Ian McKellen Tops Russian Maxim List of ‘Forgiven Gays’

Ian McKellen Tops Russian Maxim List of ‘Forgiven Gays’

It’s been far too long since something offensively anti-gay came out of Russia. To remedy this, the Russian version of the men’s magazine Maxim released a list titled “Gays We Respect,” heavily implying that, unless you entertain the masses, you aren’t really a person.

“We, men, do not consider men who love men to be men. This is the rule,” the article begins. “But there are exceptions. There are gay people who deserve our respect and the right to remain in the eyes of our fellows.”

Ian McKellen, who starred this year in gay director Bill Condon’s Mr. Holmes, sits atop the “esteemed list” of gay men Russians can tolerate, and the magazine credits his roles as Magneto (X-Men) and Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit) as the reasons they can “forgive his orientation.”

What magnanimous people.

Other “respectable” gay men on the list include British wit Stephen Fry, whom the article lauds as being “gay and sensible,” Oscar Wilde, Freddie Mercury (“an exception to all rules”), Alan Turing, and Neil Patrick Harris, who was afforded a spot on the list because of his depiction of womanizer Barney and invention of the “Bro Code” in How I Met Your Mother.

The article further serves to illustrate how out of touch with the rest of the world Russia is when it comes to acceptance and inclusion. A spokesperson from Maxim’s US counterpart released a statement: “We are deeply disturbed by the article in Maxim Russia and fully condemn it. It is entirely against the views of U.S. Maxim.”

The real question is, how much does it mean to be “respected” by people who still hate a fundamental part of you?

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  1. ken
    December 03, 06:15 Reply

    I think this is the view most Africans have when it comes to gay men who are successful. Its conservative, backward and mostly stems from the idea that to be a man, one must be tough, rough and screw as many vaginas as possible.

    But the fact that maxim is promoting this calls for some kind of backlash against the magazine. I wont be surprised if the editor of maxim US secretly has the same views but perhaps just to scared to say it.

    • Pink Panther
      December 03, 06:16 Reply

      I’d like to think those in the United States would be more tolerant and accepting than their Russian counterpart.

  2. Mandy
    December 03, 06:32 Reply

    List of ‘Forgiven Gays’? What are they, God’s sentinels on earth? Mscheewww. Rubbish. I’d liek to tell this Russian Maxim where it can stuff their list.

  3. #TeamKizito
    December 03, 06:46 Reply

    Pastor Dube: Teso, I am very proud of you. Look at what you’ve made yourself to be… You help in church, fund raising and in other activities. You’re the kind of man every knowledgeable spinsters wants for a spouse. A very successful young man.

    Teso: Thank you, Pastor. It’s not quite easy for a gay man like myself to. . .

    Pastor Dube: Ehn? :s

    *Don’t worry. Your success has earned you forgiveness. Get up and walk.

  4. #Chestnut
    December 03, 07:01 Reply

    Em…I’m almost certain that Mr. Mckellen didn’t know how d article would go, b4 agreeing to cover the publication. So,basically, they still feel gay men are inferior to straight men, but there are few exceptions whom they respect? And they think Ian is supposed to be flattered by this? Wow!

    OAN: I read the heading too fast and saw “Ian Mckellen TOPS russian Max…” I choked on my tea,lol.

    • Pink Panther
      December 03, 07:04 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahaa!!! Chestnut, it is December. The season of Christ’s birth. Will u ever stop being messy?

      • #Chestnut
        December 03, 07:36 Reply

        PP no be my fault nah. Not everyone is good at speed-reading.

  5. Dick Advocate
    December 03, 07:07 Reply

    Forgiven gays? Really!

    Well NEWS FLASH!
    Russia is bottom of the list of forgiven homophobic places second to the last only to ISIS ruled states.

    So you can shove that list of yours up putins ass.

  6. bashir
    December 03, 07:26 Reply

    I think its a good step (no matter how little it seems) towards the acceptance LGBT has been preaching for worldwide and it’s a sign of growth and how the world around us is changing!
    And this… Coming from Russia of all the homophobic countries?, I bet mr mckellen would be overwhelmed, for the acknowledgment,

    • #Chestnut
      December 03, 07:43 Reply

      @Bashir: u really think it’s a good step? The article is condescending and stupid. The whole tone depicts gay ppl as a “species” that doesn’t deserve any respect, but there are a few members whom they’re willing to do the favour of giving permission to mingle with “normal” humans. I really don’t think Ian Mckellen would be thrilled with this mockery.

    • Mandy
      December 03, 08:17 Reply

      What has Ian McKellen to be overwhelmed for? The publication is practically an insult to him.

    • Marc Francis of Chelsea
      December 03, 13:45 Reply

      Let’s change the subject from gays to blacks, shall we?

      “We, (white) men, do not consider (black) men to be men. This is the rule…But there are exceptions. There are (black) people who deserve our respect and the right to remain in the eyes of our fellows.”

      Now please explain how this is advancing the LGBT cause. If they were not entertainers, they would be seen as less than human objects just as they see the rest of us.

  7. Mitch
    December 03, 07:40 Reply

    Seriously? Who the fuck do they think they are? Bikonu, this morning is too cold for me to heat up unnecessarily with rage at an undeserving, blithering, bumbling band of babboons!

  8. Max
    December 03, 07:49 Reply

    My head is filled up right now, don’t even know what to say.
    They can wrap up their respect and shove it down to whichever hole they’re comfortable with on their body.

  9. bruno
    December 03, 09:26 Reply

    lmao. i swear russia is like an african country in disguise.

  10. Chizzie
    December 03, 10:08 Reply

    If I were a country, I’d be Russia. Just saying

  11. bashir
    December 03, 11:02 Reply

    @chestnut N mandy, plss let’s apply this to our own country! I’ll try not to dream too far on them accepting and allowing us #live!! ….
    But imagine them recognizing and acknowledging the struggle of some of our brothers/sisters…(Peeps like Kenny, pastor jide, bisi etc)
    And the talk about who’s normal or not! We all know better, that’s why our battle is to let the world know that we are the “New Normal”

  12. Delle
    December 03, 12:46 Reply

    This is just WELL-ORGANISED RUBBISH! The most insensitive thing I’ve had to read online. So full-fledged adults wrote this? Wow.
    Forgiven gays? Well, it’s about time you guys realised just how unimportant you are in our society. Who asked for you patronage?. I’m very certain those you mentioned were all doing perfectly well with or without your acknowledgement, sick things! Just imagine o, then those that do not entertain your sawdust-filled brains are cast to the abyss, abi?
    Pinky just for this alone, there should be a ‘Most Foolish Country’ list with Russia smiling at the top!

  13. Tobby
    December 03, 15:21 Reply

    How very nice and thoughtful of them

  14. bashir
    December 03, 22:46 Reply

    Hummmmmmmm, all I know is that it’s a start of something NEW!!….u can cry and hate the “list” and maxim for all I care, but something like this coming from Russia, should be seen as a “silver lining”

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