Here’s another lazy Nigerian youth with an ambition to make money off the victimization of gay men living in Nigeria. Named Muritala Ahmed Oluwakayode on Facebook, he resides in Mafoluku, Oshodi, and apparently hasn’t attained the sophistication needed to play a good kito game.

The story reported by his intended victim is below:

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According to Facebook, his name is Jay Mide Bash and he is based in Lagos. His number is 08124206116. And he operates from Facebook, even though it can be assumed


  1. Mandy
    August 10, 07:31 Reply

    This kito alert reminds me of this Pinky’s throwback story.

    It’s that same kind of situation where you are saved from kito, not because you suspected something but because you were too busy with your hustle to go for the hookup. So busy that the kito guy gave up and out of frustration revealed his true colours to you.

    May we always be too busy for kito to find us IJN.

    • Fred
      August 10, 08:35 Reply

      Amin, l’oruko Jesus!

  2. J
    August 15, 01:33 Reply

    infact, there is this lawyer guy 47years Igbo from Imo state in Abuja who tricks his victim to loving him and play pity party, borrow money from you and after he finds his next victim would block ur line.

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