HEALTH CENTRE: Gay Sex Myths And Truths

HEALTH CENTRE: Gay Sex Myths And Truths

Good morning everyone,

Today I shall be taking a small break from the HIV/AIDS narrative to shine some light on gay sex. There are myths and truths surrounding it which I’ve come to decipher as I grow while still learning about others.

The video below basically covers most of the frequent questions/doubts we have in relation to gay sex delivered by a doctor with experience in managing MSM clients.

How frequently should you douche? Is anal sex synonymous with future anal incontinence? Can anal sex give you hemorrhoids (piles)? Are there consequences to having multiple sexual partners? Is there such a thing as too big a penis? Can you get STDs from blowjobs?

Well, check out the 8 minute video for answers to these and a few others.

PS: For those of you who have issues streaming videos on your devices or who would like to have a copy for easy sharing with friends or for future offline viewing, do please CLICK HERE to download the video straight to your device. It’s a 23MB download.

Enjoy and do spread the word to educate a brother 😉

Written by Francis


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  1. Mandy
    March 09, 08:23 Reply

    Q: Can a dick actually be too big?
    A: I’d say that’s in the eyes of a beholder.

    LOL! Good one, doc.

  2. Delle
    March 09, 09:02 Reply

    Why do I feel like this was put up as a follow-up to that South African gay singer who died from anal cancer 3 days ago? Hmm *touching my

    • ambivalentone
      March 09, 09:56 Reply

      You gat that right. I had to wonder about that myself. I was already in full panic mode as I read d story yesterday

      But what is it with all these medical ppl sef? One says; Don’t douche too often. You will be removing all the helpful bacteria in ur colon. This one is saying something else. Biko, what is to be done, if I am like dt sex freak Andre? 3 times a day, EVERYDAY??? O tan

      • Delle
        March 09, 13:55 Reply

        About that SA gay singer ehn, it was really a pathetic story. Firstly HIV and then anal cancer, like say na im carry illness for head. That was like the perfect story to feed the hungry lions of this country. The vitriolic, unintelligible comments they were pouring out made me cringe, I mean, even to the dead? Christianity anyone?

        I think it’s about the method you use while douching. When one douches with enema, I guess that’s where there’s a limit as enema contains chemicals that not only removes useful bacteria but could affect the anal lining when used frequently. But if using warm water, I don’t really think there’s a limit. You could douche as much as u please with that.

        • Francis
          March 09, 14:24 Reply

          Thanks for answering Ambivalentone’s question. For every day douching stick with plain water without all those chemicals. That’s what the doctor was trying to say ?

          P.S: This post was already in the works before that unfortunate news hit the web. I couldn’t even bring myself to read the story well less I stumble on some disturbing comments ?

          • Delle
            March 09, 14:49 Reply

            Isn’t it funny how Nigerians are first to bring in religion and traditional ethics in tevery argument, but just when u expect they’d resort to that, you get disappointed? I thought our African tradition doesn’t support insulting the dead, what happened with that guy? I hate this country!

            • Francis
              March 09, 14:52 Reply

              My dear those rules don’t apply to the gays. Infact most rules don’t

  3. pete
    March 09, 10:42 Reply

    I downloaded, watched & approve. What does our (Nigerian) laws say about gays people donating blood? Or do they pretend we don’t exist?

    • Francis
      March 09, 14:25 Reply

      Lol. Gays aren’t recognised talkless of donating blood

    • Delle
      March 09, 14:44 Reply

      I don’t get this. U mean, as a gay man you aren’t allowed 2 donate blood?

      • pete
        March 09, 14:51 Reply

        Watch the video & listen to the doctor talking about ammended law concerning blood donation by gays in the US

      • Marc Francis of Chelsea
        March 09, 15:12 Reply

        You’re not partly because the belief is that gay men are more likely to have HIV. Since the virus takes 3 months to manifest, they don’t want to take the chance even though straight people run the very same risk.

    • pete
      March 09, 14:52 Reply

      I think so. Hence the same-sex prohibition law.

  4. Marc Francis of Chelsea
    March 09, 15:10 Reply

    Please talk about the news making the rounds about the SA singer/gay activist that just died from anal cancer. It made me sick to my stomach that the brainless bunch on Linda Ikeji were chanting good for him like anal cancer and HIV are intertwined with homosexuality.

    • Francis
      March 10, 01:15 Reply

      Maybe I will in a future post…..when the dread I feel has passed.

  5. Dickson Clement
    March 09, 23:32 Reply

    Do not ever tell your doctor you are gay, mark my word! Unless you are sure that doctor is gay too. Whatever you say in a consultation is written down in a case note! Having anal sex is a point to support a lot of diagnosis but even without that point most of those diagnosis can still be made! So it’s better he comes to a conclusion in his mind that you are having anal sex (which from recent education,heterosexual men practice) , than giving him the loaded gun! Our patient/ client confidentiality can be breached

    • Francis
      March 10, 01:14 Reply

      Saw a patient sometime last 2 weeks who was complaining about sex wahala with madam amongst other problems like having depression, losing his job and what have you. The man just kept rambling on and on and suddenly said something like “at this point maybe I should just start sleeping with men since madam doesn’t want to do anal again”

      Oh boy, confusion catch me and I just scribbled down erectile dysfunction and referred the patient to the psychiatrist. How does one start writing about “addiction” to anal sex on a file/card that every man has access to? *sighs*

      • simba
        March 10, 15:18 Reply

        Hahahhahaha…. @ addiction to Anal sex..nice one Bro… keep up dear..
        Also Francis, Anal Cancer is more common in men who indulge in receptive anal sex than in males who dosent…. terrifying but u know already… linked to same HPV , subtype identical to cervical CA

        • Francis
          March 10, 19:02 Reply

          My dear HPV no even come my mind sef. All I could think of was Kaposi’s sarcoma and the clash between repeated anal STDs and frequent change of epithelial lining down there due to repeated trauma….(something I read years ago. Don’t remember where sef)

          Abeg do and right on this HPV na. You can’t be that busy man. ?

          P.S: I never see ya number oh

          • simba
            March 11, 08:14 Reply

            Hello dear, certainly, we will write on HPV but the problem is not time, I’m just a poor writer. I sent an sms to Pinky the very day you requested for my number asking him to give it to you.
            I thought he had done it.

            If you can’t reach Pinky, there are other gentlemen here who has my contact. Just ask around.

            • Francis
              March 11, 08:18 Reply

              The SMS probably landed when his phone was being a bitch. Two of my SMS to am miss road during that period too. ??

              Forget that poor writer thing. That’s why PP is good at editing. Lol. Or I could edit it for you and send back for your final approval ??

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