His name is Izunna Chukwu Authority. And he is on Facebook as Aizuu Chux. His numbers are 08035532129 and 07016986558.

He lives and operates in Owerri, and through Tinder, he encourages his victims to come see him around Ubommiri, after world Bank/Amakohia. He is wicked and employs a gang to beat whoever is unfortunate enough to go to him, after which they extort money from these members of the community.

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Kito Stories 7 Comments

KITO ALERT: More Reports About Kito In The East (Owerri and Awka)

First, we have been getting reports of a kito sting operation going on in Awka, involving students of Unizik. It is just like was previously reported here, of the way

Kito Stories 7 Comments


I feel like I have to make this plea now that this situation has become recurrent, happening not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times. Four times now, I

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Not much is known about him other than he goes by the name Jefferson on Badoo. He resides in Aba. And his phone number 08063037608. The last KDian who escaped


  1. Ken
    June 05, 07:21 Reply

    The annoying part is that most of these kito are actually gay guys inflicting the hatred they have for their own sexuality on others.

    I think it’s time anybody going for a hookup arm themselves with some form of weapon. It can be a pocket knife, pepper spray or a nice small gun. Once u notice any funny business, just fuck the fool up and run

  2. Boytoy
    June 05, 08:02 Reply

    “Dear friends , my Facebook account has been hacked and currently the hacker has been using my account, presenting himself as “gay” and using “badoo” as well for a number of illegal practices such as sending out emails/chats and trying to acquire things illegally and also through blackmail.
    Please , do not share any of your personal information to anybody or believe any made up stories about me . I would have to create a new account much later if I cannot regain control of my account .
    Please be careful and ignore any messages , or illegal activities coming out from this page as it isn’t from me .
    Those who have my direct contact information can always reach out to me for double confirmation . Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you .”

    This is the last post on his wall as at May 28th. For me, I can’t establish a linkage btwn this post on KD and his post on FB but what I can gather is that this is highest level of deception coming from him. I also discovered he is married to my colleague which is another shockeroo for me.

    • Ube
      June 05, 16:41 Reply

      I know the person in that picture. Very quite guy. I know him in university, I have no idea about his sexuality. But he is not the type of guy that will liaise with thugs to victimise anybody. They are catfishing with his picture.

  3. Khalie
    June 07, 01:00 Reply

    The victims of he’s brutality that affirmed to him being among those that beat them up nkor ? Did they also steal he’s face and wear it?

  4. Mikey
    June 07, 10:06 Reply

    The guy is so cute!!! He may the quite but man makes man wicked maybe someone has tried to convert him or too much disturbances from gay men made him share his experience with his friends so they decided to start setting people up. We should all respect ourselves and stop trying to convince or convert people. Respect their sexuality s they can respect yours. Im saying this because my cousin was once in this situation.

    • Jason
      June 09, 09:09 Reply

      Please shut tf up!

      The fact y’all gonna read the horrible things this guys do and still have time to admire their cuteness make me wanna barf! He’s a fucking criminal.

  5. Bliss
    June 07, 12:55 Reply

    I almost fell victim.
    I believed him because he won’t persist you to visit slf. He told me that he is married, came back from the USA and his wife is studying there too. He is a chef or whatever that concerns Nutrition.
    Haaa.. This is bad

  6. Sacred
    July 25, 01:49 Reply

    This man is not the setup himself. The actual setups are using his pictures to lure people on Grindr . I was a victim, they beat me up, collected my phone and 200k from me .

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