Kito Alert: Not Every Straight Man Who Agrees To Have Transactional Sex With You Means You Well

Kito Alert: Not Every Straight Man Who Agrees To Have Transactional Sex With You Means You Well

There are always the stories of heterosexual men who agree to have sex with gay men for a price. These transactions often go off without a hitch.

But a community member recently learned the hard way that not every straight man who agrees to have transactional sex with you is interested to go through with it. Sometimes, they see an opportunity to set you up for more than the agreed fee for the sex.

Check out his story below:

This guy, named Uche Okereke Godwills (Facebook and Instagram) is pictured below:

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  1. Ken
    September 11, 06:10 Reply

    Smh. Me I don’t feel sorry for u o cos all the signs were there yet u persisted in submitting to a kitoer. Next time listen to that inner voice and ignore your konji

    • Uzor
      September 11, 16:07 Reply

      Lmao! ? you people are the worst sometimes

  2. Marvel
    September 11, 07:13 Reply

    Hmmmmm I understand this post and I agree with it totally……….but in my opinion….if u doing transactional sex… be 4k kinda of stuff u go do naa…..any guy wey want collect 4k na scam setup cus 4k is not worth it …..especially muscle guys ……I call it sexybody money….so the 4k na first fuck up….secondly u are the one paying so y are u going to his place….he is the one to come meet you where ever you are…you are the boss paying ….so u didnt have to go meet him he was to come meet you……thirdly and finally….in this transactional sex ..u need to take risk that u may loose the money ….you should have paid the money first instead of saying let’s have sex then you pay……I deal with alot of this muscle guys and one thing I know is if the price is good and you show you nice …you will get them eating out of the palm of your hands…….nothing withstanding there are still those who are greedy motherfuckers that try to prey on the guys cus of the muscle man fetish… sorry about your experience…..

    • Benlanre
      September 11, 07:47 Reply

      I have a huge muscle man fetish and you seem experienced in dealing with them.I wish we could connect

      • Marvel
        September 11, 13:05 Reply

        Check me on fb marvel johnson

        • chubbylover
          September 18, 08:16 Reply

          Your FB na muscle men directory guy…
          Having good fun I suppose.

    • Rock
      September 18, 07:19 Reply

      You know.
      4k is too small unless they really like you or really horny.

  3. T.T
    September 11, 07:18 Reply

    Iknow this Guy . He used to work at Chess pub in Maraba as a boxer

    • Rock
      September 18, 07:19 Reply

      Very much gay.He plays verse.

  4. Hans
    September 11, 07:31 Reply

    The Facebook and Instagram accounts are fresh, and without history, most likely created to give him some fake credibility. Background checks need to be thorough. Unfortunately.

  5. Kenny
    September 11, 08:17 Reply

    Nobody deserves kito but this particular victim is very foolish… What is it about straight/muscle men that make people lose their minds? If a guy says he’s straight, lock up and move on.

    This is a case of I get coconut head. Take what your eyes saw like that. Thankfully you left there almost unscathed.

  6. Anonymous
    September 11, 09:23 Reply

    I’m so sorry you had to go through that, hope you’re fine. And please always check for those kito-like signs. And this boyman Uche is queer for crying out loud, he used to stay in karu, he’s one immature grown person,don’t mind the nonsense “I’m straight” bullshit.

  7. Delle
    September 11, 11:27 Reply

    I tried, really did try to find empathy for you but it was futile.

    Like, what’s wrong with y’all ‘straight-chasers’!??? The bad name we’ve been branded because of behaviours like this isn’t enough? Why add to it? You lost 5k on a dick you can get for nothing from a guy you’re sure of all because of some mystery dick?

    I can’t with such tales abeg. If a homosexual isn’t enough for you, whatever comes out of trying to leech on a guy who’s told you he is straight outrightly is a consequence you should deal with.


    P. S: There are gay muscled men! This is some fantasy straight fetish and not some muscle craving.

  8. Ade
    September 11, 13:19 Reply

    He still asked why they needed the name for. ??.

    • Francis
      September 11, 14:09 Reply

      He think say Oga wants to goan enter set ?

  9. Max
    September 11, 18:11 Reply

    Lmao… When y’all stop thirsting for body builders and hyper “straight looking men”, all these Kito stories will stop.

    You’re in Nigeria and you’re going to meet someone like this? Because you think you “got lucky”? ???

  10. Black Dynasty
    September 12, 07:24 Reply

    Someone tells you they’re straight and you still go?? Really??

    You risked it all for straight muscle man. Well, hopefully you’ve grown sense and learnt your lesson.

  11. Flexsterous
    September 12, 15:07 Reply

    Is it that Nigerians don’t understand how sexuality works? Even from queer men who are suppose to be well-versed in this issue.
    Someone told you he was straight and you still went ahead, my brother your case is beyond redemption.
    Even if he did have sex with you, How will you enjoy sex with someone who you know isn’t attracted to you?

    • Sugar Baby Tory
      September 22, 19:39 Reply

      You guys are so mean . It’s not his fault nau . It’s a 5 letter word called Konji . It makes you stupid . It makes you dumb and it makes you blind. At least you got away with your phone and your sanity small .they didn’t beat you or record you . But I sha hope you’ve learnt your lesson.

  12. chubbylover
    September 18, 00:28 Reply

    So sad bro…not fan of muscles tho. Chubby lads do the magic for yours truly.

  13. Rock
    September 18, 07:14 Reply

    Dat dude is one of those coded gay guys that condemn the orientation on the open but practice it indoors.He is quite known in abj before.
    He is the type that becomes straight when he doesn’t fancy you and spreads his legs when he does or if the price is right.
    The judgemental and insensitive comments I read here is annoying to say the least.lets correct with love abeg.
    Ps: 99% of muscled guys in NIGERIA are down for the team.Trust me I know.
    The only thing is this:They see it as a source of revenue cos most times they are always broke and uneducated.
    And when they are attracted,they tend to be drawn to muscles.i know many guys that used to ignore me before but started being friendly once I added like muscles.
    Another p.s: Its the 4k that annoyed him.too small for all that beef. So he figured he will use that opportunity to show how ‘straight’he is.
    10k and it would have been a different story.
    Still doesn’t warrant the set up and he has stupidly drawn everyone’s attention to himself.
    Lastly..U guys should pipe down on the judgemental comments and insensitivity.
    As per the victim,here’s what i do:if 3 strikes don’t strike the match,throw the box away.if u chat or talk 3 times and there is no promising sign,just move on
    Dem plenty.

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