KITO ALERT: More Reports About Kito In The East (Owerri and Awka)

KITO ALERT: More Reports About Kito In The East (Owerri and Awka)

First, we have been getting reports of a kito sting operation going on in Awka, involving students of Unizik. It is just like was previously reported here, of the way policemen in Lagos operate by nabbing gay Lagosians and pressuring them to contact their friends and either lead them to where those friends are or lure those friends to a planned location.

Apparently, an anti-cult gang is using this same medium to entrap students of Unizik.

The person who brought this to my attention wanted to know what they can do. And here’s the advice I can offer: DO NOT GO TO MEET WITH ANYBODY WHO HAS CALLED YOU TO ANYPLACE YOU DON’T NEED TO BE. Be very paranoid about calls and messages that suddenly ask you to come to an unplanned place to meet anyone, be they friend or mere acquaintance. And when a friend calls you, wanting to know where you are, picking an unusual amount of interest in your whereabouts, then perhaps do not be forthcoming with the truth about where you are.

It is unfortunate that we always have to exist in a state of alertness all the time, especially when it comes to meeting people, but better safe than sorry.


In a previously published kito story (Read HERE), the writer told a story of his kito experience when he met someone who invited him to Quincy Lodge in Polytechnic Nekede.

It would seem as though the lodge has acquired the reputation of being a den of kito scum, judging by the following story that came my way. Check on it, and let us as usual be advised.



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  1. Francis
    March 19, 08:02 Reply

    The end was harsh especially considering it’s someone offering info on these idiots

  2. Mitch
    March 19, 08:41 Reply

    The harsh ending is spot on!!!!
    Well done!

    As for these kito people, their comeuppance would be swift and their destruction very devastating.

  3. trystham
    March 19, 09:16 Reply

    That number 1 will not work with me and I have been lucky so far. I will NOT share my social media details with anyone off Grindr. Its not just because I don’t have an alternative account, those accounts are just too personal an account to want to give to ‘just’ anyone I want to fuck off Grindr

  4. OBA of benin
    March 19, 09:18 Reply

    I dunno… for me, hook up is a NO NO…
    I’m seriously in a wonderful relationship even though we’re both apart (I’m in benin and my lover is in the east).. trust me, even if I wasn’t in a relationship, I don’t entertain the thought of hook up

  5. Jinchuriki
    March 19, 12:40 Reply

    Look. I’m honestly tired of whoever took the screenshots.
    If you’re going to give advice, give it and nothing else.
    You do not need to tell someone he or she was foolishly obeying and that last part was unnecessary.
    You know better than anyone that there are more ways to make your point without being intentionally reckless with your words.


    Think with YOUR HEAD

    • Higwe
      March 19, 14:12 Reply

      My dear ….

      Some gay people don’t even know the word kito .
      Many have never experienced it .

      Can you imagine speaking to someone so vilipendly because they made an error many of us have made during our tyro stages of hook up, possibly including the person that has the screenshots .

      Human beings will never cease to amaze me with their judgemental attitudes.

      The guy is too nice sha.

      If someone talks to me like that while I’m trying to use the tragic thing that happened to me to help others , I’ll tear that person a new one.

      Can you imagine…SMH .

      Wetin Corona patient no go see for quarantine .

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