Gay Nigerian Writes A Letter To the Queer Community

Gay Nigerian Writes A Letter To the Queer Community

Safety. Dating. Sex. Community. Internalized homophobia. These are some of the issues that Twitter user @CardinalOrsini address in his twitter thread of a letter to members of the community, especially those who do not know enough about their queer identity.

“It is okay if you don’t want to have sex, especially penetrative sex,” he tweets. “It is also not out of place to crave for it. When you decide to have anal sex, study your body and [know] what works for it, especially if you are to bottom.”

About community, he says, “I believe in a sense of community. Knowing a gay guy in your school, your street or church could be reassuring that you are not alone. It can protect you from hooking up with kito. No matter how [much] you wish to be alone, please get one or two LGBTQ friends around.”

He admonishes internalized homophobia as “the feeling to hide from that feminine-acting guy you fucked last night” or “joining in homophobic conversations.”

“Yes, it might seem like you’re trying to be safe or hide your identity,” he tweets on this issue, “but there are better ways to do such. I for one have a lot of homophobic lecturers and classmates [but] I would rather keep mute than say a homophobic word against myself and my kind.”

Check out the full, powerfully-written letter below:

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