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Photo Of The Day XX

Isn’t this just the sweetest thing? Two grooms and their bridesmaids… That should be the name of a movie.

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David McIntosh Should Come With A Health Hazard Warning

David McIntosh’s instagram account is what I imagine gay men (and straight women) worldwide masturbate to. The guy is a hot, hunky piece of God’s creation. And you know what’s


  1. Dennis Macauley
    July 22, 05:46 Reply

    LOL! Naaaa! This Is not true. Bottoms like receiving blow jobs too? Don’t they?

  2. chestnut
    July 22, 05:59 Reply

    Lol. I don’t know if it’s Nigerians that made dis meme, but I’ve always believed that it’s mostly nigerians that are guilty of silly “division of (sexual) labour”. Nigerian gays like to place so many tags and distinctions and demarcations and boundaries wen it comes to sexual role: “…a top that enjoys being rimmed is a closet-bottom; “a bottom that enjoys having his dick sucked is a hidden-top; a top that likes sucking dick is a secret-bottom…blah blah blah”. It’s all stupid to me tho. I think we enjoy putting illogical rules and regulations on sex(which is meant to be free and spontaneous and un-judging). D meme above is not entirley false o,sadly. My ex one gisted me abt a pure-bottom frnd of his; if u wanna hav foreplay with him and u make d mistake of trying to play with his dick,he gets and angry and stops d sex,cos he automatically assumes u’re pure bottom,pretending to be top (just becos u want to pleasure his body in different ways o! I mean,this dude believes a “real” top should be practically disgusted by d sight d dick…and u’re gay?Niqqah pls!Who knew foreplay had rules and regulations?). For me sha,I think it’s stupid: foreplay/sex should be spontaneous and uninhibited and unjudging. The human body is sooooo full of pleasure points,and these pleasure points are not always restricted to a certain role(top or bottom). I’ve heard of pure bottoms that don’t like anyone touching or even acknowledging d existence of their dicks during sex,and I keep wondering,like,really? Dick-play no dey sweet everybody? Does ur dick lose sensation just cos u’re bottom? Is it not d dick u get d same pleasurable orgasm from?or do they hav alternative ways of ejaculating? pinky, me sef CAN’T! Lol

    • pinkpanthertb
      July 22, 06:02 Reply

      Chestnut, You deserve a spa treatment, manicure, hair done and total exfoliation for this comment! I LOVE IT! And there’s a sorta discriminatory gay friend I would so love for him to see this. The guy is full of presumptions about what a Top and a Bottom should or should not do during sex. I hope he gets to read this your comment.

      • chestnut
        July 22, 06:24 Reply

        Oh my! U had me at “spa treatment”. Where do I sign up? Does it come with a full body massage by a 6ft 4″ muscular masseur, cos I’m already taking my bathrobe off! Lol

    • Yomi
      July 22, 06:19 Reply

      I’m bottom and I HATE being given BJs n Rimmings. What does that make me? *cocks eyebrow*

      • chestnut
        July 22, 07:03 Reply

        It makes u YOU! Its ur personal preference and has nothing to do with ur role. No one should “accuse” u of being a closet-top just cos u hate being rimmed, and no one should assume that d reason u hate receiving blowjobs is just becos u’re a bottom. It’s just ur personal idiosyncrasies.

      • earl
        July 22, 10:54 Reply

        Weird……LOL..!!! Buh tis ur choice sha…

    • Absalom
      July 22, 06:40 Reply

      Calm down, Chestnut. I’m bottom, I don’t like receiving blowjobs. There’s this guy I’ve been seeing lately, he’s bi, he’s top and he likes to be rimmed. He has a better – looking ass than mine even *sighs* So it’s not always that it’s about stereotypical notions about what a top or bottom should be like. We all like what we like and don’t like what we don’t like.

      By the way, did I tell you whenever I pronounce your name, I always enunciate the “nut” – something about NUTTING on my CHEST makes me think of the words “perfect finish”! 😛

      • chestnut
        July 22, 06:54 Reply

        Hahaha. Absolom, I get it and I think we hav d same point. What I was trying to say is that different ppl like and dislike certain things sexually,it’s just individual differences and should hav nothing to do with roles. But myopic ppl don’t see it that way; they expect u to like or dislike things based purely on ur role, and dat makes no sense to me. I mean,I’ve rimmed (or at least tried to rim) self-acclaimed pure bottoms who admit they generally don’t enjoy being rimmed(and not for lack of skill/talent on my part,cos I know I give good tongue),but that doesn’t make me think they are secretly top; I just take it as personal preference. I’ve also rimmed pure-tops who loved it, but that didn’t make me suspect they were secretly bottom; again,personal preference. But some ppl don’t see it that way,those are d ppl I was calling out in my post; if u llike or don’t like certain acts,they go around telling their frnds that u’re secretly d opposite role from what u claimed u are,they don’t think it might just be individual preference for that particular act,and has nothing to do with role.

      • chestnut
        July 22, 06:58 Reply

        LMAO! Absolom,u’ve succeded in violating my good name…I like it! (But u’re goin to hell on a choo-choo train for that!lol)

      • chestnut
        July 22, 07:09 Reply

        @pinky: u know I can never disappoint u! Hehehe…

    • Lothario
      July 24, 14:21 Reply

      Chestnut, you’re wrong about these stereotypes being entirely Nigerian… They’re everywhere.

  3. Dennis Macauley
    July 22, 08:19 Reply

    Let’s draw a line between your personal preferences (which every one is entitled to) and preferences demarcated along lines of sexual roles.
    I don’t like being rimmed, it gives me one funny sensation like I am being tickled which I absolutely hate. It has nothing to do with me being a top. My significant other is a bottom who enjoys blow jobs and also gives the most amazing blow jobs. I think it’s about finding what works for you and what doesn’t and sticking with them.
    I like a bit of S and M. I am a bit of a masochist (covers face), but it works for us cos he is into it as well. There should be no “dos and dont’s” in bed, we should all be free to explore our sexualities.

    • Khaleesi
      July 22, 09:35 Reply

      umm, abeg am not quite sure what S & M means or what it really entails, abeg help me explain further …

  4. KingBey
    July 22, 08:34 Reply

    Bia Pinkpanther, stop thiefing my pictures without my permission ! Oginidi ?! As for me, I love to play with big dicks….touch them, suck them, nibble on them, smell them, infact worship them…but yeah am Top…I just hope them bottoms not be thinking am a closet-bottom…lol

    • Colossus
      July 22, 12:59 Reply

      With a name like KingBey, why would they?

      • chestnut
        July 22, 16:10 Reply

        Oh snap! Colossus, there’s “shade”,then there’s “total eclipse”(we all know what dis one is,lol).we we’re all thinking it,but did u hav to go and say it? I can’t! LMFAO

  5. Aproko Pikin
    July 22, 09:07 Reply

    Ok, more often than not I get a hard on when I read some posts and comments here. Pinky I’m an addict to your blog tho I don’t get to comment often. I’m bottom and love being rimmed. Also I give very good BJs too, so I’ve been told, that doesn’t make me a closeted top either.

    ION: I’ve been sex starved for a while, need me some hot dude in Lagos. Any Lagos connect here? *hides face, runsaway*

  6. Iduke
    July 22, 09:19 Reply

    Akproko hit up pinky. He’s the lagos queen.

  7. Khaleesi
    July 22, 09:40 Reply

    The notion that bottoms dont enjoy blowjobs or that their penises cease to function has got to be one of the most annoying myths in the Nigerian ‘gaybourhood’ … the fact remains that men (gay or straight), often derive extreme sensations of pleasure from the penile area, your preference doesnt alter this in any way. am vers – bottom, but i love my dick sucked way more than i love to be rimmed. I also know a good number of tops who love to be rimmed and dont derive too much pleasure from being sucked. Quit the annoying labels!! Whether you’re a top or a bottom, figure out what works for you and get good at it! This label also extends to the notion that tops are usually bisexual while bottoms are frequently strictly gay. Another lie! I know a lot of tops who cant stomach having sex with a woman just as i know bottoms who are happily bisexual … again, quit the labels, they are misleading and foolish!!

    • Absalom
      July 22, 09:56 Reply

      Dennis Macaulay, you know S and M is unAfrican, right? But give us details sha… Whips? Belts? Copper-wire strangulation? Do tell!

      • Dennis Macauley
        July 22, 11:41 Reply

        @khaleesi S and M means “slave and master”

        @absalom unafrican you say? Anyway maybe I am a distant relative of Christian Grey. Well I do like cuffs and bondage and blind folding. Spanking, choking (mild LOL) etc. Before you think I am the Wizard of Oz, lemme point out that my significant other loves it too, and we are not too extreme. I just don’t like “vanilla sex”, I try to spice it up a bit

  8. Johnny Bass
    July 22, 11:13 Reply

    Lol!!!, y’all r hilarious…..I’m versatile and most times I feel unfulfilled after a shag, unless it was a flip-fuck, by the way God bless whoever thought of the 69 move, did I hear someone say all you can eat buffet.
    *Damn I’m suddenly horny and this kitchen counter looks seriously good.

  9. JustJames
    July 22, 18:38 Reply

    Thought s and m meant sadism and masochism.

    *sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me*

  10. Legalkoboko
    July 23, 12:19 Reply

    Mad men in a mad house suffering from mad cow. Lol!

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