This year, the theme changed to gratitude. I simply wanted to know what KDians were most grateful for in this rapidly ending year of 2015, gifts they got from this year and gifts they want to keep on giving on to next year. And below are some of the best responses I got.

  1. I was privileged to meet some amazing people in the LGBT scene. Bisi Alimi, Akudo Oguahamba, Pamela Adie, Kenny Badmus. Next person I’d love to meet? Idris Elba. I’d love to have a weekend getaway with him and get on with exclusive sessions with him on a water bed. 2016, you better hearken onto this cry!
  2. Caitlyn Jenner was my gift of 2015. I wish more celebrity, local and international, will be as courageous as she was. The world would really be a better place for the LGBTI community when more prominent people in the community give us more visibility by being who they truly are.Gift of 2015 2
  3. One word: Tekno! All that hotness, and he’s not a gift from the gods? I noticed him this year, and he has been doing me yori-yori all year round.Gift of 2015 3
  4. I made incredible LGBT friends this year. Folks I could share my fears and dreams with. Folks who supported me. I am appreciative of that and I hope it stays on till 2016.
  5. I’m grateful that I spent some time this year whoring around. I was around the block a lot! And then BAM! I finally met someone who is making me slow down on my hoely ways. Even though I miss being a hoe, both online and in real life, I’m happy I met this person.
  6. I’m thankful for a KDian: Simba, who believed in me enough to set the ball in motion for me to get serious with my painting. I’m grateful for the many acquaintances I made, both on and off KD, those that made the rest of the year after I met them an adventure for me. I’m also grateful for Owl City, for music I can always count on to get me out of whatever funk I’m in.
  7. A gift of 2015? One word: Sensei. He is the one person who has impacted in my life more than words can say. When I found out I was HIV positive, I almost committed suicide out of depression twice. He got me out of that. He was there every step of the way, day and night, to guide me out of that darkness. Step by step, teaching me new things every day. He spent lots of nights on the phone with me, exposing me to different things I never knew existed. I have never had someone believe in me so passionately, like my problems were his, not even from my family who are aware of my status. They just know I’m strong about it, but they do not know where all that strength comes from. It all simply comes from one man, Sensei.
  8. I thank God for the prime minister of Luxembourg, who took the step to be the first married gay man in a position of power. It gives me hope, that I can relocate and marry a president or prime minister, and become first gentleman or first husband. And when they call for UN meeting of presidents’ spouses, I will go with my white agbada, ready to gossip with Michelle Obama and Sara Netanyahu over coffee and hors d’oeuvres.Gift of 2015 8
  9. The early detection of my status was my best gift ever. And I’m thankful for the posse of people who have helped me stay strong in the aftermath. I’m also grateful for Tyler Lepley, the reason I follow The Haves And Have Nots bumper to bumper; I bless the Good Lord for that fine, fine man. And the gift I wish to keep on giving is love, love and more love. That is the best gift I ever want to keep on giving me. I want a better version of me, a version who loves me more, who is patient with people, a version who forgives.Gift of 2015 9
  10. I am grateful for the gift of Kito Diaries. This opportunity to tell my stories and share my thoughts with fellow, like-minded (not everyone obviously) people has helped me a lot. From KD, I have learned to love and grow as a person. I have found entertainment and shared in the joys and sorrows of others. I have been inspired by the bravery of some who push on against all odds. And ultimately, KD has helped me find more and more of the bits and pieces that make up who I truly am. I want to thank PP for that.Gift of 2015 10
  11. For me, the one thing that was a gift to me this year is the gift of friendship. 2015 hasn’t been my best year by any stretch, but boy, have I FULLY understood the real meaning of friendships. Sometimes, all it takes is just a small answer to a complex question, having a sardonic sense of humour and empathy, and I have experienced rewards for some things I did long, long ago. Even though last year, I had to cut off tons of people from my life, it paved the way for amazing people to come through this year.Gift of 2015 11
  12. Sometime in 2013, I was set up by a gay guy I knew, my very own kito story. I later got to know that he and his friends did that to other gay people. Karma decided to give me the best gift ever this year, two years after my humiliation in this guy’s hands. He was trying to have sex with a teenager in his neighbourhood, and people got to know, and he was beaten really badly. He suffered complications from the beating and later died. And I must say, the news was received by me with satisfaction.
  13. I found love this year. And it was all because of the decision I took when I changed my laundry place. I began using a new Laundromat, and sometime through fabrics and the smell of soap, I met the guy who became my boyfriend and brought love to me.Gift of 2015 13
  14. I discovered this site where I can watch some really good gay porn. This is a very good gift for someone like me in a relationship with his hands. 😀
  15. Somneone screengrabbed and sent to me a comment I once made in the comments section of a KD post about relationships: ‘The One! I can’t imagine how many times I thought someone was the One and had it blow up in my face. Die-hard romantic that I am, I still keep an eye out. He really should show up soon.’ The someone who showed me this screengrab is my boyfriend. He did show up a few months later, and I’m really happy I met him, and I’m hoping that the relationship gets stronger and doesn’t crash and burn like everyone is prophesying. So, cheers to a happy and fulfilling 2016.
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  1. ken
    December 25, 06:18 Reply

    Am most grateful for not murdering any hateful homophobe this year…cos lawd knows some silly bitches really got on my nerves

    • Pink Panther
      December 25, 06:38 Reply

      Oh that’s not Dennis o. Somborri else, it seems, is competing with him for Tekno’s affections. lol

      • Masked Man
        December 25, 06:55 Reply

        Hi DM! Merry Xmas.
        Are you seeing this?
        The one true Tekno that you love.
        Fight for your love, man.

  2. Colossus
    December 25, 06:37 Reply

    Some of these responses are flat out hilarious. Merry Christmas to you all, may your hearts gladden with joy.

  3. Kerr
    December 25, 06:38 Reply

    The last point and the laundry one got me smiling. That’s really cute.

    I’m grateful for friends I made this year, who were always there to get me out of so many dramatic problems the year had put me through. *in Tiwa Savage’s voice * I no know where I for dey , without my friends today.

    I’m also thankful for difficult times this year. I would still be lily- hearted if not for the troubles and difficulties I’ve experienced this year. It taught me to be strong.

  4. Mandy
    December 25, 06:43 Reply

    Number 4. Heheee. spent a lot of time whoring around, eh? Only one person I know is an unapologetic whore around here.lol
    Number 7. Tribute to Sensei. That guy is looking larger and larger than life with every passing KD day.
    Number 8. LOL! First husband though. Ok o.
    Number 12. Wow. Very chilling. Karma took her bitchiness right to the very hilt.
    Number 14. ROTFLMAO!!!! Wank alert!
    Number 13, 15: Awwww… The gift of romantic love.

    • Masked Man
      December 25, 06:54 Reply

      Unapologetic whore abi? Well done.

      *walks away*

  5. simba
    December 25, 06:55 Reply

    Am very thankful for being saved from a mean, deadly relationship. Am thankful for the friends I met this year, they are my backbone. Am thankful for KD.. it gave me,the platform to have met many amazing people. Justjames, u have the most amazing smile….

    • Masked Man
      December 25, 07:05 Reply

      Awwwn, so cute. Yeah, I agree with the smile.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      December 25, 07:36 Reply

      Simba I like you, but you see JustJames is betrothed to me.

      Be checking out the smile with caution; I don’t share!


  6. Timi Leoficient
    December 25, 07:00 Reply

    merry Xmas oooo…. meeting bisi Alimi would be the best Xmas gift.

  7. Dennis Macaulay
    December 25, 07:06 Reply

    Why do people just want to die? Why will a human being just have a death wish?

    This is Christmas and you want to die? Who dares drag Tekno with me? Who be that maga? You get mind oo?

    See it is the season to be merry, not the season to die. Kindly retract your steps, pop stars are plenty so pick anyone!

    Don’t die because of Tekno!

    • Pink Panther
      December 25, 07:11 Reply

      So ‘love in sharing’ especially this Christmas season doesn’t mean anything to you eh? 😀

      • Dennis Macaulay
        December 25, 07:19 Reply

        Sharing what? Christmas spirit no reach where my baby dey abeg!

        Better warn that interloper! He should not die because of Tekno!

    • obatala
      December 25, 13:12 Reply

      #pumps fists in the air#
      come get me, I already made my moves so you don’t stand a chance.
      Leave my tekno for me thank you.
      last I checked, you were thunderstruck by a certain mavin crew member.
      #wears my “teamTekno” wifebeater#

  8. Chizzie
    December 25, 07:08 Reply

    Thankful for my amazing ass and nipples that every guy seems to like. Thankful for the new toning cream I discovered. Thankful I met “someone”, even though he can be the most annoying human on the planet. Thankful for the friends I made this year. Bla bla bla

  9. Wealth
    December 25, 07:13 Reply

    I’m grateful for life. And I’m grateful for not being in any kinds of set-up. I’m grateful for the series created this year,the like of the walking dead.devious maids,etc. And most importantly I’m grateful for the stories posted here on kd blog,it kept my spirit alive when I was bored,thanks to the writers here and thank to pp,without you there won’t be kd blog. Thanks you all,readers,writers,and those with funny comments,you all made me smile or laugh. I guess I’m talking too much. I’m not an allege member of kd blog but this my best blog for this year. The stories are fabulous. And to those who were kito-ed may GOD protect you and us during our parols. Merry xmas and a prosperous new year

  10. Rapum
    December 25, 07:19 Reply

    The Owl City guy is JustJames. Fantastic paintings by the way. The gay porn site guy, whoever you are, share link because this year started great for me but is crashing terribly, so… What am I grateful for this year: love. I learned how deeply I loved my family and how much they loved me, and I’m hoping that next year comes with a love that is fuckable.

    Merry Christmas, guys!

  11. Dennis Macaulay
    December 25, 07:29 Reply

    The first one na Pink Panther!

    Make Idris Elba matter no kill you nna

    • Pink Panther
      December 25, 07:53 Reply

      I’ve given the person who sent that a severe warning.
      Yea, you’re right Dennis. Christmas sharing no reach bae. :/

  12. Mr. Fingers
    December 25, 07:32 Reply

    Can’t thank God enough for keeping alive every member of my family this year. Even with all the deaths around. Am so grateful for my loved ones.

    Merry Christmas people.

  13. sinnex
    December 25, 07:34 Reply

    Teckno is bae.

    I thought I was the only one that noticed him.

    I discovered that Olamide has a nice bubble butt and I have since been obsessed with him.

    This year has been really good. The year I let go of my highly prized virginity.

  14. pete
    December 25, 07:58 Reply

    I’m grateful for meeting Pinky & reconnecting with Dennis; friends who know the dangers of a single story.

  15. Kenny
    December 25, 08:09 Reply

    I was kitoed this year for the first and last time! I’m thankful I walked out of it alive albeit with a broken nose and a few bruises. I’m thankful for my family, the way the situation was handled and the love they’ve shown to me ever since especially my twin sister. I’m thankful for TV, and Deola’s corner. Lastly I’m thankful for discovering kitodiaries.

  16. Valunois
    December 25, 09:18 Reply

    Pink, there is more joy in eating alone

  17. REV: HOT
    December 25, 09:22 Reply



  18. ambivalentone
    December 25, 09:39 Reply

    Merry Christmas every one. Thankful for everyone here; Kacee (much love serzly), FlyOnTheWall, Delle, Max, Dubem, Brian, Temi D, TDC, James, Vhar (I hate poetry tho), Reverend Hot, DM, Pinkie, Bobby, Tef (*snorts*), Chizzie (*cackles*)…all y’all made KD prime viewing

  19. Dickson Clement
    December 25, 10:55 Reply

    I am thankful for my life, for passing my primaries both national and west Africa in one sitting. I was kitoed too for the first time ever, I’m thankful for the wisdom God gave me to handle the situation! I happened to discover this blog this year and it’s been a good read. All the drama, entertainment, and the wonderful PPLE here. This blog has been helpful in the village where I serve. It feels so good reading about other pple’s experiences! I am happy to have read this journal and I hope to get to know some pple in this blog personally!!!

    • lonz
      December 25, 16:33 Reply

      Congrats. What field are you going into. Med or surg or paed.
      Sorry about the kito

    • johnny
      December 25, 18:00 Reply

      Sorry senior colleague. Nice knowing you

  20. Peak
    December 25, 11:02 Reply

    Thankful for KD, for slowly restructuring and creating a better version me.

    Thankful for Friends I have made from this platform. I started the year with with just 1 queer friend that I made in 2014, now I have a couple more. I’m particularly grateful for my customs made honey-cum-drop-sugar-bunnies that are the amazing Deola and JSU. They are annoying and premature dicks, but I love them long time. (Enjoy this loves, cos ur asses would still get beat if u so much as think this declarations give u immunity)

    Thankful for Temi D and the +++ journal. I was wrongly diagnosed with HIV a few months back, and his journey were the only thing that kept me sane. I reached acceptance quicker than I could ever have imagined. 3 test later proved the initial test wrong. Investigation into why the 1st test came out positive, revealed that it was a man error. The person filling out the test form, absent mindedly ticked the wrong box. Either way, a big shout out to Temi D and KD.

    2016?? Well I hope I stop being overly paranoid and allow my inner “Hoe” come to life, live and thrive to the glory of man kind. Spent the whole year being overly safe and but got slapped with what I’m most afraid of. So I’d hope I live more in 2016, but safely.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

    • Delle
      December 25, 12:34 Reply

      Oh my God! That would have been so horrible for you. I don’t know how you’d react to the doctor when he finally says it’s a wrong verdict…a broken jaw on him wouldn’t be outta line!
      Merry Christmas anyway.

  21. johnny
    December 25, 11:21 Reply

    Wow! I thankful for God bringing this lovely blog my way, seeing lively, lovely and beautiful people here. Even tho I m not much accepted n active yet.
    I am grateful coz the kito I experienced made me experience threesome for the 1st time my life with endowed guys, it was so hurting.
    I am grateful coz I broke up with this frustrated homophobic married man which led me to being a HOE.
    I grateful coz I have join the singles ministry n I have vacated into the wankers resort till I find Mr.Correct .
    I am thankful for my family n friends and I wish I could meet more queer people as friends in 2016 just as friends and make more development in medical school.

  22. Pey Pey
    December 25, 11:49 Reply

    I thank God for helping me overcome suicide. Especially when I succumbed to giving up on my health. I sincerely wanted to give up from this terrible world but somehow I pulled through.
    I also thank God for helping start my medication without having much complications some people complain of when taking arms.
    I thank God that despite all, I still have my job and take care of myself, family and good friends who I could assist (life is short not to help one another)
    Thank God for KD. The comments are getting more mature and I’m falling in love with the blog again. Bless you sweetheart PP!
    I pray my family accept me more in 2016 and may I have peace with myself to a deeper level including finding true love, loneliness is my biggest problem now.

  23. JBoy
    December 25, 12:04 Reply


    Never knew my gratitude response was that hawt to be up there, even at that position.

    *smiling ahead into 2016*

  24. Delle
    December 25, 12:07 Reply

    Someone said he’s grateful for meeting Tekno?! Just negodu. That’s what you’re grateful for this year? I know who the person is, but in the spirit of Yuletide, I won’t spill.
    Secondly, did someone say he’s grateful for getting a good porn site? PP and you say these were the best responses? I aff die.

    Personally, I’m grateful to have discovered this blog and liaising with intelligent minds (both the natural and artificial ones). Being in this place has given me an outstanding courage and the zeal to fight myself through tumultuous predicaments, despite the damning odds. From my thought-provoking and scary experience with the Men on Black, to the drama spree in the comment section of KD, to meeting new friends and acquaintances in the LGBT community….it’s been pleasant.
    Thank u 2015; For I have been me all these while but this year, I discovered myself.

  25. Teflondon
    December 25, 12:57 Reply

    im grateful for an HIV free life first of all.

    Grateful for my family and close friends!

    Grateful for the investments and truck load of funds made this year.

    Grateful For KD; where i basically come to learn and kill boredom. KD has been there for me in those hectic lagos traffic (the kinda traffic were people’s destinies are wasted) KD has been there for me in those long & boring Board meetings, church gatherings etc

    Grateful for holding the record for the post with the most comments on KD still..

    Grateful for being a beacon of hope and mouth piece to hundreds and thousands of strong opinionated silent KD readers.

    Grateful for haters really! without them the drive to succeed even more wouldn’t be there.

    Lastly, grateful for my ever loyal and caring roughnecks.

  26. Francis
    December 25, 13:30 Reply

    Much thanks to ambivalentone for introducing me to KD via one of his tweets. Feels good to be part of a community at last. This North can be dry sha. I’ve gotten to know quite a number of better pipul online here…(hopefully e go carry over offline) ?

    Shout out to DM who for some reason always cracks me up even when I’m doing random stuff these days. ?? (Potential baes I no dey follow una drag am oh. Just saying, his antics make my day)

    Happy holidays to everyone and may 2016 be awesome for everyone ??

    • ambivalentone
      December 25, 19:25 Reply

      No, thank YOU for actually visiting and sticking. Its a mark of a true intellectual that u are not just interested in the nude pics that make most of my tweets.
      PP, shey u r seeing??? I demand a christmas bonus

  27. Khaleesi
    December 25, 14:59 Reply

    Am grateful for unwavering strength in the face of severe adversity, am grateful that i find the courage to forge on even when am full of deathly fear, am grateful for the strong and confident man am becoming more and more with each passing day. Am grateful for insight and enlightenment …

  28. kacee
    December 25, 15:22 Reply

    Merry Christmas everyone, this year has been so wonderful, i got a nice annoying job(which i hate)and i thank God for that. I'm happy I made new friends (fakers and true friends) ON and OFF KD and i'm grateful I met them.  I wish i got to make more female friends though (i'm so shy) and I know with the help of the Gods of my ancestors 2016 will be a  p***y licking year *Smiles*(No Kito shall come my way…. yes girls are also kitoed). To those of you (parrots and Chickens)who dont regard girls(bi's and lesbians as part of the community BIG SHAME TO YOU,  to see lesbianism as a joke to the community i have nothing to say to you because you think gay men are more important and Lesbians are nothing but a myth I SHAKE my BALLs for those people,  you think every thing is about gay men some of you people need to make more lesbian chicks especially the BUTCH ones your friends then you will understand how its goes for gay women). As i was saying to those who cant see a girl as a friend (smh) stick to your male friends (because i wont say 'hi' first to anyone again) because i know starting from next year its 'OYO' from me to you… #kisses #troublemaker.
    I had to say this cos i have been holding this for too long.
    Merry Christmas my sweets.

    • Francis
      December 25, 15:30 Reply

      Lesbian erotica loading for KD in 2016 ??

    • johnny
      December 25, 18:04 Reply

      like seriously. I have been longing for a / some lesbian friends, girls that ll understand me. lemme know you puhleeze

  29. Dickson Clement
    December 25, 15:54 Reply

    This is epic! I never knew we have lesbians here. With all due regard, a million hellos to you @ Kacee. Can I have ur number sweety?

    • Django
      December 25, 15:59 Reply

      What you need it for? Pal ?

        • Mr. Fingers
          December 25, 17:42 Reply

          Lol. Merry Christmas kacee. Kisses and hugs from me.

          • kacee
            December 25, 20:03 Reply

            hugs and kisses from me

      • Francis
        December 25, 19:21 Reply

        Pipul this is how you mark your territory (property) ???

  30. …but OK!
    I came out to someone last month. That is now one person I can just let my hair down when I’m with, and not care how my laughter sounds! And I have all of you bright and fabulous people to thank!
    Next year, I’d just like to add some birds a same colour to the mix!

  31. Dickson Clement
    December 25, 17:54 Reply

    I don’t have any lesbian friends! I need to extend my arms of friendship.

    • kacee
      December 25, 20:05 Reply

      wow i dont know what to say.

  32. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    December 25, 20:06 Reply

    I am grateful that this year I became more comfortable in my own skin and with my sexuality … 2016 is gonna be BIG!

    I am grateful for new friends … Deola, I love u … Sheldon, u are just d best … Simba, I totally respect u.

    Wishing everyone the very best in the new year.

  33. Xviders
    December 25, 20:09 Reply

    *KD* Inspired me into total acceptance of my sexual Orientation. Am most grateful for that. Now looking forward to making d best outta Life! Te Amor peeps!

  34. michaels
    December 25, 21:42 Reply

    I’m grateful that uziel introduced me to this blog..and discovering i am hiv positive ( its a Blessing in disguise) life has never been better.

  35. Eddie
    December 25, 22:14 Reply

    Kacee…..i’m up for gay-lesbian companionship lol just joking….i’d really like to be friends with u or other lesbians such as urself….maybe u cud drop ur pin or something *covers face*

  36. Eddie
    December 25, 22:15 Reply

    As for the dead kito,i’ll like to know your graveside so I can dance and shit on it… mazel tov!!!!

  37. Eddie
    December 25, 22:19 Reply

    I’d like to know where the dead kito’s grave is so I can shit on it…..mazel tov!!!!….And Kacee honey,i’d love to be friends with you or someone like you…. could you gimme ur BlackBerry pin if you don’t mind….

  38. Francis
    December 25, 22:19 Reply

    P.P where your boy Max? Hope no wahala. He never answer roll call today ?

      • Francis
        December 26, 03:08 Reply

        Eeeeya, extend our regards, thoughts and prayers

  39. Stranger
    December 25, 23:07 Reply

    I’m thankful for this year; another year of singleness, but it’s the will of God, I guess.
    Thankful for an improved spiritual life and a calmer temperament.
    Thankful for this Blog; even though it’s made me more reclusive and withdrawn. #NoNewFriends.
    Hopefully, there would be changes in the new year. Cheers.
    P.S: Thanks for the emails, Francis.

    • Francis
      December 25, 23:30 Reply

      You’re welcome. ?

      Hang in there. The fear of Kito keeps people from carrying anything outside this place but it gets better .. for real #TalkingFromExperience

  40. michael
    December 26, 00:22 Reply

    I’d like to say a merry Christmas to Fitzgerald for being the best and to all of us here for keeping me glued to phone all through the year.

    Thanks guys.

  41. geeluv
    December 27, 17:18 Reply

    Tho I’m yet to really know what i want, I’m greatful to God for the courage i got during the heartbreak I got. I hope 2016 will present someone nice. *smiles*

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