I have been reading kito stories on this blog, and never thought I’d come close to experiencing it until February 27.

I got acquainted with this guy on Facebook. His Facebook profile (which I have gotten to realise is a catfish account with photos of someone who probably doesn’t know his pictures are being used to perpetuate a crime) goes by the name “Adim Maxwell”, and showed that we shared a lot of mutual (gay) friends.

We began texting each other and the conversation was nice and steady. He would always check on me, always keeping the communication alive.

Eventually, we decided to meet. I was in Port Harcourt, and he was in Owerri. Schooling in Nekede precisely. He wanted me to come and visit him in school.

The day I was to go to Owerri, I initially hung out with some of my friends first, gisting and smoking. Adim Maxwell kept on texting me all morning, wanting to know how I was doing, if I was still coming, what transport I’d be coming with. He was so caring and seemed sincere in his concerns over my trip. I felt very warmed by his considerations.

Eventually, I was on a bus headed to Owerri. When I got to Owerri, following the directions he texted me earlier, I made my way to the junction at Nekede where he said I should get to before calling him. When I called him, he said I should take a bike to a lodge called Quincy Lodge.

Now, to be honest, when I got to Owerri, the closer I got to meeting this guy, the more worrying thoughts began to nag at my mind. And each time they nagged, I waved them away because I’d done a lot of traveling for hookup and every time, I’d only ever had pleasant experiences with the guys I met. Surely, this one wasn’t going to be any different.

As the bike I was on drew close to Quincy Lodge, a guy standing around in front of a lodge close to my destination stopped the bike and asked me where we were going. I was startled by that. I mean, what was it to this stranger where I was going. But I was in an unfamiliar area and perhaps, this was how they operate around here. I told him I was going to see someone at Quincy Lodge. He said it was close by, that I can dismiss the bike and he would take me there. This was very odd and I’d started to feel uncomfortable. I said no thanks, and asked the bike man to go ahead and take me to where I was going. As the bike moved forward, I looked back to see the guy walking after us.

Something told me to simply end my waka here and tell the bike man to turn around and take me away from here. But everything had started happening fast. We had gotten to Quincy Lodge and I had alighted, and some guys from the hostel had started shouting at us, “Hey! Hey! Who you dey find?”

Before I knew it, these guys were swarming around me and the bike man. I tried not to panic as I answered calmly that I was looking for someone named Adim Maxwell who stays at Quincy Lodge.

They instructed me to pay the bike man so he can leave. The bike man must have sensed that this situation was not a good one for me, because he said he would wait for me to finish my business here. But they insisted that he leave.

This was when I knew I was in trouble.

Rendered mindless by panic, I allowed them to lead me into an uncompleted building, where the guy I’d been talking to (who looked nothing like the Adim Maxwell I’d seen on Facebook) emerged. He began talking to me about how I should relax, that I am safe, and yada, yada, yada.

By this time, I had regained my sense of self preservation, and my mind was screaming: RUN!!!

And so, I made a break for freedom, taking them by surprise when I turned and broke into a run for a nearby bush. I was running, shouting, “Jesus! Jesus!” And I could hear them in hot pursuit.

I knew I couldn’t outrun them. Besides, I wasn’t familiar with this terrain. But I could minimize the damage they could wreak on me. So, I stopped running long enough to bury my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, a phone that was so dear to me.

Soon after I did that, they caught up with me and began beating me, all the while mocking me with questions about where I was running to. They brought me out of the bush and then demanded for my phone. I told them I didn’t have it. They beat me some more. Then they took my other smaller phone, my bag, my palm slippers and my wristwatch.

While this was going on, people from the hostels around were present, watching and doing nothing to intervene. I was lucky that the Adim Maxwell character had enough kindness to tell his cohorts to let me go, that the bike man may have gone to call the police. Considering how the bike man acted when they dismissed him, the idea was plausible.

So, they left me alone, dejected and miserable, standing there, not knowing how I could have landed myself in this mess.

My first line of action was to get my phone back. But when I went back into the bush, I of course didn’t even know where to start looking. So I came back out and found a pregnant lady in front of a shop, who I begged for help, telling her that I’d been robbed. I looked disheveled enough to convince her that I was telling the truth. She asked how she could help me. I told her I needed her help to get my phone.

First, I didn’t know my Airtel number (the sim in the Samsung). I pleaded with her to let me make a phone call with her phone to someone who would text me my number. She let me and soon after my call, the number was texted to her phone.

Then I told her to keep calling the number while I go back into the bush to try and see if the sound of my phone ringing would tip me off to where I buried it. I searched for hours at my first try, and I didn’t find it. Feeling very disheartened, I reemerged from the bush back to the woman’s shop to catch my breath.

Then after saying a short desperate prayer, I went back again into the bush, and this time, I found the phone.

I had some money with me which Adim Maxwell and his gang didn’t rob off me. With it, I bought a pair of bathroom slippers. I had enough to take me back to Port Harcourt. After thanking the woman profusely, I begged her brother to accompany me to the junction where I would get a bike to leave that environment forever.

Please, guys, steer clear of any Facebook profile going by the name “Adim Maxwell”. This is the number through which we were communicating – 07055927959. Let us all please be careful.

Written by Soty

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  1. Gad
    March 22, 05:38 Reply

    I love the fact that you made an attempt to run. It surely minimized your ordeal at the hands of those rogues.
    You will be fine. Stay strong

  2. Kvng
    March 22, 11:34 Reply

    This kito situation just kips getting worse by the day, u did well by hiding ur phone, that wud have been worse, this is one of the reasons we shud not ignore our sixth sense, and whenever we feel uncomfortable visiting someone even when close to his destination, we can always turn back. Thank God u re alright nd safely back home. These kitoers nids to be taught a lesson, iono how, but they deserve a taste of their medicine.
    Stay strong soty, the lord is ur strength

  3. Wiffey
    March 22, 11:36 Reply

    Not to sound mean, self righteous or unsympathetic but this didn’t sit well with me.

    First he is a reader of KD. uncle there have been over 32 articles of similar incidents and you didn’t learn anything? Nothing At all?

    You chatted with a person on Facebook and you didn’t see that that account was created in June 2018 with only 5 pictures ? seriously

    You “LOTS” of mutual friends with this person some of which I am sure you are close to and some of which you chat with everyday and you never for once slided into their DM with a picture and a simple “do you know this guy?”

    In this 2019 where video calls is the new text message you never even bother to peek his face to be sure you are getting what you ordered for?

    You hanged out with your friends to smoke weed and gist and you couldn’t pull out a phone to do a background check with them ??‍♂️

    He called you uncontrollably on the day asking for info and you feed him every piece of detail ??‍♂️

    If it’s the profile of Adim Maxwell I saw that man is old enough to be a grand father so why would he even be a student staying AT A LOUNGE IN NEKEDE?

    Then you went to visit a stranger in a strange town and you had to get to his house and couldn’t even ask him to meet you up a public place.

    You now got on a bike that was stopped by a stranger with aggressive questions and you didn’t turn back and start going to your village

    You got there and saw an aggressive crowd asking you for who you came to see with a bike who was willing to take you back and you got down from the bike?…

    Let me just stop because this story sound more like a “KITO ME COS I’M DUMP STORY”

    • Kelcy
      March 22, 12:43 Reply

      *dumb! ???
      You bitch! ???

    • Keredim
      March 22, 14:07 Reply

      Man, the story is fantastical, especially the part where he buried his phone in the bush…

      And how he retrieved it…

      Aswear, the story is made straight for YouTube..

    • Mandy
      March 22, 14:21 Reply

      “You now got on a bike that was stopped by a stranger with aggressive questions and you didn’t turn back and start going to your village”…

      ????? I swear. This is the place I got to and the story started vexing me.

    • Black Dynasty
      March 22, 15:16 Reply

      Lol all these questions where on my mind, i got a bit irritated @ him not doing a U turn with the bikeman the first time they were stopped, or heck… the second time too. Why he didn’t start shouting “thief! Thief!” As he ran from them…

      Well, hopefully you learnt cos the red flags you got where too many to ignore.

  4. Higwe
    March 22, 12:11 Reply

    I love your survival instinct though….

    Clearly you’re not the sharpest tool in the box, but I’m impressed with the way you curtailed the situation .

    It could have been worse…

    • Malik
      March 22, 16:18 Reply

      You are evil. ? “Not the sharpest tool in the box…”

  5. Mandy
    March 22, 14:19 Reply

    Some kito stories you’ll hear and you’ll be struggling to feel empathy for the victim, because of all the VERY OBVIOUS ways they could’ve prevented it from happening.
    Well, at least you’ve learned from this one.

  6. Q
    March 22, 14:49 Reply

    Yes I agree Kito situations could have been avoided but the fact is that it happened; at the end of the day, victim blaming is not the way to help a shattered soul on a road to healing. *sobs*

  7. Bamidele
    March 22, 15:16 Reply

    Well. Good you survived. But I guess the light had been red from the start. I guess you got carried away by the look of the person on the facebook.
    Happy for you that not too much damages were incured.

  8. trystham
    March 22, 19:32 Reply

    I’m sorry u had to go through all these. I particularly understand the love and care you thought u felt from this persona your kitoer created. And I understand ur hopes that it may have been true. Don’t mind ur current detractors who have buried that hope in constant meaningless sex and think to make u look like a fool.
    I can’t tell you to be careful, going forward, and I assume you have learnt a valuable lesson.

  9. Dimkpa
    March 22, 19:36 Reply

    I really find the way we blame victims of kito on this blog disheartening. One of us goes through a terrible ordeal, one of the most frightening experiences we can have and the best we can do is to make fun and ridicule him. I just don’t get it. Where’s the empathy or the anger that we are made to endure this just because of our sexual orientation? It is the same thing almost every time a kito story is written.
    Hindsight is always 20/20 but sometimes in situations it is hard to judge.
    This young man has probably beaten himself up a lot over this. He will bear the scars for a long time. It will affect his psyche and may take a while to recover. Adding insult to his injury is definitely not going to help.
    What has happened can’t be changed. The least we should do is empathise.
    Soty, please take heart and I hope you don’t have to experience this again.

  10. OMG?It’s JIK??
    March 22, 21:35 Reply

    Sorry you had to go through this, I applaud the way you eventually handled the situation…..Mehn, twould ve been worse!
    This made me remember a situation I found myself last week. I met this guy in Grinder. He was all over me and all. Finally, I decided to squeeze out time to see him. Long story short (Cos it is almost the same as Soty’s story), I was on bike and just ten steps to the branch of Dunamis church he asked me to drop, I saw some 8 scary looking guyz sitting on a bench and staring hard…..Kia, I told the bikeman to make a U-turn and take me back to the junction. I didn’t even bother to call him that I was leaving? Getting to the bust stop, his call came in and I told him I wasn’t comfortable in his neighborhood that I had to turn back. He pleaded that I should wait at the bus stop. I waited because the bus stop is a very busy place and secondly, I already sent a text to my Uncle’s (a recently retired AIG of Police) driver who happens to be a policeman that I need him to come pick me up at the bus stop. The guy sha came to the bus stop…..Sweet guy, he was so so sweet! We gisted and took a stroll around before Apeh came around to pick me! I told him I’d never go to that his neighborhood again and he’s agreed??

  11. slimmy
    March 23, 00:13 Reply

    let’s try to share our original story.. this is someone else’s kito story, Edafe okporo on Facebook..The original owner of the story is in the one of European country where they gave him asylum, you can check his Facebook EDAFE OKPORO or Instagram @edafeokporo to read the real story
    why will you come to the blog to get a cheap attention by sharing someone kito story….

    it’s not funny at all

    • Keredim
      March 23, 00:59 Reply

      Edafe is in New York… He got asylum in the US.

      Last time I checked, US & New York are not in Europe.

      Are you sure you have right Edafe Okporo?

    • Francis
      March 23, 09:11 Reply

      You know you can copy and paste a link to the article you’re referring to here abi?

  12. Floki
    March 19, 06:27 Reply

    Mehn… This kito happenstances keep evolving each day by day… Should I say Pandemic like the current Coronavirus pervading everywhere. I must say one has to be very careful and always on red alert and also develop the ability to listen to your first instincts. Try not to be overshadowed by your emotions of having sex with the said person. However, blaming someone after his kito experience is not the best instead we should be more empathic because it could happen to anyone no matter how intelligent you think you are. Perhaps you are more smart now cos u have been following the kito alerts and learning from them. But nevertheless no need for detraction. And please, you have to be very careful in all cases, cos even your own friend, I mean your very close friend can kito you. So, you have to be weary at all times. I tell you a summarised story.

    I used to have a friend on the street. We grew up together knowing who we are. That we are gays. We were always very fond of each other. I fucked him sometimes in our house or sometimes in his place when no one was around. Every one in our respective families knew that we were friends but not gay friends cos we acted like real guys we even had girlfriends. So no point for suspicion.
    But one day, he invited me to his house as usual. Immediately, I came in he was all over me unlike before. I was like surprised. I said to him, “what is the problem”, that he should calm down. He told me that he missed me so much. I said well, no issues. I didn’t suspect anything since he was my very good friend. Now we went into the room and we started making love. As I was fucking him, he was deeply moaning like never before. All of a sudden, he told me to wait that he needed to use the toilet which he never does… My instinct started telling me that something actually was becoming fishy… But I couldn’t just place it. As I was in the room waiting for him to come back. After few minutes, three unknown guys entered into the room alongside him , collected my clothes and started beating me. Threatening to expose me. Mehn.. it was like a film to me. I couldn’t believe it. That my own dear friend could do this to me. After the whole beating which included flogging my ass, they collected my two phones and 5k I had on me. And asked me to go. I was so so disillusioned and heartbroken. Since then my brothers, I barely could trust a soul… Not to talk of going to someone else’s house for any kind of sexual escapade.

    • Frank
      May 26, 12:06 Reply

      Awwn… I really felt for you dear, not when it’s ur dearest friend that victimized you. The feeling is so “Excruciating”. Just like you said, “no matter how smart or intelligent we think we are, anybody can be kitoed at anytime, anyday”. I sighted this point because the manner some of us queers ridicule and lay blames on the victims in this comment section is quite disheartening.
      Nonentheless, Stay strong and safe dear besides we learn everyday?.

  13. Saint
    August 15, 09:02 Reply

    KD is a great help to sexual minority in a country as ours. Good job.

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